Life does not change after marriage, but someone special joins you that becomes your shadow for life. After marriage, life changes. Because we are not alone anymore, a soul joins us in our journey. This soul also shares your fortune and makes or marks your life henceforth. As long as we are alone, we do all the work according to our wishes. But the life after the marriage starts with us you should make your soul mate an integral part of your life exhorts Saint Ram Rahim Ji too.

In fact, Baba Ram Rahim Ji has been providing every kind of instructions and guidance to his followers. According to him being a Guru Master, it is my duty to make sure, my children which incidentally are in the tune of millions, have a perfect life in every aspect.

Here are the top 7 ways to make life endearing and blissful after marriage and also make sure how both the partners can use this opportunity to progress spiritually also along with the regular patterns.

Develop a deeper understanding of each other

• Try to understand each other's things without saying it. Try to understand the matter before a partner says something.

Always speak truth

• Always Tell the truth to each other, do not hide anything. It is extremely important for a healthy relationship. Life-based lies, cannot go far enough.

Take one another's opinion in every matter big or small

Because now you are not alone then if you do any work then definitely take the other person's opinion. Maybe their nature may be such that they do not mind But if you ask, they will also like it. If you ask for opinion chances are that you get a better view and assistance in taking the decision, as sometimes one person may miss a point, which the other person can point out.

Eat one meal together:

No matter how busy you are throughout the day, but at least once a day, eat together. If it is not possible to have lunch, then you can do dinner together or even breakfast. Bonding over food is the best bonding and also offers the opportunity to spend time with each other.

Often you will get frightened by the trouble encountered in your spouse's life. Do not panic about these problems because not every person is the same. Sit together and try to solve the problem carefully.

Discuss everyday matters

Discussing everyday routine makes your heart light. Not necessary u tell every detail, just eh major highlights of the day. Also, do not talk at length doing backbiting or discussing petty things.

Perform humanitarian service once a week

This is Baba Ram Rahim Ji’s top advice to newlyweds. In fact volunteers of Dera Sarah sAuda are so used to donations and humanitarian welfare that even on their wedding day they do blood donation, plant trees, pledge Their body for donation etc and after marriage, this spirit goes on multiplying manifold all due to the amazing teachings of this reverend Saint Dr.Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.

Do meditation together and challenge each other for more

This is one of the best ways to make sure you take each other higher on the path of spirituality and God’s love. Doing this you not only ensure a better life for yourselves but for your generations to come too.