God is the supreme power and Lord of both realms. He showcases the right path, showers His grace and love infinitely. But do we love God is the same way as He does? People are so indulged in worldly things that they admire God when they get blessed with what they wish to have, otherwise they just make complaints. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji exhorts everyone to love God for what He is and who He is and not for what He has bestowed you with.

“Data Bhul Daatan Nal Pyar Paa Leya,
Maaya Jaal Vich Kaal Ne Fasaa Leya”

By these words, He means people start loving God’s gifts and forget Him. The negative power, Kaal has tied up people in its vicious cycles and don’t let people remember the love of supreme power, God.

Those who get stuck in the snares of this world never come close to the Almighty as that person doesn’t ever love Him with heart, but just for materialistic offerings that they demand all the time from Him. Here’s what God expects from you to brim you with blessedness:

God Stays Happy with You When You Literally Follows His Sayings!

Saint Baba Ram Rahim further clarifies this fact that if one literally wants to attain His grace and love, then he has to follow all His sayings. It’s often the case that people get entrapped in noose set by negative powers (Mann, Maya, and Kaal). The worst portion is they don’t even know that they have become a slave of them.

This human birth has been given to everyone with a single agenda, to meet God and meditate to get Him. These negative powers don’t let people even realize this motive. This results in unwanted desires and demands of people from God. Any of which, it doesn’t get completed makes them extremely upset and they start blaming God. 

This is not the right way to live life and the Lord never gets happy with you if you do these things. If you want Him and His grace, then you have to follow His words and meditate regularly with full commitment and dedication. This is the right way of attaining His grace.

God Doesn’t Like Flttering People 

The double standard people are so habitual in making people fool that even in front of God, they don’t depict their real face and flatter Him abundantly. They forget HE KNOWS EVERYTHING and from outer pretendings, He can’t ever be fooled.

So, He doesn’t like flattering people in any way. You can’t hide anything from Him, because He is one who has made you not whom you have made. Remember this always and be the real one. His love can’t ever is attained by flattering Him in any way.

Be Pure Inside Out

Our external appearance, personality, clothes, standard, lifestyles, can’t ever attract God and His grace. He wants you to be pure from inside out. He is there to bring you out of all dangers and let you live happily ever after only if you are pure and dedicated.

Your love for the Lord should be free from materialistic things and should be pure in all the possible ways.

A True Disciple Stays Happy in All Sorts of Circumstances

For a real disciple of God, worldly things don’t matter much. He always remains happy in whatever conditions he is living in, either he possesses all the amenities or doesn’t have even basic essentials, he just remains happy and enjoy God’s presence and love all the time. and, those who live life in this way, never get deprived of anything in their life.

By Loving God, His Gifts will Never Lack Behind 

People remember Almighty to fulfill their desires, but what if you get God Himself? Do all His things lack behind? Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji cited it as if you demand the King itself, then do his possessions lack behind? No, if King is yours then everything of that King will automatically become yours.

Similarly, if you demand God from God, then all the worldly possessions will automatically become yours. 

Final Words!

All said & done, the crux of Ram Rahim Baba’s sayings is, meeting God should be your agenda and not His gifts. He will never let you deprived of any single thing if you love Him unconditionally. His love can't ever be attained by pretending Him. He knows your thoughts and inner conscience, so all your tries making Him fool, will all go in vain.

Be sure to Him and regularly meditate by demanding Him only ten He will surely bless you with immense pleasure with His divine glimpses.