Living a happy and satisfied life is everyone’s dream today. But how to actually feel the famous adage, ‘Life is a bed of roses’? In this self-centric world, this adage seems incomplete or wrong.

But for your wonder, we have brought here top seven mantras that will surely turn your life into a happiest and satisfied one. Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has suggested these below mentioned powerful ways, by adopting which you can surely hack the happiness into your life.

Go through these: 

1 1. Content with What You Have!

‘God doesn’t give you what you want. He blesses you with what you will stay happy forever’

-    Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

Whatever you got in your life is a blessing of God so always stays thankful to Him because there are innumerable people out there in the world who aspire to live the life that you are currently living.

If you keep on demanding and don’t pay gratitude to God, then you will never get what you crave to have and even will not stay happy from what you currently have. So, keep on thanking Him for the lie you get and stay contented with all that you have been blessed with.

2.    Behold the Aces Among Others!

Usually, people behold the ineptness among people and count their mistakes. This is another way to dissatisfaction.

Instead of this, Baba Ram Rahim Guru inspires all to see the aces and try to get that into your life. Every person is blessed with the virtues that make him great and unique from others. So, instead of exploring the weaknesses or mistakes, it's better to see those virtues and try to adopt in your life.

This will let you make better than actually, you are and you will feel satisfied & happy with your life.

3.      Be You!

Usually, people veil their actual personality and pretend to be a person that others want to see. This situation, let them live in perplexity and worries invariably. Don’t get caught yourself in your own cobweb. Make it simple and just be you.

Believe us, you will start feeling relived considerably after letting your own and real personality gets highlighted. 

4.      Take It Easy!

Hasty actions might turn the simple situation the most intricate one. Take it easy even when everything is not happening as per your expectations!

Leave worries, hesitations, and impatience whenever you face an adverse situation. Let the life go on its own terms and enjoy its tiniest detail by giving your best. This is possible with the help of regular meditation. 

5.      Learn from Mistakes!

Mistakes are lessons for life. As per Saint MSG, if you repeat the same mistakes again & again, then you are none less than a devil.

Harness your thoughts and actions with meditation and limit your mistakes to the maximum extent. But don’t waste your breathes & time in repenting for what you have done. Just learn from your mistakes and don’t get tensed of your earlier actions. Remember what you have done wrong and never repeat it again. 

6.      Stop Regretting Past!

This is the biggest stoppage in a way to a happy life. If you keep on regretting your past acts, then you will never stay happy ever after.

For this, do meditation for one or two minutes whenever you get these thoughts and see how miraculously you will feel positivity to live life further. 

7. Healthy Mind is the key to Happiness!

The old adage, ‘Healthy mind lives in a healthy body’ can’t be overlooked when we are talking about the happiness hacks. For this, Yoga and Meditation are two proven ways to get it done. 

A healthy mind leads to a satisfactory and happy life. A healthy mind means you have the patience; you don’t judge the situation instantly and have a considerable amount of maturity to calculate all things for the right decision. Meditation can bring such sort of firmness in your mind and an action which means you don’t get dominated by your own thoughts at all.

We hope you like these mantras worthy to adopt in your daily routine and if you do so, then surely you will feel contented and satisfied from life.