Due to the extremely rigid routine, people cannot take care of the essential elements in their food, and not only can give time for physical exercise. In this modern era and busy lives, the common man is becoming dependent on fast food today, which is harmful to health. On one hand, today we look at a balanced diet, while on the other hand improper ways of eating our food also cause illness.

We are sharing some time-tested methods, tips by the revered Guru Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji. In such a situation, you can rest assured. These methods if adopted in the right way, they can get a lot of benefits.

Eat only when you are hungry:

Some people eat frequently to taste. The food eaten earlier is not digested and people eat again. By doing so, stomach disorders begin and the food does not digest well.

Do not Eat immediately After Exercising:

Do not eat after workouts or exercising immediately. Allow the body to come in normal temperature, only then eat food.

Drink food and Eat Water:

Ayurveda also confirms that chew your food so much that it should be like water and drink water slowly and after sipping it very slowly. Many of your diseases will end up just by adopting this thing. By eating such food, there will be no constipation, whatever vitamins, minerals are going to your body, they will repair your body well, will fulfill your body's demand, otherwise the intestines feel stressed and can not bear the impact, and the same way undigested food comes out or even blocks our system.

Wash your hands before eating:

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before feeding so that bacteria present in your hands do not harm your body by entering your body.

Ghee Intake:

This saying of Punjabi is absolutely correct. Hard work is necessary, if eaten in the proper way, there is no tonic like ghee. Now Science has also acknowledged that the ghee is the best source of power. Ghee is good for health but after that, it is necessary to work hard so that obesity does not come. Ghee, milk, butter, curd as much as you like. If you eat ghee, then the stomach is reduced. There are chemicals that reduce stomach acid. Ghee, milk, etc. increase the digestive tract. Ghee strengthens the body, but if you do not get into the habit of eating ghee in large quantities, first eat a little quantity. Do not eat anything in ghee at any time.

Ghee should be taken raw. You can heat it lightly and then eat it on vegetable, milk or chapati. The cow's ghee is very beneficial for health. There is a lot of strength in cow's milk, while it enhances the memory power of the brain. Many diseases are not available near the cow's urine.

Sit Down and Eat:

Eat while are sitting only for your lunch, dinner, etc. because eating on the go gives food harms the digestive system. When we are sitting, we are in the condition of Sukh Asan, which avoids problems like constipation, obesity, acidity, etc.

Right Eating style:

The food should not be eaten while talking, otherwise, food can be stuck in the breathing tube.

Eat only at certain times

Do not eat all day. Breakfast is good in the morning, that a little heavy breakfast. Eat less than noon in the afternoon and light at night. It is often said that 'Breakfast should be like a king, lunch should be like a queen and dinner should be like a beggar.' Do not eat after 8 o'clock in the sun. By eating very heavy food at night, the gold is not well according to digestive power and weight.


After eating, you must rinse your mouth with water, because of which the particles of food are stranded in the teeth. Rinse and drink that water too. Until the lips do not feel the water, thirst does not extinguish. Our lips must be wet too while drinking water. Also, drink around 8-10 glasses of water every day says Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

If you want to make your throat better, do not take hot and cold together. Take a warm substance after 10-15 minutes after cooling. If you are working out or doing work under the sun and ice water is consumed immediately, then you may have eyesight, fever, your throat can get worse, and many other diseases can arise. Instead, drink normal water.

These tips by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji are very effective in keeping one healthy and happy too only if followed correctly and with faith.