Rev. Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan exhorts that today science is confirming what the religions have said many years ago. Scientists have now conceded that there are more Earth and hundreds of universes apart from the planet that we are inhabiting. Whereas this was written thousands of years ago, in our holy texts and the whole world has always respected our culture and wisdom. American scientist Robert Oppenheimer admits that the atom that I have created is based on a reference of Atom bomb in the Mahabharata.

Baba Ram Rahim Ji says that Ravana was a super scientist and in that era, he had mastered the technique of flying and even he used to keep atom bomb on his shoulder. And not just triggering the bomb, he could recall it back, if for some reason he decided to back out. Not just this, he could make food in the moonlight, whereas we are gushing and patting ourselves when we have just learned to tap sunlight for food. We cannot imagine that mastery that our sages had and the wisdom they were born with. While outsiders are learning from our civilization and from texts of our glorious pasts, where we are hesitant to even accept or talk about our rich culture and wisdom. There can be no culture as great as ours.

Show the children how we are the ones who are still taking care of our parents and staying and respecting them all along. How we are the ones in the world who can still flaunt their joint families. So much patience and perseverance exist in our values.

The age modernization calls this backwardness, but this is how we can move forward. We can reach the sky only when the roots are well-grounded and supported. And our religions have always focussed on roots. Every problem is solved to the roots even our healing system of Ayurveda. In fact, even modern-day surgery has evolved from our ancient systems of healing. There have been references in our holy texts how world’s first surgery was conducted in India by a sage by the name Sushruta who used to perform surgeries in the days when the world was oblivious of the same. The link below talks about this at length.

Devotion increases Confidence

Baba Ram Rahim Ji says our religions are mega sciences and all the progress that we see today was done and discovered in true sense with the help of religion and spirituality only. It is with meditation and devotion can one attain will power and confidence and thus unearth the deep-rooted realities of the universe. His Holiness Saint Ram Rahim Ji says that if you skip evil and chant Ram-Naam then you can become a guide. Our country was called Guru Nation. It’s time we respect our values and go back to our roots to find the same treasure back again through religion and spirituality.