Rev. Father Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan exhorts that many people come to this world every day and we do not know how many go, but no one learns a lesson from it. They do not know when they would be called back you will have to leave this world. Therefore, why not devote your precious time in devotion so that the soul can get freedom from the cycle of births and deaths.

Rev. Guru Ji Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji insists that the person should not commit sinful deeds after long themselves in the magnificence, because one day all have to leave this world. The person should worship the master as much as possible, not do evil deeds, and should do good to others and walk on the path of humanity.

Saints teach that human being to always walk on the right path reach their destination which is Lord true master. Be happy while staying here and also be able to please the Master and get his divine grace for the next life. Today's human life continues to be a source of tension and worries and human beings are stuck in this forever.

Tension begins to rise in the morning. Individuals when taken birth enjoys their childhood playing, youth spent in lust and illusion. He has no idea of time, at the time when he gets married, he is very happy. Thinks that there is no other person like him in the world. But as soon as he gets older he realizes the value of time when he sees back, but by now his life has gone.

The person spends his life in tension. Baba Ram Rahim Ji insists that today's human being is very clever. He even blames God for blasphemy.

On the outer front he is joining hands and sitting down in prayer, but on inside he is like he has just landed directly from the sky but this is not right. Everyone should spend their time in true devotion of the master. You should worship the creator, and if you do so, believe me, you will be happy with the happiness from inside and outside. And you will experience supreme bliss which cannot be found in any other pursuit in this world. His name is one experience beyond compare. His praise gives all the happiness that you will never forget in your life.