Rev.  Guru Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji exhorts that God's name is such a medicine, that if the person takes it, then this medicine affects everything around.

Internally, it provides that power is to the soul, through which the soul can see that Lord, that Rama, and externally, the persons becomes healthy, refreshing and does not have any grief, anxiety, tension, sorrow, left in him.

Rev. Guruji insists that the name of the Master is treasure trove of happiness, but the name is difficult to find in this Kalyuga. People do all sorts of businesses, but when it comes to taking God’s name you see them slipping away. God’s name brings spring season in the fall. Buds bloom in the name of the Master. The person who has been bitten by the name of the master becomes able to meet the Creator Himself. Saint Ram Rahim ji says that If as person takes the name of the master with a true heart, then the person becomes worthy of the infinite grace of the Lord.

God’s grace falls on him non-stop and one day his soul gets rid of sinful crimes.
Once he takes name, spends time in devotion-worship, then no grief, no sorrow grips him, but if you do not meditate or spend time in devotion, then neither will there will be peace in the heart, nor will you find the key to happiness.

Humans make their lives like living hells

Baba Ram Rahim Ji explains that Humans continue to live like a burden. If you want to have the grace of the Lord, if you want to remove your griefs, pains, anxieties, then you should meditate with true passion, while sitting, lying down, doing your wok, in any state, Remember, Hari, Allah, Waheguru, God, Rabb and see his infinite grace showering on you..