According to an international report, Global Wealth Migration Review, six to seven thousand Indian millionaires are leaving the country for the last three years. These wealthy people are turning to those countries, where tax slabs are low as the income tax in India is 40 percent and GST is 28 percent higher than any country in the industry. The whole industry is trapped in a debt trap. VG Siddhartha, the owner of Cafe Coffee Day, disappeared after leaving everything on Monday, and after that on Wednesday, the whole industry was shocked by his dead body found near the Netravati River near Mangalore. If we look at the reasons behind the suicide committed by him, these are the same reasons, others for which others are leaving India. It is indeed sad to see a gem leaving the world and taking such an extreme step of suicide.

I am sure he too was aware of the perils of suicide. Suicide meanwhile is the most drastic for not just the family left behind but for that, the soul too, who leaves early on, exhorts Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji. And if a person is going for such a drastic step and that person who is a role model for millions, we can imagine what world we are living in.

Fast-paced economic growth- a dangerous trend

VG Siddhartha loved his country, he did not go but he could not even stop and continue here. The fast pace of economic growth India is destroying the very fabric of competition. Now the business owners and relatives close to the leaders are being destroyed for political gains in the country, even if they are doing their business sincerely. There is a strange crisis in front of the industry if it gives a political party's legislators a place to stay and breakfast and the other party falls behind them.

Income tax raids, ED's inquiry, heavy fines

After such high-income tax rates, the industrialists are going to leave the country or the world. The Central Government and the political parties have to be serious about this. Firstly only professionals and workers from India were going out of the way. Now, if the industrialists are going to do that, then what will happen to this country of the unskilled and working people? That too when countries such as America and China are intent on allowing India to keep behind in its business policies.

The political experiment of the Income Tax Department, ED, has to be stopped, more than that, the burden of taxes, donations, interest, social welfare being imposed on the industry of the country will also be reduced. Both the government and the political parties have to get out of their capacities, otherwise, if the wheel of India's economic progress becomes a barrier then it will be very difficult to handle, which both the government and the leader consider.

All this confirms the very statement made by Saint Ram Rahim Ji in numerous instances, that a county and economy have to consider spiritual growth for its individuals and make arrangements for the same. Materialistic gains are already eating up the world left and right and high time, the country embraces the teachings of Saints and seers that our nations are widely acclaimed for. And all this suffering pains our Gurus and saints so much that they preach and tell ways to come out of the vicious circle created by human beings says Baba Ram Rahim Ji.