Miracles are aspirations of everyone. Almost every person wants or expects some miracles in life that make their life easy and beautiful than before. But do miracles exist? Do people feel them? As per Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan, yes, miracles happen but not with everyone. Those who aspire for it never feel the grace ever. But those who turn out as a true disciple, behold miracles everywhere every time. The Almighty makes their whole life a miracle and doesn’t let them even feel the heat of agonies any time. Here's what Saint Baba Ram Rahim exhorts about miracles.

True Disciple Never Strive to Have Miracles!

For a true disciple, everything is a miracle. Every single thing that he beholds is a miracle by God. He doesn’t ever expect live miracles to sought out any problem or to come out of an issue. He never asks God to bring miracles in his life.

The life is itself a miracle for him and he finds himself very lucky to have a true Guru who has connected him to God. In that case, whoever develops these thoughts by heart get miracles at every step. God, Himself steps into their lives and showers boundless blessings that turn their entire life into a real blessing.

How to Make Miracles Inseparable Part of Your Life?

A devotee can follow some important habits to make miracles an inseparable part of their daily life. What are those habits? Saint Dr. MSG always utters,

“Is Janam Mein Ye Do Kaam Kro,
Ik Naam Japo Aur Prem Kro.
Kisi Jeev Ka Dil Na Dukhana Kabhi,
Maut Yaad Rakho, Malik Se Daro.”

As per Guruji, the main job of every human is to recite God’s words and do selfless services. Don’t ever hurt anyone’s sentiments and always remember God and feel His presence. Here’s what it exactly means:

·         Regularity in Meditation

As per Saint Dr. MSG, to become God’s favorite one, the prerequisite is having regularity in meditation. Morning and evening meditation can serve the best purposes and make you closer to Him.

If you break the continuity, then you will not become capable of His divine grace quickly. To live a life full of blessings and heavenly miracles, it’s a must to maintain the meditation timings regularly. Ony this is the way that you can make a way to Him.

·         Selfless Services and Selfless Love for Mankind

Another habit you must adopt in your life is selfless for mankind and selfless services everywhere and all the time. The logic is simple, if you don’t love children and all creatures of God then He will never be happy on you and never shower the grace you want.

God can turn your life into a miraculous one when you live with love in your heart and serve the needy whenever they want some help. Either that’s by quenching their hunger & thirst or by providing monetary help in their treatment or whatever the way is, you shouldn’t stop yourself in serving others.

·         Remember, He is everywhere!

You are meditating regularly, performing selfless services as well, but don’t remember that God is everywhere, and even in the smallest fraction, then the whole of your efforts will not serve the real purpose.

As per Saint Baba Ram Rahim, if you don’t remember the first lesson of our religions that God is everywhere, then you wouldn’t be able to feel His grace ever. If you remember it, then you will never resort to any bad Karma (wrongdoings). And, if you don’t do so, then you will become capable of divinity and eternal grace of God. This would prove as a significant step to meet God.

Final Words!

Saint MSG exhorts that just by expecting the miracles shouldn’t be your agenda. You must go ahead on the humanitarian path and become worthy to get God’s grace. Then you will not need miracles, yet you will see 7 feel them literally in every sphere of your life.