You might have heard and read about green living for so many times. But what are the ways to actually go green and adopt green living? For sustainable living, you can follow these five tips given by Saint Baba RamRahim Singh that will help you live green and do your part in environmental protection.

1.      Are you using plastic bags for shopping and carrying veggies?

Are you? Then please don’t resort to it. Plastic is the biggest hazard to nature and seriously need to be abandoned. The part to wonder is, even bans couldn’t serve its role in throwing it out of society. If you use it to carry veggies and other eatables or keep your eatables in it to store in the refrigerator, then it makes it poisonous within no time. It makes food hazardous and dangerous to eat.

So, what can you use instead of plastic bags?

Saint MSG has suggested using biodegradable cloth bags instead. You can get it prepared in your own style. You can make it as stylish as you are! 

2.      How many saplings do you plant every year?

The plantation is quintessential and until & unless everyone takes it as their serious responsibility, they will not be able to live green. Usually, people take it a tough job and become lazy when it comes to tree plantation. But I surely need to be taken seriously. It's not about others, its about us that how much we are giving our part in going green.

So, Saint Baba Ram Rahim encourages the masses to plant one tree every month at least.

Take a pledge today, to plant at least 12 saplings every year and give your part to this society in a wondrous way.

If you can’t save a tree, then plant a new one! 

3.      How Much Water Do You Waste on a Regular Basis?

The natural resource, water is at its edge of extinction. Have you ever considered the amount of water you use daily? About 50% of regular water usage go completely wasted.

Besides wastage, rising water pollution is another giant issue which is responsible for impure water and hence more health issues. 

Water conservation is important and everyone needs to come forward in conserving it. Saint MSG has suggested a number of ways with which you can easily save water. Follow the tips and step ahead to save water, which is essential for your living.

4.      Do You Keep A Check on Usage of Electricity?

People don’t have the habit of switching off the lights or any electrical equipment when it's not in use. You usually have noticed your family members and even you, being so careless in conserving electricity.

Saint Dr. MSG addresses people that it's your patriotism as well if you conserve the electricity because you are giving your part to the nation. So, turn off the lights whenever you leave the room and keep a check on the usage of it in your home.

5.      How Could You Save Earth from Water, Air, and Soil Pollution Collectively?

Yes, you can do it collectively by resorting to cleanliness campaigns. Dera Sacha Sauda has carried a number of campaigns so far ad given its part in saving the earth from such huge depletion caused by soil, air and water pollution. It has reduced the number of diseases that were troubling people at large.
You can also do your part in keeping your surroundings clean and save the earth from its biggest enemy- pollution.

With the inspiration of Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan millions are heading on the righteous path and considerably paying their attention to environmental protection. You can also go ahead and serve the earth by following these above-mentioned tips.