Unemployment in the country is such a problem, which has no immediate or long term solution and the policymakers to are in a fix on this. In the country, the unemployment rate in 2017-18 was 6.1 percent of the total available workforce, which was the highest in 45 years. This report was leaked based on data related to unemployment just before the general election and it has been confirmed in the figures issued by the government at the beginning of the second innings of the Narendra Modi government.

Now the Modi government created a committee of cabinet on employment and said that it will conduct a large survey on employment in which all the business will be able to join. Often, when such a horrific picture of such big problems arises, such committees are formed. Which just studies the data, how many young people got jobs and how unemployed they were earlier.

But the question is, will this committee be any help in putting a break on the shattering of young dreams of shifting towards new opportunities of employment?

The answer is quite obvious. With unemployment rising towards a dark end, it is high time, smaller bodies, at district and village levels to play their part. Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji has pointed out on numerous occasions how our youth is unparalleled in the world. They only need to be nurtured with the right values and opportunities. Opportunities here could be providing them a means to not look outward for jobs, rather building small ventures, and creating employment opportunities themselves. Society can shift focus in empowering the unemployed to figure out various opportunities, through right education, skill building, attitude and confidence building.

In fact, Baba Ram Rahim Ji has even provided a model of empowered youth. Not many would know that more than 70% followers of this rockstar Baba are youngsters. And he has done his best, to motivate and enthuse them with positivity and confidence. Every follower of this Master, you meet, will exuberant a sense of positivity and vibrancy. In fact, most of the youngsters are into multiple fields, be it sports, arts, or entrepreneurship. Also, they make sure they are an all-round personality with the right mix, to be able to pitch in for the Nation’s development. These youngsters also participate in each and every welfare and rescue operation conducted by Dera Sacha Sauda through Green S welfare Force wing. A unique disaster management force, created to combat and fight crisis and disaster like situations in India and abroad.

How is all this helps to combat unemployment you may ask? Well, a well-balanced youngster will always manage to look out for himself and find ways to bring out his innate talent and develop the society further. They will not resort to negative tendencies that come up in minds, every now and then due to unemployment. Also, these youngsters manage to stay away from intoxicants like alcohol, drugs, etc. helping themselves and the Nation to go down the drain further.

While creating a new India, we have to establish a balanced system between education and employment. There is a big failure of governance do not have enough quality of jobs that matches every skill the youngsters have to offer. We have not achieved such achievements in seventy years of independence that the youngsters have access to good quality education. Even after receiving higher education inexpensive and private institutions, somehow got wasted due to lack of employment. Now, educated youths have to run for jobs. Keeping aside the degrees of higher education, they run the race to get whatever jobs they get. Whenever any government job is of the police, be it of a security guard, of a gardener, of a peon, a clerk, applications are invited for it, then the country's higher education gets generated in the line. An example of this is recruitment for 62 posts of peons and messengers in Uttar Pradesh's Police Department in 2018; 93,000 candidates applied for these 62 posts, out of which 3700 PhDs, 28000 Post Graduate and 50000 were Graduates. While the minimum qualification for these posts was the fifth pass.

Similarly, in January 2019, 60,000 applications for the post of qualifying for the 8th and the monthly salary of Rs 7,500 for the 57 posts of Chaparasi's job in Madhya Pradesh included a large number of engineers, MBA and Ph.D. degree candidates. It is a tragic and rugged situation that blurts the achievements of all our development. There is a blot on all the claims of our development. The disintegration of our governance system is.

Indian education and economy today needs major changes so that one can get an education of good quality to all the students and on the other hand the economy is also creating its favorable jobs. This job creation should also be done in new areas of advice experts. Religious Gurus like Baba Ram Rahim Ji on the other hand apart from helping the economy with setting up of an organic range of services, and providing thousands of jobs to local talent, (through MSG range of products) and also provide the right attitude and right impetus for youngsters to go and get what they want themselves and God will definitely reward their hard work. We definitely need more Baba Ram Rahim His to tackle this exponentially growing problem of unemployment.