Fatehveer Singh, a 2-year-old boy, who fell in a used bore in the fields of Bhagwanpura near the village near Sunam in Sanguru Punjab, is battling the battle of life and death for the last 90 hours. People everywhere are praying to God for a safe return of Fatehveer Singh. Dera Sacha Sauda and a large number of other social activists along with NDRF team are working towards the rescue of little soul. DSS Volunteers have been appreciated a lot for their unmatched efforts to coordinate the rescue operation in view of scorching heat, and excessively dry climate. Some 2000 volunteers were present here by the end of day 3 and as day 4 drew to an end, this number reached close to 3000. They are looking after food requirements and hydration needs through water and various other means.

Hundreds are working in rescue operation directly digging, going inside the borewell, taking out mud, etc. In fact, these volunteers have been trained in such a manner that their coordinated efforts are well known and the same is visible here. They are working in shifts to make sure, work goes on non-stop even during nights. Members from NDRF team to have been awestruck with these followers of Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

It is worth mentioning that a large number of members of Shah Satnam Jee Green S Welfare Force Wing have been engaged in relief operations since 6th June evening and they are busy with this work for 4 day and nights non-stop. Talking about this, 45 employees of Dera Sacha Sauda, ​​Harindra Insan, Baldev Krishna Insan, Rimpan Insaan from Block Sunam said that as soon as they found out about the incident, all of them immediately reached the spot and gathered to support rescue operations.

What is heartwarming is that constant prayers are on, in the Sangrur Namcharcha ghar, as per the teachings of his holiness Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan for a safe and sound return of young fatehveer. Prayers and meditation were also conducted as part of the weekly naamcharcha at Dera Sacha Sauda's Sirsa Ashram on Sunday for fatehveer’s safe return.

Speaking about this, Ghanasham Kansal, President of Sangrur Industrial Chamber said that the manner in which work is being done by devotees of Dera Sacha Sauda for the last 96 hours is unmatched. He said that the Dera devotees are constantly engaged in efforts to save Fatehvir He hoped that everyone's hard work will definitely reap results and we would be able to celebrate the birthday of Fateh which incidentally falls today. And every heart is waiting to hear the news of Fateh veer’s miraculous return from the bore of death. This would also be a Fateh (victory) of humanity where people from every religion, caste, and creed are working together to bring out a mother’s beloved son.