Lord, Master, Allah, God, Ram. Waheguru, Krishna, Vasudev, God has infinite names by which his children refer him. And rightly so, the one who has created countless creatures, vegetations, infinite nature, and most of this entire amazing machine or form - human, cannot have just 1 name to refer to HIM. He is definitely beyond par, beyond any description, yet humans should keep on praising Lord with every breath, exhorts Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Why? Is God hungry for praise?

Well, not really. He doesn’t crave for praise, the one who is the creator of thousands of worlds just like this world, can by default put the system of praise within us, had this been true. Since he has created us, he can make us dance to his tunes. He can give us birth as slaves, to him. One who would just bow down to him day and night? And that is not the case. We have been given a will, to do things our way. Every action of the human race is decided by them. Humans are the only creations of the Lord who can defy every rule. And humans are doing so too, they are challenging nature at every point. God doesn’t interfere with any of the human actions. So why then should one keep on praising Lord? This is answered beautifully by His Holiness Saint Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

When we praise Lord, God showers his grace on us and makes us more capable. So when we praise him we are actually making ourselves capable to get his love more abundantly. Also, as HE doesn’t keep anyone’s favour when we praise or remember him, In return he fills us with his unmatched grace. Through meditation, one can reach even reach a point where he can have a glimpse of God and also, be one with him. Meditation is done on God’s words which are given by true Master Himself. Through meditation one can rise above himself and experience divine while being right here, isn’t it amazing? And what’s more this priceless gift or ability is given only to humans, of course. And this is what makes us truly fortunate, and worthy of his grace.

A wonderful meditation Hall has been built in Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Sirsa, by his Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji. The building of MSG Meditation (Simran) Hall built on 185-140 feet area is very grand and attractive, to attract people from all walks of life. People from all sects, sit here and meditate, as per their convenience. Inside the Heat Proof Simran Hall, where there is a wonderful and beautiful view of the universe, the walls, the main door and are laced with nature’s amazing view.

The beautiful shade of scattered colors is being created based on the delightful scenery of colorful aromatic flowers. About 700-800 people can be easily accommodated in this marvellous place. The Simran Hall is completely soundproof. The best part about this amazing gift by true Master is that one gets connected with himself using the concentration point effortlessly. You are transformed into your true abode while being right here; such is the amazing aura that this place exudes. All thanks to true Master, Baba Ram Rahim Ji for this amazing place.