Bad company can make you worse. Therefore, it is good to keep away from some people or most people that you meet today in your day to day life. The ones that are extremely harmful to you, almost as much as intoxicants are listed down here. Saint Ram Rahim Ji often exhorts about the bad company, that “As a rotten fruit, rots the entire basket, really fast, same is the case with people, the bad company makes them bleed for themselves and for others too”. So watch out for this list, for a peaceful life.

Virtual unknown friend:

Mostly friendships on the internet are dangerous. People who spend time on mobile are away from their personal lives. Get out of this artificial world, live your life in the real world. Honestly count how many of the countless friends you have on the sites that you do not know and keep them out of your lives.

Do not allow this masked world to dominate you. Get out of it and enjoy real life, not artificial.

Mr / Ms. Judgmental:

These people make sure you are poor by keeping your suggestions in front of you. They think that only they can solve the problem of your life. Their sympathy, not only tends to tense you but also inspires your morale. You know your life better. Therefore, make any decision not only by the advice of others but by your discretion. Also if you are one who is a firm believer in God and virtues, you will be guided intuitively from within by Lord-Master says Saint Ram Rahim Ji.

Unilateral or one-sided friendship:

When the relationship is played on both sides, then only it moves forward. Every time you call your friends or close friends, greetings or congratulations on festivals, and years for the second and the last move, it is a sign that the person in front does not give importance to that relationship, so better move on and forget this “Friend” for good.

Chit-chat of the office:

Ask yourself a question of whether you take time in gossiping in the office. Most people will answer 'NO'. But what is worn, why are worn, what is done, how to do it, etc. All things fall into this category. The more you stay away from the gossiping and unnecessary chitchatting, the more creativity, efficiency you can exude. Also, your clean image will be created in the office.

Relationships out of selfish motives

Some people are also those who just miss you for the purpose. In fact, as per Baba Ram Rahim Ji many or most people, today fall under this category. They will befriend you for a particular reason. Once the reason is fulfilled, they seem to not know you anymore. For example, if you have a lunch or dinner party, show movies or even shopping. These people remember you only when they need you. They do not have any cost for your comfort. It will be wise to stay away from them.

The ones coming next are too dangerous- the negative energy providers.

If you live with a person who thinks negatively, cumbersome, angry, fights, then you are also bound to be influenced by his habits. For example, if your friend is a mascot, who often distributes your doubts to you, then this may also create a foundation of doubt within you. Try to stay away from the person with bitterness in heart and negative thinking.

Also, Baba Ram Rahim Ji suggests one should make God, Allah Master as their best friends, and once you have such a friend, there will be no need to go for friendships elsewhere.