Rev. Guru Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh explains that a man should worship the Master because in the worship of the master there is supreme peace, supreme happiness, and bliss. All this can be achieved only by human beings out of the 8.4 million species created by Lord Master.

Human beings have given such a power that when people are liberated from the cycle of birth and death with the recitation of the Lord's name. Reciting the Lord's name, participating in the Satsang and worshiping the saints, Pir-faqir, listen to them.

If a person is truly willing to meet the master then he should come in the Satsang and listen to the Sermons carefully and follow them. Only by practicing the Naam can one attain supreme happiness and bliss, the holy Guru Ji Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that people have pride for many reasons like I have more intelligence, I will make it, I will do it. In this way, the arrogance of the mind comes in the form of money, high caste, religion, the pride of intellect, etc.

Whereas a devotee is proud of his guru, Pir-faqir, Master who reveals the true way of devotion, that my Satguru, the master loves me intensely, he is never wrong, I will walk on the path of truth, chant Ram's name. It is a kind of pride and joy. It does not hurt anyone's heart and does not torment anyone. Guruji insists that human beings should choose a path of devotion, Do not follow the path of bad thoughts arising in the mind and do not adopt the wrong path. The person whose thoughts come under control, that person is the happiest, then brother does meditation instead of garnering pride or ego. Always remember that once the bad thoughts are under control then man is able to gain bliss and ecstasy exhorts Baba Ram Rahim Ji.