The human development index of any nation is dependent on the children and education facilities provided. In such a situation, for the better future of the nation, the children should get better training. School education is a major contributor to the social development and character development of children. So imagine how wonderful should the education system of the country be, but the connivance of a constitutional country is a paradox. The primary and secondary education system of India, which is digital, has eroded itself in the absence of facilities. And rote learning methods are followed even till the date of ultra modernization. In fact, we can provide the best of both worlds to our children. Picture this, a Gurukul kind of system, which is laced with ultra modern teaching mechanisms from around the globe, and the discipline and dedication that it should emit should be at par. And this is precisely what Baba Ram Rahim Ji advocates for the children of today.

But forget Ultra modern, We lack basic facilities

Here we present a view of a scene from Jargar Bhavan, there is the half baked roof, dripping, rugged roads, lack of power. At a time, when every house is illuminated in villages, boasts our Government. This is the depiction of the temple of education. Where the future of the country is being prepared.

Significantly, education is a subject of priority. Both the Center and the state hold the right to make rules and regulations. See the misfortune of the country's future. There have been many commissions since independence regarding education policy in the country. The existing education policy was made in 1986. Which was amended in 1992? There is currently a debate on new education policy. The country is stuck on the trilingual formula.

In such a situation many questions arise. Question: This country has seen many education policies since independence, is it easy for school children today? There is a debate on education policy, but why cannot it be implemented 100 percent?

Even after the constitution of all the commissions, the constitutional rights, even the right to education, the good and quality education has not reached to every child in the nation. On the other hand, private schools are flourishing making huge profits. The education of private school is undoubtedly better than government schools, but not everyone can afford it and besides that too is almost struggling to keep pace with the modern system

If not so much of school education, According to data from the Ministry of Education, 70 out of 100 children enrolled in schools in the country can only study till XII. In Jharkhand, this figure is only 30. There are 92 thousand 275 schools, not a single school can boast a teacher on the likes of Bhagirath. Well, .today's teacher will not be as determined as Bhagiratha.

But unless we have more bhagirathas our future is not safe and sound. What do we do then? How can we make it better? Well just by being more proactive and being more diligent ourselves; lay a good foundation for your kids at home as the first step, says Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji. Next, He has this guide for our policymakers:-

Invest in our future- Give quality education to teachers; make them passionate and lifelong learners. Even if we are low on infra, this step can save our children to some extent.

Revamp system in lines with today- the need is more of the proactive education system. With more information available, let children are taught to work on the available information, analyze and dissipate that information.

Impart value based, spiritual education - this is needed in today’s world more than ever, where values are evaporating and so is patience, kindness, compassion, etc the pillars of human existence.

These 3 points if taken care  nicely, can save our future to a major extent and Saint Ram Rahim Ji has been incorporated a well round education system for the school's set up by him as Shah Satnam Ji educational institutions were the focus is on values, passion, human spirit, nature along with sports, language, science, technology, etc. This is undoubtedly the best practice that can go a long way in giving the right direction to the future of the nation.