Rev. father Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji exhorts that in this dreadful Kalyuga, a person does not like to undertake devotion to Ram-Nam, Allah, Waheguru, God. People are busy enjoying meaningless pursuits of life, enjoying temporary benefits and engrossed in their workday and night. His Holiness says that Humans are engaged in business day and night, slander others, while nothing is achieved, but on the contrary, they lose what they already have. It is said when you sing other evil habits, you are cleansing their sins and taking their karma load on yourself.

Even then, people are seen engaged in leg-pulling, singing each other's slanders. Time is being wasted in these evils and they think that they are somehow passing their time. While no one sees that rather time is getting wasted.Rev. Saint Ram Rahim Ji insists that many people say that the name of Ram is not taken by them and their life has passed.

So why not take it? You are walking doing your work in the morning, keep moving here and there, keep your eyes open why not chant God’s name within, while you are undertaking your work. keep taking the name of Allah, Waheguru, Ram from the tongue. You are traveling in a bus somewhere keep on meditating from within. Keep your eyes open and take the name of the master from your tongue or from your thoughts.

Actually, if you don’t have any companion in your journeys or other pursuits its rather good for you as you can sit down comfortably and keep on reciting the name of Allah, God, Waheguru. But even if you have no company still you do not take the name of Ram. You keep looking around here and there  and see that the house is good,  for that !You see cars, and all material things and keep on wishing those. Hard work along with devotion can get you what you wish for, not such idle pursuits which you are undertaking.

If Allah, Waheguru, God, Rama's name are taken in that time, then the journey also is pleasant and the devotion of the Master earns you good fortune and His divine grace. So it is important that you earn the devotion of the Master. As the devotees of the Lord will worship, they will become closer to the master and will be entitled to all the pleasures and happiness. And this happiness will last forever and will not come and go with things as they come and go.