Lord, Master, God, Allah, Waheguru, Ram is synonymous with unconditional love. Such is his intensity of love for his creations, that we lack words to express the same. He has created the entire universe and made the human being the superior of all. So much trust he has put on this superior creation, aka human, that this creation can even dare to go against the wishes of the lord, or we can say dare to consider himself as God.

With a brain as the magical power, this creation of Lord challenges Lord Himself. A person gets all the powers with devotion, with years of devotion, and now he has a fraction of the powers as Lord, and there comes his real nature where he starts considering himself as Lord. Yes, he makes all other creations bow down before him, so much so that he asks himself to be treated as God. 

Our history is filled with such examples. One such example was Hiranyakashyap, father of Prahlad as we all know. So what makes such humans go rogue. Probably its Lord’s extreme love for his creations. And why does he let them do so we may ask? Again, since he has given them wishes, as asked by them, He abides by the same. As Saint Ram Rahim Ji too points out, God has promised not to divulge himself in this era to Satan.

So will he just see His children, being used by Satan? God is bound to his own words, says Baba Ram Rahim Ji, but at the same time, He has to look after his children and take them to their real abode. When the time is ripe, and when his children are capable of his glimpse, with the meditation of course, Lord breaks his silence. He has to. When that time comes, God can take the avatar of a mega slayer. As is also mentioned in Ramayana, says Baba Ram Rahim Ji, when God had to take a terrible avatar, and God forbid anyone has to see Lord in that Avatar. And he also says, that we should pray, that this era does not take such a terrible form that Lord has to take that kind of Avatar ever again.

But as this era is progressing, every value is diminishing. It just remains to see, when will the Lord break his silence and break this cycle of oppression set in by Satan. As Saint Ram Rahim Ji exhorts, continue to tread on the path of devotion with passion and values, work for your brethren selflessly, it is not possible that the Lord will not listen to his children.