Pakistani military general Pervez Musharraf had a misunderstanding that he would write a new history by overcoming India. The then Prime Minister of India, Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, gave the example of bravery and courage by the Indian army in return. Under the command of Indian Army Chief, General Ved Prakash Malik, the whole operation was carried out and brought victory to this entire military action. The name of the operation in Kargil was an operation Vijay. And when the entire nation paid its tribute to Indian Army jawans who laid their lives in operation Vijay, 20 years ago. Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers too pay their tributes to the finest jawans in the nation. And Saint Ram Rahim Ji also holds prayers from time to time along with blood donation campaign for the success and wellbeing of our jawans.

About 30 thousand soldiers were sent to the battlefield. During this war, there was a tremendous patriotic movement in India and the whole country stood in the support of the Indian Army. Over 500 veterans of the military army were martyred in this war. The Kargil war lasted for months. In the initial era, Pakistani soldiers used to take advantage of the grapple due to being present at the top peak, but after the Air Force got the air security cover, it was difficult for them too. After arriving and reaching the peak, such attacks were carried out on the enemy army that the enemy forces were forced to flee and escape. Our soldiers re-captured all the bunkers of the enemy, one by one, which was tried to bring under the control of Pakistan.

On the 26th of July, the announcement was made to end the Kargil war and consequently, the return of Pakistani intruders and India's maintained its stronghold over its land. The Kargil war lasted for almost two months, in which Pakistan estimated 5000 soldiers and intruders took part.

Pakistan has been demanding Kashmir immediately after the partition of the country. With this intention, Pakistan fought many battles, but every time it suffered defeat. In 1971, Pakistan had its own two slices and East Pakistan got out of its hands. It was a big blow to Pakistan in the Kargil war and it was such a loss that after that it never had the courage to dare to fight with India directly. Kargil war has been the only war in the world that was fought on the high hills. After the success of Operation Vijay, on the 26th of July, Vijay Day was celebrated. Independence has its own value, which is paid with the priceless blood of brave soldiers.

In the Kargil war, we lost more than 500 military martyrs and more than 1300 wounded. In fact, Saint Ram Rahim Ji has always been strong support for our Army and has initiated several initiatives for their family and retired jawans too. Even medals are given from Guru Ji Ram Rahim Ji’s side to those who have shown sheer courage and valor for their nation. The jawans are very close to this Saint’s heart and we sure hope the Nation loves them equally dearly.

Most of these were young people who lost their lives, had not even seen their life beyond 30 years. This is what pains us the most and these soldiers deserve every bit of love and respect from each and every Indian.These warriors made the highest sacrifice for the country and sacrificed themselves as their duty and religion. Due to the defeat in the Kargil war, economic and political instability in Pakistan increased to such an extent that General Parvez Musharraf took to form the government and declared himself the country's president. Given. On the contrary, in India, it was an amazing example of patriotism. Inspired by the Kargil war, L.O. made Hindi films like Lakshya. Kargil Vijay Diwas is celebrated with great fervor across the country and tributes to Kargil war martyrs are also given.

Although Pakistan has always tried to unlearn its lesson learned in the past and the ceasefire violations are happening every now and then and the strikes are on as usual. Attack on Uri has been the latest one in recent times claiming many lives. Although the attack was avenged rightfully by our jawans, Pakistan seems to not budge. And the name given by Baba Ram Rahim Ji to this nation based on its record of activities is “Napak” and is justified in every sense.