Rev. Guru Ji Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji exhorts that the person gets God’s love with great fortune and luck.

When the saint, Pir-faqir's company is received by a person, then His Sermons should be followed. Without practicality, knowledge is of no use. Knowledge is essential, but it is also necessary to implement the same, because if there is no knowledge then on what basis will you execute and if he does not execute, then it that knowledge is useless. So listen and follow.

Those who listen and obey, they become worthy of the mercy-grace of the Master. His Holiness Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that it is necessary for every person to supplement the name of the Master. If the person implements His words, his grief, anxiety, troubles disappear. Inside, such spiritual peace comes and happiness comes, that no one can imagine. Rev.Saint Ram Rahim Ji insists that the person should keep his mind in the service of the needy.

Otherwise, the mind is the spinning wheel of the devil. You have no idea which direction it takes you. The mind shows such dreams that the person is stunned. This mind justifies everything. It takes you on the wrong path and justifies the same, but whatever thing is wrong, no matter who is doing. Therefore, the mind is a big demonic force and man should avoid following on its directions.

Saint Baba Ram Rahim Ji warns the people who go as per the sayings of mana or negative mind and says that those are forever in misery. As the mind will never let them sit in peace, one moment it will want something, the other moment it dismisses the same. And this activity goes on for the entire life and the man is busy chasing things which are not important for it in the first place. And he would realize this only when the life is wasted in such idle pursuits and its time to leave for your abode. So beware and wake up before it’s too late and all your breaths are spent.

Spend those breaths earning devotion, earning good karmas and earning God’s truest love. And those who experience God’s love even once will never let it go. And God’s love is in the fortune of those souls who are cultured and have earned good karma for themselves.  They are blessed with the company of Saints and God’s praise exhorts Baba Ram Rahim Ji.