Water is life; this is the basic truth that even a child would know. But the irony is we are not ready to accept that this water is literally evaporating from the hands of our generations. With cities fast running out of this essential part of life, we seem to wait for a miracle. Since when have humans accepted defeat? Not when it comes to war and other means of destructions, we seem to act faster than light. But when it comes to taking preventive and corrective measures, the Govts seem to just wait for an angel. But many have started to act earlier, and Baba Ram Rahim Ji is one amongst them. He has been suggesting that water conservation and restoring the water table is easier than we think.

Let us identify the main culprits of the water crisis and the solutions.

In the first place, water is not meant to dry up. We have a well-formulated water cycle by nature. Which means water just changes forms but never really goes out of our atmosphere. So with little changes in our means, we can literally go back to the natural cycle.

Harvesting of rainwater-

This is the most simplest and effective means to save water going into the oceans. Lakes, wells and all sorts of bodies need to be constructed to harvest water. Even if 1% of rainwater is harvested it can provide water to over a million people. Imagine the amount of fo water we can save through this single medium alone. But little are we saying attention to this aspect. Governments along with individuals and business houses all can come together and make this a grand success. Had this been implemented earlier our cities like Chennai and Delhi, would not be facing a water crisis like the ones seen today.

Reusing water for irrigation, farming and similar other means

Baba Ram Rahim Ji has even shown and in fact implemented a wonderful system of water reuse for irrigation purposes. The same water is used over and over to the extent of 11 times, before it is vanishes completely, that again is absorbed by the crops.

Keeping a check on concretization-large scale concretization of land is leaving no way for water to go back to the water table. Excess rainwater, used to find its way back to the water bed, adding up to the underground water reserves. But due to rampant concrete, this process has made ground level water, go deeper and deeper and in some areas, it has totally dried up. Recharging ground level water table is utmost important and this can happen either through keeping a check on concretization or finding ways by which water can be channeled back into the water beds underneath.

We need Trees, Trees and more trees to hold water - Our friends our buddies, our fruit reserves can help us build water reserves too. Provided we have them around, these are effective in holding ground level water and also help in crisis situations like droughts, floods, etc. These trees are effective in reducing the impact of these calamities and even avoid them altogether. Even climate change, may slow down and be healed altogether with these buddies around. So plant as many trees as possible to make sure our climate is in best of health. Baba Ram Rahim Ji and the followers of Dera Sacha Sauda have in fact planted more than 40 million trees across the globe.

Finding out leakage points- this is also important to cut down water waste in leakage, during transit, in pipelines, tap water leakages etc.

Keeping pollutants out of freshwater bodies - freshwater bodies are fast becoming un-consumable due to rising pollutants that find their way into these bodies. The result is an abandonment of these bodies for drinking purposes thus adding to the water crisis.

Stop rampant cutting of trees and construction- cutting of trees is eating up our planet. Imagine a beautiful building infested by termites, and the whole structure can be demolished. Cutting of trees causes a similar effect on our planet, only if these practices could be stopped altogether, the planet would not suffer as it suffering now.  A tree takes years to grow and provide millions worth oxygen and save our planet from drowning, whereas it takes a minute to bring it down. Also, illegal constructions need to be brought to zero, if our generations were to survive on this wonderful planet.

Save rivers, proper evaluation of projects for Dams, etc - Various projects are passed considering rampant corruption and selfish motives. On proper evaluation, it has been observed that most of these project are environmentally unviable and causing huge harm to our environment and water bodies. Dams, for example, are even acting as limiting the river bodies from free-flowing and eventually even dry out. Proper evaluation of any project before starting the same should be duly carried out, without fail.

Environmental friendly policies - This can only happen if we have an environment as our priority. And we need to bring the environment to number 1 as part of the list of priorities, only then can we fight this water crisis and allied challenges faced by us all over the world.

Saving water and judicious use of water - All said and done, saving water, cannot be undermined. Each effort in saving and reducing the consumption of water goes a long way in conserving the same. By watching our water supplies, we can even teach our youngsters and younger generation judicial use of water, which can save them from the upcoming challenge of the fresh water supply shortage.

Baba Ram Rahim Ji has highlighted many solutions that are simple and easy to implement to save water and conserve energy. These include right from biogas plants to organic farming, to saving water, by constructing a water channel, with sand and stones, and the water can be reused for other purposes. Following these methods, many have managed to save thousands of gallons of water, even DSS ashram, is using most methods, to ensure water can be saved to the maximum.