Meditation on God’s words and rendering Selfless Services are the two basic ornaments for a happy and successful life. Reverence and dedication can never ever be purchased from anywhere. It can only be originated with the duo of meditation and selfless services”. Above sermons were delivered by Revered Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji in the spiritual congregation.

Meditation is not a crime in any way and adopting Gurumantra (the precious Method of Meditation) is never ever sin. Also, struggling to cease up the evils is not a kind of guilt. On watching the rising count of people getting attached to God’s name, the evil-minded people get fretted; they start blathering and speak nonsensically. Those who don’t like good things move towards their own downfall. And the drug dealers are a few amongst them, whose business is getting paralyzed because God-fearing people are tending to move towards divinity by quitting the drugs. Those dealers are considered as a synonym of the flickering flame of the lamp which is blowing out. But, the one who is resort to truth never gets ruffled and worried.
“We had always been leaned to making the people quitting drugs and will continue the same. We have never said even a single word of blasphemy,” said His Highness Guru Baba Ram Rahim Ji. HE openly challenged everyone to bring any evidence when HE had ever stated against any religion and uttered that He would stop conducting the Satsang if someone proves so.
“One must move on the path of honesty and righteousness with firm faith in God. History is witnessed by the fact that every saint or seer had to face the obstacles and hindrances on his way. But, true saints always pray for the well beings and good senses for everyone whether he is a theist or atheist or the enemy of humanity; so that everyone moves on the path of goodness. Almighty God always bestows immense grace upon the ones who tread the path of humanity.” Said Revered Guruji Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji.
His Holiness taught the free Method of Meditation (aka Gurumantra, Kalma, Naam Shabad, God’s Words) to 5,350 seekers and let them vow to quit the bad habits of drug addiction and immorality. 3 couples exchanged the ‘heart-binding’ garlands and tied in the nuptial bond without practicing any dowry system i.e. following the tradition of Brahm Vivah. Revered Guru Ji also provided the keys of ‘ready to move-in houses’, newly constructed by the volunteers of Dera Sacha Sauda with His pious lotus hands to 2 needy people, under the campaign namely “Aashiyana”.