How many thoughts do you go through daily? Apparently, the numbers are in lakhs! It’s no secret that thoughts have great bearing on feelings, actions and eventually on your entire life. Life’s quality gets affected tremendously with overthinking. As thoughts are never-ending, then how could you stabilize it for a satisfying life? Is there any way to a forever happy life? Yes! Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has suggested some impactful ways that will surely help you overcome your thoughts and navigate it in the right direction. 

Here we are sharing some tips by Guruji to help you come out of the web of thoughts. Don’t forget to read the golden tip given by Saint Baba Ram Rahim. Go through it!

Expectations - The Biggest Reason to Dissatisfaction!

One of the main reasons behind over thinking is expectations. Expectations always hurt. Despite your relation, its depth, your love, don’t ever expect from anyone. When these expectations are not fulfilled and the person doesn’t get as expected, then tensions, dissatisfaction, and frustrations make him incapable of anything.

So, it’s better to not to expect as not just your thoughts, but even actions get locked up in it which doesn’t even let you come out of it at any cost.  

Keep 10-10 on Your Face Always!

Wondering to know, what’s this tactic? The tactics of Saint Dr. MSG are unique & fascinating invariably. He gives great measures that are not even thought by others and this 10-10 formula is second to none!

According to Him, when the minute and hour hands of clock reach 10:10 then the shape of both of these are like a happy face. Similarly when the time is 4:40 then these appear like a sad face. So, Saint MSG navigated people to keep always 10:10 on the face and stay happy, no matter what’s the situation. This will help you stabilize the thoughts and let you behold positivity in all matters and situations of life. 

Don’t Outburst!

The biggest blunder one commits again & again is outbursting with emotions. Every time you will face just favorable situations, is not possible at all. You need to check on the emotional triggers and need not to react spontaneously.

As per Saint MSG, one needs to put himself in other’s shoes before reacting to a particular situation. Plus, keep your mind calm, take a deep breathe and think thoroughly about the entire situation. Your efforts must be to simply respond to the given situation and not to react in any way. 

Kick Out Distractions

Distractions are everywhere and the human gets distracted so quickly in most of the cases. This results in the new cobweb of thoughts.

For this, Saint MSG says, just do meditation for two to five minutes and you will come on the right way instantly. Interesting, isn’t it?

Golden Tip- Meditation is the only and Most Effective Measure!

The above-mentioned measures work though, but for instant and the most impactful tactic, you need to firmly adopt this golden tip - Meditation. Meditation effectively controls your thoughts and let you live with patience and satisfaction.

It doesn’t let you go hyper or think negative or even outburst in their front or on the back. Instead, you start turning into a wise person who thinks calculatedly.

For this, you will need to fix your time for daily meditation. Do it at least two times a day, morning and evening. You will surely become capable to visualize the situation in the right way and the chances of fights will get lower down. So, you will not think about a situation again & again because you would already have a solution or know the reason why did it happen.

By implementing it, you will be able to easily divert your thoughts toward a blissful situation and it will not let your breaths to get ruined in any way. The best part is, by meditating even along with continuing your daily chores; you can keep a check over your thoughts.

Thoughts have a considerable bearing on your spiritual life as well. So, fix your routine with meditation, adopt these measures by Saint MSG and get prompt control over your thoughts.