Fasting is an old ritual followed by almost every religion in different ways. Hardly, we could find people who don’t know what it exactly is, still for the novice, fasting means giving up the food for a temporary period. But why and how fasting is important in spiritual terms? Is there any connection of fasting with spirituality? Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh has brought forward the logic and connection behind fasting. Let’s gauge what’s it all about?

Why is Fasting Important?

Since ancient times, fasting has been considered as the most pious way to make the body capable to meet God. It has been appreciated throughout centuries as it stabilizes the mind and let it concentrate more on God and all His blessings. All in all, it’s a way that makes the distance between God and human narrower. In Kalyuga also, it holds a special place as per our religion, but the way should be the right one.

What Is The Right Way of Fasting?

Saint Baba Ram Rahim has revealed the right way of fasting that every disciple should adopt. According to Him, fast doesn’t mean to fill up the stomach in the morning by eating all sorts of food items.

He navigated people to the right way of keeping fast. Here’s the way suggested by Him:
  •       Wake up early in the morning.
  •            Do meditation for some time; say half an hour or maximum as you can.
  •      Don’t eat anything during the whole day and keep on meditating for the maximum time period. 
  • Take only lukewarm water for the whole day.
  • At the day end, don’t eat abundantly. Do meditation for some time and eat light food.

This is the correct way of keeping fasts suggested by our religions.

One Day Fasting in Every Week!
With the inspiration of Saint Baba Ram Rahim, the disciples keep fast for one day every week. They can choose any day in the whole week and keep fast on that day. The food saved because of fast is distributed to the poor and needy. 

Monthly Food Distribution!

The food collected with fasting of Dera disciples is distributed among the poor every month. Most probably, the distribution is held in the last days of every month. In this way, the noble cause is carried on along with getting closer to God.

Good for Health!

As per Saint MSG, keeping fast is extremely good for health as it helps you keep the digestion good. With one day fasting, the intestines get rest for one day and clear out all, the cluttered material from the body. Thus, health-wise also, keeping fast is quite good and favorable.

An Initiative to Remove Hunger Altogether!

The whole world, especially India, is the country where an abundance of people dies because of hunger. So, this initiative by Dera Sacha Sauda certainly serves the purpose of removing hunger and making people capable of helping needy by donating food to them and appease their hunger altogether.

Worshipers of Humanity!

These Dera Sacha Sauda volunteers are really worshipers of humanity who consider humanity above than everything else. Their every second goes for humanitarian services and utilized in serving others only. Quenching the hunger of others by staying hungry is a commendable paragon for all others, especially for those, who live for money only.  

Wrapping Up!

This initiative is indeed a noble cause, wherewith the inspirations of Baba Ram Rahim Singh Ji, all the disciples don’t eat food to feed the needy. Such inspiration and inspiring efforts are the aftermaths of galvanizing endeavors of one & only, Saint Baba Ram Rahim Guru, who has instilled such tremendous spirit among people for humanity and make it their religion.

They live for humanity every second with the pious inspiration of Saint MSG. Salute to the spiritual master for igniting this humanitarian spirit in everyone.