Revered Guru Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji exhorts that the devotion of the Supreme Lord blesses a person with such position in this a world that he touches the bulwarks and ultimately father becomes worthy of the divine vision of God. Humanity is inside everyone, but Satan is so dominant in this era that due to that people have forgotten true humanity.

Guruji insists that work, lust, anger, greed, attachment are such evils, these are representations of the Satan which live inside a person and not visible to anyone. This guard the good thoughts of a person and that is exactly the reason man is falling in his thoughts and getting only negative and evil thought all the time. Apart from meditation-sumiran, there is no way to remove them. The person who has overcomes his thoughts is a happy person. The person on which these thoughts dominate, always disappointed and unhappy.

His Holiness Saint Baba Ram Rahim Ji asked, What are your thoughts now, what are you thinking? If you evaluate and you will realize that you have more negative than positive thoughts. If evil thoughts are always on, do not take tension. Meditate for 4-5 minutes, in the morning and evening or whenever the thoughts emerge. With this, you will not pay for negative thinking as your karma and you will be free from that sin. There cannot be any easier way in this Kalyug than this, but it is important to meditate regularly in the morning and evening.

Rev.  Guru ji insists that if you do not give time, you keep yourself away from the master. If the time is not given to the Master and the sumiran is not done, you disconnect yourself with the master, which is ringing constantly and going as a missed call.

Do not think that what is the use of worship, devotion, etc? Because the devotion made even during doing regular chores, walking, eating, sleeping on the go leads man towards pleasures and liberates  from sorrows, pains and from anxieties, says his highness Saint Ram Rahim Ji.