The use of social media is in full swing today. Its use is no longer restricted to children or youngsters. Older people are now also attracted to social media. Nearly every person ends up with Social Media early in the night with social media. But one Saint who had sensed the importance of Social Media rather early on, and used this Media to promote Satsangs and virtues. Yes, we are talking about Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.

Way back in 2014, Twitter and other forms of Social Media were paced by this revolutionary Saint. And we see Spirituality thriving on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. today. Amidst all the mockery, show off and fakes, spiritual messages to have found their rightful place. Dera Sacha Sauda followers make sure their tweets and messages about humanity and divinity reaches millions through their nonstop efforts.

Yet, Social Media has rather earned its image on the other side. Moreover, this is becoming an addiction in masses, be it old young, or even children. Every night before going to bed, everyone walks on the lookout for Facebook and Facebook, and the first thing to wake up early in the morning is to open the startup and Facebook.

Influencing Human Life: Social media has graduated from an information exchange platform to barging in the life of a common man. No wonder since this is the fastest way to send notifications. An event takes place somewhere; it can be spread across the world in a click. Social medias role is commendable due to its reach, practicality, and ease of use in many aspects, including facilitating the exchange of information. But its use is also a threat to society. There are a lot of other concerns related to spreading rumors and inciting religious and communal sentiments. Social media is increasing at such a fast pace, connection billions of users, in a way, the human being is becoming a slave this newest fad. And the interesting thing is that man is not even aware of it.

What is a serious issue, is that social media has started entering the private lives of people. Social media has entered our homes and has reached our beds. Look at the craze of social media. People have started sharing photos of their eating boards or childrens first day of school. If there is rain, then you will quickly buy photos of homemade pakoras, dumplings, fences or other dishes, etc. There is no question of eating at someone's home after reading on social media. In fact, then those showing off photos may not really like you barging in, and the photos were definitely not an invitation.

It has become normal for girls and women to put all the well-decorated photos on their fingertips and put them on Facebook. Many times this attracts criminal minds. There have been numerous incidents of crime on women, children even thefts in houses with public posts by people.

Using Social Media to spread values and virtues

Social Media with the right use, can really be a blessing too. As Baba Ram Rahim Ji has shown it, with thousands of followers praising Lord, and sharing their welfare initiatives, this bunch is inspiring others too. Not to mention keeping themselves off the hook, else they too would have been on the other side. Thanks to Saint Ram Rahim Ji, these volunteers, who are mostly youngsters, have rather chosen to flourish this medium with goodness and divine vibes. And they have surely inspired many others, who too spend their time, wisely sharing Gods messages and inspirational posts. If we can differentiate between the good and bad, we should stick to using Social Media for all its benefits, and avoid the urge to show off our luxuries and fortunes to the world. You could choose to do that on a personal level.