The most important thing for the entire humanity today is to understand the environment and its mood. Today, the "climate change" is taking the form of a catastrophic environmental crisis. Global warming has taken the form of a woe. Our wildlife is rapidly eroding. About 0.1 percent of organisms and plants, ie one million organisms and plants, are extinct. Every moment, carbon dioxide emissions are increasing. The environment is rapidly disturbing. The environment is not just heating up but overheating. About 50 percent of the world's population is currently in cities. In 2050, where this population will increase to 12 billion, the population in the cities will increase to 70 percent. At that time, this growing population would act as a 'time bomb' in the emission of greenhouse gases. According to environmental scientists, there will be major storms that will start destroying towns, rivers, rivers, forests, and farms. Well, this is also a prediction in sacred texts where the world will be looking after just each one’s business and then it will transform into living hell. Baba Ram Rahim Ji too warns of the consequences of the acts by humans. He also suggests a few measures to tackle the menace.

The foremost being Tree plantation

There is no simpler solution than this, and one cannot imagine how effective this single the most solution is. A tree offsets the carbon imprints created by dozens of human beings for an entire year in just a single day.

Water shortage another major issue because of Global warming 

As the glaciers and snowmelt from the north and south poles, the Himalayas, the Alps Mountains and overflowing seas, raise a million people from seaside towns and villages to their new safe havens. Due to the drought and water shortages, the incidence of fire increases, large numbers of people will have to move from one place to another. Insects, insects, animals, and humans will be the victims of environmental damage. A report in 2018 shows that by 2020, the water in 21 cities including Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad will be finished by 2020. By 2030, 40 percent of India's population will be deprived of drinking water. Deadly gases, including pollution, dirt, and carbon in this area, have polluted Israel's climate, underground water, and seawater. The groundwater is poisoned by salinity. Large cities in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, China and African countries have similarly spread human, biological and vegetable fatal pollution. The situation in India is no different. Unless Trees and nature are made best friends there is no resolute says the Saint, Baba Ram Rahim Ji.

The United States is planning to lift high walls along the coast to protect its economically viable Kandi cities, which are feared to reach two meters high by 2100. The well-known US journalist on climate affairs, David Wells, says that global warming will set in 3 stages in the entire globe already first, global warming will gradually increase. During this time measures to deal with it will be released. The second global warming will affect some parts of our planet, not the entire globe. Third, it will not be so shocking to global warming.

But the human race needs to avoid such delusions because the time is short. Many climate scientists believe the immediate commitment and responsibility to protect the globe from this global lukewarm war. At this time a trillion trees are needed for this work. Which can lead to China and the United States? The plan will cost $ 300 billion.

In ancient India, this scheme was part of our society and governance. Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the world-renowned successful Sikh ruler of Punjab, had implemented of the scheme. He used to stay in Srinagar or other hill dwellings in the summer for two to three months in Dina Nagar district Gurdaspur every year. The reason was that there were hundreds of mangrove, mulberry, and purple tropical gardens and so much more vegetation than the highlands. So looking after wetlands enjoying them and planting more and more has to our key solution. Although millions fo Saint Ram Rahim Ji’s followers are already implementing the same and so are many NGOs and other active citizens. So when are you joining the league?