Yes! We all know what it means to wait for something. We have waited for something or the other in life. That wait becomes all the more difficult when it is for something most precious in life like your own child or parents or spouse. Now I am giving these examples as we can relate to these. We have feelings attached to these relationships. These are blood relationship and we naturally tend to gravitate towards these relationships. But one relationship is even above these. And that is experienced by very less number of fortunate souls. The relationship of a devotee with his Guru or Master. Guru Shishya as has been referred to in holy texts. This relationship is from many births where a soul is related to his master. The nurturer has nurtured this soul for ages and kept eh connection alive and in this birth, the soul has been fortunate enough to feel this and nurture this and nurture this bond. And when the reunion happens it’s nothing short of magic.

The soul just wants to melt and amalgamate with the creator. This soul no longer wants his/her own identity. All she wants is the Master’s name as his/her identity. And with this long-awaited connection established, what if the Master is taken away from the soul. What if separation is a part of the soul’s fortune once again. This separation is a kind to the pain of thousand snake bites, or hundreds of weeds, put inside its body. This relationship is natural and is a part of the creator’s rule.

The soul has no control over this and has no option but to bear this pain. A similar kind of pain is experienced by the true devotees of Baba Ram Rahim Ji. The true Master’s glimpse is all they crave about. His voice is all they want to hear. Is it a crime to spend time in devotion in this age of Satan? This has been asked hundred times by Baba Ram Rahim Ji in his Satsang. And although Satsang was freely available then and devotees were abundantly blessed with the divine connection, the pain was never felt. It is now that the devotees realise what is the cost of devotion in this age of Satan.

Baba Ram Rahim Ji’s counsel withdrew the application for parole last month even though a marriage of one of the adopted daughter Guransh Insan was due, considering the “achar Sanhita" that was going on in view of elections. And now, being a wonderful inmate, looking after his regular duties, in the most disciplined manner, asking for parole is too much?

Considering the duties of the Ashram, agricultural needs of the farms, and family’s health and most importantly the family of 65 million awaiting him, he definitely deserves this much-needed break. Also, Dera Followers have always supported the judiciary and never become a cause of nuisance anytime in the past.

The Panchkula incident too was due to anti-social elements using their power to defame Dera, has been proved. Why then this lapse? In fact even after the murder of Dera Follower Mahinder Pal, Bittu in Nabha Jail, followers resorted to peaceful protest, in the naamcharcha ghar asking for an inquiry into murderers who could dare to kill a premi, within Jail premises. This is the best example of peace set by followers.

And the past incidents of lakhs of the gathering of Dera premis in the Ashrams, without causing any hazard are a testament itself. This premise can bear blows to their lives, but never cause any harm to others, has been proved again and again. Media’s defamation continues though. As Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan has been always referring to these opportunists and “Bikau Maal” and we can see that once again.