Experiences of Satsangi Parampita Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj's immense love

Premi Joginder Singh RandhawaInsan street number The 6 Bibi road, from Bathinda (Punjab), reveals the great reverence of Satnam Singh Ji Maharaj, the Supreme Master. The incident is of the 1980s. Construction of houses was underway in Dera Sacha Sauda's Colony Kalyan Nagar.

At that time I used to work in Guru Nanak Thermal Plant Bathinda and stayed there with my children's family. In the summer holidays, the children went to meet their grandparents in the village Mahi Nangal with their mother. Behind I was left alone, so I thought why don’t I go to serve in Dera Sacha Sauda?

As soon as I got up in the morning the next day, I went to Kalyan Nagar with the volunteers to serve. I got the work of laying the walls to hold the corners and grooves. When we were engaged in the service, then the revered Lord Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj came to give the devotees a divine glimpse of him.

At that time, Premi Karam Singh Ji was standing near the revered Master with Jhumpa. The FatherKarm Singh to call me. When I came to the true Master, the Satguru Ji, asked me to go to Bathinda, being aware of my immediate time, that is about to grip me.

Karm Singh also told me that you should wash hands and feet and go to Bathinda with this vehicle. I was thinking that I had taken leave and the children have gone to grandparents, so why do I have to go there. I have come here only to serve. In this dilemma I applied in the feet of true Master that father, today is Sunday, I will go in the evening.

But the true Master ordered, 'Brother, go to Bhatinda in this vehicle now.' I went to the railway station and came to Bathinda by train.

When I reached my quarters in the thermal colony, my children had already reached the quarters. My wife told that the little son Harpreet became very ill. His condition was very serious. He made a slogan of 'Dhan-Dhan Satguru Teraaaaa recourse' while performing prayer for help in the feet of respected Father.

After that, I took the child to the doctor. The doctor gave the medicine, after which he gradually came back int senses. For the treatment, the son had to be shown to another doctor. Blessed is my Satguru, who takes care of every moment of a disciple.

This was the real reason, for which Satguruji sent me on. How can I describe the benefaction of Satguru Ji? Blessed is my Murshid-Maula, Please keep me in your lotus feet forever.