Rev. Father Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji exhorts that a disciple can achieve his supreme God only when he wipes his carcass and cleanses it. So long this ego is engraved inside a person, He remains away from his SatGuru, Maula because where there is ego, there is no love of the Master and where there is the love of the Master, and there is no ego.

Rev Guru Baba Ram Rahim Ji exhorts that if a man walks on the path of winning the love of the master, he has to be cut off his head. Cutting your head means to erase your ego. Walk with pride and don’t let your mind come in between. If your mind is ever dominated, do not throw weapons before it, because the mind will have many tricks. It will show you that you are so lucky that you are happy; you have got a lot, and bring your ego the fore.

The mind is one of the Weapons of Satan

The mind never shows that you will make living life hell and after death, you will have to suffer the worst life in the form of the soul from hell. When the mind moves its own moves, even the biggest of devotees are fooled. Therefore fighting your mind is true devotion in this Kal Yuga.

His Holiness Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji exhorts that a person should fight with the bad thoughts coming in and win over those bad thoughts, and dare not start walking as per those bad thoughts. If you start walking according to the bad thoughts, then the mind will win and if you suppress the bad thoughts and move as per the sermons of the Guru, Pir-Fakir and according to the spiritual thoughts, then your mind gets defeated.

In fact, slowly and gradually your negative thoughts will be eliminated and you will be provided all positive thoughts by your mind as you move ahead on the path of spirituality. Life is so much more pleasant when all you have is positivity within you and you also change your surroundings with your positive vibes. Life turns into a never-ending spring and all tensions, griefs, and sorrows are wiped out. You will realize that you were the reason for your state, your thoughts; we're creating all the struggles and fights, whereas on the outer front everything is fine. A person doesn’t realize he is a subject of torture and ridicule by his own mind or negative mana.

Earn good Deeds and Devotion through these Precious breaths

This soul and breaths are the deposits of Lord, Satguru, we have been given these breaths as a loan, to earn goodwill, good deeds and devotion. But what do we do instead we get involved in petty things, mean talks, all time-wasting pursuits? It is earning of good deeds, wiping tears of others, spending maximum time in the devotion of true Lord that we have been sent on this planet says Baba Ram Rahim Ji. You better make sure you earn a good amount of these before you go back to your real abode.