Yes, that is right, with his respect and love for all, this Saint has always attracted people, whether during promotional tours of his movies, or during his airport trips. Next, we hear, the premises where criminals are kept for reformation has more fans for Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji thanks to his unique way of providing respect to one and all.

In fact, this is nothing new for Guru Ji who can converse with foreigners with either side not able to speak the other side’s language. How he can converse and exchange greetings and even lengthy talks nobody knows. His trips to south India are equally astonishing, where the locals not aware of Hindi, it becomes almost impossible to exchange ideas. But not for Baba Ram Rahim Ji. For all, you know he talks more fluently than the locals themselves. As they say, unconditional love needs no barriers of language, caste, etc. These are inflicted by us; nature can speak to you, provided you are ready to hear.

Officials gaga over Guru Ji

This time around, Rohtak’s sunaria Jail officials are sharing their liking for their favorite inmate, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji. That’s right, they are all in awe with this Saint’s ways of working, and giving respect to one all right from a guard to a DIG, this Saint makes everyone feel good about themselves. And they are definitely happy at how this Guru manages his duties within the premises.

Saints have universal love for one and all

In fact, Saints never really distinguish people based on their authority or status. The same was seen in Dera Sacha Sauda Ashram too, where every visitor was treated with equal respect, love, and care. Volunteers are issued strict instructions by Guru Ji to take utmost care of the Devotees during Satsang and on other days as well. Ample arrangements of water, traffic, food, and even fans, and handheld fans are made in Ashram. Wonderful words by Guru Ji, soothe their otherwise broken soul and comforts them by all means. There are special arrangements for foreigner and outstation devotees in SMG resorts with 7-star facilities, which incidentally was used by Media as the place of stay of Guru Ji. Whereas, all those luxury arrangements are for the devotees and none of them are used by Guru Ji, royal family or even volunteers.

Sunaria Jail premises and its officials and are making it to the news, one way or the other since the past 1 and a half year. Last time, it was in the news, when the jail premises was turned into an adorable garden. And people sharing the images on social media, telling others that this was not some garden in Chandigarh, instead of a Jail premise. And every one was taken aback. Now, this was no news for Dera Sacha Sauda Followers, considering that farming was undertaken by Baba Ram Rahim Guru Ji in jail premises. Guru Ji is known for his love for farming amidst his followers. He can grow apples, cashews and other fruits and herbs which are known to grow in cooler climates. Whereas the ashram premises, with temperatures going up to 48 49degree this was never heard of. But for this Saint, no feat is impossible.