This may sound weird to you but this is how the world is working these days. Adults are completely lost on their pursuits and children are in charge of almost everything. Let’s see a typical day in a household, the child enters from School, he gets to watch his favorite T.V channel, the food of his choice, etc. This is fine right? What’s wrong with this?

Well, definitely this is ok if it would stop here. But children are dictating, from where they should shop, what they would shop. But if it is for themselves again that’s fine. But what if we tell you, they advise the parents to shop for their mobile from this place or this particular brand of mobile. Car buying decisions influenced by kids, Have you heard about this? Now you might wonder, kids are old enough to decide so Okay. But again, we are talking about 5-year-olds, 6-year-olds influencing parents. No wonder then, most ads feature kids as models. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji has warned the Masses about this potential danger that is lurking around in people from all classes.

Kids would want a pair of jeans just because their friend has it or a gear cycle again for the same reason. Now all these incidents give rise to the question, how far are parents willing to go in their quest to please their children? Turns out really far, parents don’t mind spending thousands and lacs of rupees just because their children want them and this is the case of middle-class families. It is not about money alone, this is, in fact, affecting the future of the nation.

Saints have guided us do not fall too much into the trap of parenthood. Baba Ram Rahim Ji, often says there is a thin line between love and attachment. Unfortunately, this thin line has merged in today’s times and parents literally are behaving like kids, not knowing what is best for their children.

Often times, parents would not know where to draw the line and the toys, materials even clothes they are buying for their kids are they really needed? Again, the same applies to feed children. Often times, children are fed mindlessly and they turn out to be excess baggage of fat and lethargy leading to diabetes and various other illnesses at such a tender age.

The only solution, to the present scenario, is keeping the children in their limits. Saint Ram Rahim Ji, in his elaborate Satsang on bringing up children the right way, has outlined some wonderful habits to foster in children.

Love them unconditionally, but do not pamper- you might be working parents and would want to balance out time, by providing unnecessary things, but these will not help the child, instead he might be spoilt for entire lifetime.

Enforce some rules to abide by- correct time to finish work, meditation, and prayer, eating habits, need to be enforced in kids from a very young age. In the process of making them eat, a lot of rules are foregone, which give rise to problems later on.

Model good behavior- For a kid to be groomed right, the first and foremost requirement is model good behavior in front of them. Sleep on time, limit gadget use, speak politely, do not lie and keep your promises. This single advice if followed completely can make life better for you and your kids exhort Baba Ram Rahim Ji.