Water is a mandatory requirement of life. India is facing the most water problem at this time. Humans have been using nature's resources to fulfill their needs in their lives. One of them is water. We have been more dependent on the groundwater level to fulfill our requirement. Which is slowly going down? The way in India there was a saying that rivers of milk flow here. The generation that comes in the future, might not even believe that India was a land of rivers considering the rate at which these rivers are drying. Baba Ram Rahim Ji’s initiative to save water, through innovative techniques of agriculture has been saving millions of gallons for water. Farmers are using these, techniques to help produce more with less water. Although this number is quite less, based on the huge level of farming activities employed all over the Nation.

In earlier days, there were millions of ponds in India, along with millions of wells, lakes, and waterfalls. Thousands of rivers and grooves that were lost today who cannot tell anyone. Only 40 percent of rainwater can be used. The remaining 60 percent of the water goes through the oceans through the streams. According to the report of Central Ground Water Board, due to falling water levels in the interruptions, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu have advised that the use of water should be done wisely. The water level of reservoirs has declined by 20 percent from the average of the last ten years of water storage. Central Ground Water Board monitors the major reservoirs of the country. And issues figures from time to time. In the CGWB report last week, it is said that if the water level in the depths of 300 meters in Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan could go up, then the groundwater level will be over in the next two decades. According to the report of Central Ground Water Board, in the next 10 years, groundwater in western India can fall 100 meters. The report says that the groundwater level is falling from 51 centimeters every year. According to the report, 35.78 billion cubic meters of annual groundwater extraction rate Groundwater level in Haryana has dropped by 2.20 meters in 5 years. This is a serious problem and before we wake up, it might be too late. In fact, one major source from where we can cut down water is in producing alcohol.

Baba Ram Rahim Ji has been asking the Governments to ban alcohol since long, which is doing no good to the youngsters and on the other hand, millions of gallons of water is used up in its production. Will our governments wake up to this for the betterment of people. Since long, this has been identified as wastage by the rev. Saint, but nobody seems to care enough. And now when the water crisis is the talk of the world, we surely need to find alternatives at all levels. And seems like this proposed solution to cut on one aspect of water consumption by Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji definitely deserves efforts. But this can only happen if some serious steps are planned by our policymakers.

The situation is no different in western parts of India. More than 60 percent of the experiment is being done in the industrial area and in agriculture. Thereby, the groundwater level is declining. There are reservoirs around Aurangabad of Maharashtra, Nashik 100, and Nagpur 58 of Maharashtra. Located in Marathwada, Yavatmal and its surrounding areas, it is getting worse. The water of all the reservoirs is drying up. The drop in the water level of these reservoirs has raised the concern of the people in the area. If it is analyzed deeply, it does not seem too late to understand that the water crisis is also human on the other side of human nature. Today, the availability of clean water in India is not enough. Dangerous and poisonous water is thrown into river drains by large industrial units. By which the water becomes contaminated. Which is not worth drinking?

Now it's time to wake up. If we look deeply, then thousands of gallons of water is wasted in leakage and transit. We use water in daily activities without any discretion. From which all these problems have been created by humans. Therefore, we should think deeply about how water can be harvested. It is the responsibility of all of us how to get out of the water crisis. Today the groundwater level and water harvesting problem is becoming a problem. We all have to try to bring awareness by running a campaign and how to prevent this crisis from taking severe forms and simple measures can help save millions of gallons of water every day. Seriousness from all of us about saving water is the only need. Baba Ram Rahim Ji’s awareness drives has had a huge impact on people’s day to day habits. With the banning of alcohol and other serious cuts on water consumption in industrial and agricultural activities can tackles this issue to a huge extent.