Experiences of Satsangis Raham Rahim of Mastana Ji...

Giani Kartar Singh Ji, Village Rampur the dimensions about the grace of his holiness, Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj. He said that the above incident is of 1958. On that day, it was a Satsang at Dera Sacha Sauda in Satnampur Dham Kanwarpura. The service committee of the city of Sirsa had to reach Satsang for selfless volunteer services. The volunteers had to catch a train from here (Sirsa), but one of them was left behind, By this time, the train going to Hisar had left the railway station and almost reached the last gate of the city.

What do we do now? All the hands started to repent (repent) and there was no way they could get there in time. One of them said in repentance, said that you make loud slogans say that if you ever need to say slogan, then the fast moving train can stop, so all together Five times they shouted the slogan, Dhan-Dhan Satguru Teraa Hi Asra. The train stopped immediately after reaching the gate.

All the volunteers went fast and sat on the train. On the way they heard, the railway employees (gate-bearers) were talking among themselves that why the vehicle has suddenly broken. The volunteers thanked the Satguru beloved for the grace. Everyone reached Kanwarpura darbar at the time of Satsang. As soon as the Service Committee, the volunteers  entered the Darbar Kanwarpura and uttered the slogan (Dhan-Dhan Satguru Tera Asara)

True Master Shah Mastana Ji Maharaj, called a meeting, have some important work from people. After leaving everything, all the volunteers immediately reached the holy place and started to, decorate it. SaiJi jerked in a loud voice and scolded them, 'Do you test the poor Mastana? You do not leave on time and then utter slogans.

At the time when you utter slogan I was in the secret office. Had to Come and stop the train from there. Do not do such a thing ever. True Master scolded the people and issued them warnings with rightful explanation and forgave them.

The saints are the Master of both worlds, and the anger of the saints is also a huge blessing. We don’t know how much grace is hidden in the anger of Saints. Their anger is also to cut the terrible karmas of a person.

Saint Satguru is the treasure of mercy, sometimes if a Saint says something in some (hard) words, (even if he has never said anything to anyone), then you do not know how many generations, how many clans (clans- Rate clan) will benefit from his sermons.

Their purpose is always to do good to all the creatures at all times. His anger is just an illusion, in reality, a Saint is cutting the terrible karmas of his beloved children with his pious grace, exhorts true Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.