People find measures to save their life, property and dear ones from thieves and adopt several ways to live safe. But what about those thieves which can’t even be seen? Surprised? Yes, 5 thieves and their 2 heads are consistently robbing you and you don’t have even any idea about it. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan puts light on who they are and how they catch people in their webs.

Know everything about them here!

Who are 5 Thieves and What Do They Do?

Saint Dr. MSG says it is possible to protect yourself from the thieves that can be seen. But those who can’t ever be seen and are completely visible how can you save yourself? It’s quite hard to do so.

These 5 thieves are desire & lust (Kaam), anger (Krodh), greed (Lobh- Laalach), endearment (Moh), ego (Ehankaar). These are the ones that encase you in their vicious cycles and rob your breaths, positivity and habits that can bring you closer to God. And the worst part is, man, don’t even realize that he is within the bars of these 5.

How to Save Oneself from These Thieves?

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan exhorts people to stay aware and protected.
In one of the religious songs (Shabad), the lines were written are,

“Bande Kuj Soch Vichaar, Looti Janda Ghar Baar,
Jaagda Hi Lootya Jaave, Teri Ki Hai Raakhi….”

This means humans don’t have any security as these 5 thieves are even stealing and robbing them during daytime as well. They should think about it and stay protected.

But again the question is the same, what are the ways to stay safe. Saint MSG has suggested the following proven ways to always remain protected from these thieves. Have a look and implement in your life:
          Strengthen Your Protecting Wall with Meditation!

Make one thing clear, you can get safety from all these only with the help of God’s name (Method of Meditation). This is the only way to get final riddance from the attacks of invisible negative power.

So, to make and sustain the protective wall, you need to first make regularity in the recitation of God’s words. Method of meditation can turn impossible to possible and help you attain the success which otherwise remains a dream only. Same way, meditation can keep all this negativity at bay and let you breathe in the fresh air with positivity all around. 

·        Surrounded by Negative People? Leave Them Now!

Saint MSG says your company affects you and your actions a ton. If your company is with negative people who always do wrong acts, then you will surely be influenced by them and get clutched by all these five thieves.

So, to save yourself, you need to change your company. Surround yourself with happy and aesthetes who believe in God. A friend is one who encourages you for good deeds and doesn’t let you do wrong acts. With the company of these people, you can grow on heights towards God and leave all the adversities & negativity behind.
         Don’t Follow Negative Thoughts!

Negative thoughts are an inseparable part of the lives. Saint MSG says you might get lots of negative thoughts upon which you don’t have any control. Most the people get worried about them and take tension that how could they think like that? So, for them, Guru Ji says, negative thoughts can come to anyone’s mind. But here instead of taking tension, you have to never implement those thoughts. Just do meditation for two minutes and leave those thoughts. By doing this practice you can surely save yourself from negativity.
     Pray Instantly!

This is quite an effective measure that helps you keep all the negativity at bay. Saint Dr. MSG says whenever you confront negative thoughts and it’s impossible for you to come out of it then just pray to God at a moment’s notice.

Pray Him, “Oh Lord! Please Don’t Let Me Follow These Negative Thoughts and Forgive Me That I Have Thought in This Way” and then do meditation for just 5-10 minutes. This instant prayer will save you from ill-impacts of negative thoughts and don’t let you implement them ever.

Wrapping Up!

Negativity follows you and so are the five thieves. Your duty remains in always meditating and not to follow the negative thoughts ever in your life. By doing so, you can surely step ahead on the right path now forever.