The master loves his creations and is ready to fill them with his divine treasures, but before he does so, he would even take the test, whether his disciple is really entitled to this treasure, exhorts Saint Ram Rahim Ji.

And how should ascetics be, who give up the entire world, renounce the world for Lord-Master? Once you are a Sat-Brahmchari then you don’t have any personal family, like a brother, sister, etc. He should not bother about his parents says Baba Ram Rahim Ji. His Holiness says, just think, why Sai Ji said that if you have renounced the world, then your family will see for themselves or Lord himself will look after them.  But you will stop running for them. You have to lose yourself in God’s love and devotion from now on.

His Holiness Ram Rahim Singh Ji insists that the Master, who loves you, is ready to be looted by you. But he will take extreme tests before he will give you the entire universe’s treasure. There are some ascetics who run after families and other materialistic things even after accepting celibacy as a way of life. There are many, who are true devotees of Lord but very rarely there are those, who are still clinging on to their dear worldly lives. Do not run the shop just by installing a signboard. According to the signboard, the goods should also be there in the shop. In the same way, it is important to have goods according to your signboard, household or Sat-Brahmchari.

The man should not run Away

First of all, you are a sage, whose work is to connect hearts, so make sure you don’t undertake activities of hurting others. n. So weigh your words the old saying that 'first weigh, and then speak’ is absolutely valid in this case. Weighing means, what you are going to say, and what result it may bear! Think of that first! So you don’t have to repent later on about your words, which cannot be taken back once they come out.

Baba Ram Rahim Ji warns that you should not run away from human beings. you walk in accordance with the thoughts in your mind, you can’t blame Guru, Pir-Fakir for your actions.