During the past four year, Dera Sacha Sauda, has been drawing flak, for various reasons. Firstly, due to the conviction of its chief, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, and a number of other cases, citing alleged involvement of Dera chief. Considering the fact, that this spiritual Guru, enjoys mammoth following, running in millions, many of us were taken aback by his involvement of a number of illegal activities. Further investigation into his Dera and you get to know, people from all sects are his followers and even educated ones, form a huge number of his followers.

When I heard about the Dera Chief’s conviction in TV channels, it was a shocker and I instantly slipped into flashback, year 2015, when his first Film was about to release. He was doing rounds of interviews on almost every electronic and Print media. I too had interviewed him then. Everyone was questioning the choice he had made to propagate his message through “MSG The Messenger of God” his first Movie.  And now, here was this man, convicted for 20 years, for rape of 2 Sadhvis. I decided, to pursue an in depth analysis of the man, I had seen and interviewed, in contrast to what he was today.

Although, this decision was hit with roadblocks and only after a couple months had passed, that I could see myself actually on the journey. It was not an easy decision, the entire world was applauding the efforts of the chief investigating agency, and I had chosen to investigate that further. It was after rounds of apprehensions, that I finally moved ahead, with judgments, like the reversal of the Judgement, in case of Talwars in Arushi murder case, by the honourable high court, put me on my path. All my findings, during the course of my journey, are absolutely unbiased and based on my own understanding, on close scrutiny of a number of different people, places and situations.

Chapter 1: Reality of Dera Sacha Sauda.
Reaching Sirsa, is not a piece of cake, I must say. Tucked in the interiors of Northern state of Haryana, this place is not very popular, as regards its counterparts, A drive close, to 4 hours from the capital, exhausts you a bit, although the roads are surprising smooth and give you a pleasant surprise. But the weather here shows no mercy, during the day time. Only except in winter months, this place is usually a melting pot for the skin.

As I reach this place Sirsa, and make my way to the Dera Sacha Sauda, Ashram, It is really strange feeling, as though I know this place in and out. Although, this is my first visit to Sirsa, and I decide to be like any regular Dera Follower, to not attract any fake or fabricated stories by his alleged “bhakts”. By now, what I have collected about his immense following, that he manages to somehow hypnotise his followers. How exactly he does this, is unknown, in fact, the answer to this “How” is what has brought me here.

And to my surprise, being a regular “Dera follower” is not all that tough, as Baba Ram Rahim, is indeed a rockstar baba, and his young followers outrun the older ones. This is probably the only place, where the old population is outrun by the younger lot. As, most spiritual and religions places, are flooded with the older lot. So this definitely makes my job of mixing in easier, with these younger, “buzzing with life” lot.

After, getting a decent accommodation outside the ashram, I just need to speak to some followers as everything, is run by the followers here, my job of speaking to them and then reconciling the same with my own eyes, pretty much solves, all my queries and doubts. As the evening sun, is going down fast, and I am thinking of preparing for long days ahead of me.

The morning brings, forth a couple of questions, answers to which was quite easy for any dera follower, sitting on the cemented fences outside the big gate.
If we talk about the construction, of the Ashram. Looks like, it has been constructed with great love and care. figures from nature, abound every entrance, or gate. The main gate is decorated with colourful fruits,  as part of the construction itself. On my way, I have seen peacocks, ducks, even lion figures, used for the gates and guarding walls, or fences.

What is Dera Sacha Sauda, and why this unusual name?

Dera Sacha Sauda, Dera, or dwelling, refers to a place of stay, the abode. Dera Sacha Sauda, means, The Abode of True Business. True or real Business on this mortal Planet, will be that of the Lord, and business of souls, emancipating from this cycle of birth and death. In other words, a dwelling where a soul comes to know about truth of himself. As per the philosophy, followed here, The soul has been wandering for countless births, from one form to the other. As it is said in Hindu scriptures, that the soul traverses in the cycle of birth and death in all forms, a total of 84 lakhs, including, birds, animals, water forms, insects etc. and it is then that it gets the chance to take human form.

A form, that is considered the most precious one, considering the fact, that it is in this form, that the soul gets a chance to free itself from the shackles of birth and death. Through God’s true devotion, by meditating on its name and by performing duties in the truest manner, helping the needy. Dera Sacha Sauda has been preaching the knowledge of spirituality, since 1948.

It calls itself, the college of spirituality, which imparts spiritual knowledge, free of cost. Established on 29th April, 1948, by the Saint Mastana Ji Maharaj, this spiritual College had a very modest beginning.
The place in Sirsa, Haryana, where the present Ashram, stands today, were sand dunes, to the tunes of 10-12ft. and with massive efforts and countless man-hours, he transformed the barren land into fertile, where, crops were grown.

This was and still is the main livelihood of the Ashram. As it's philosophy, Dera Sacha Sauda believes in hard work, and never asks for alms, for its day to day affairs. After all, when they preach others, to do hard work and earn their livelihood, how could they, ask for alms, for their own management. And that is how, the affairs are managed till date and people got attracted to the Ashram, due to the fact that it was based on true principles and barren lands, converted into lush green yards, in such a short time, was a feat in itself. 

A brief about the founder Shah MastanaJi

Born in the village of
Kotra, Tehsil Gandhey, District: Kalat (Balochistan) in 1891, on Kartik Poornima to father Shri Pillamal Ji
Mother Tulsa Bai Ji, His Birth Name was Khemamal Ji, It was later that His Master, Baba Sawan Singh Ji, gave him the name of “Shah Mastana Ji”.Moreover, his profound devotion towards his Master also earned him the title “Mastanon ka Mastana, Shahon ka Shah – Shah Mastana “.

What is unbelievable is that, He used to distribute material riches to people on the likes of gold, silver, even currency notes, clothes etc. The reason was to motivate people to meditate more and more.
And  all this helped a lot in drawing crowds. As he never asked for a single penny he was self-sufficient, just honestly looking forward to spiritual growth of the masses. All the masses used to do, was work , stay, and perform devotion in the Ashram.
Shah Mastana Ji left home, at the age of 14 years, in search of a perfect spiritual Guru (Complete Master).

3 Promises, a DSS Follower is bound to
Principles of Dera Sacha Sauda
- No Meat  consumption or egg.
- No alcohol consumption or drugs, tobacco etc
- No illicit sex or adultery
These principles are still followed by the Dera Sacha Sauda by those who take the Naam or Method of Meditation.

Shah Mastana Ji handed over the reigns of Dera Sacha Sauda,  to Shah Satnam Singh Ji on February 281960. And he himself left for his eternal abode on April 18, 1960.

Shah Satnam Ji, Second Master
His Birth Name was Harbans Singh, and was born on 25th January 1919, in the Village of Sri Jalalana Sahib, in Sirsa Dist.(Haryana)to Father Shri Waryam Singh Ji and Mother, Aas Kaur Ji.

Both the parents were learned souls and belonged to a Sindhu family. He was the only child of his parents, and grew up to be the landlord of the village.
He used to love God as a child and wanted to become one with HIM, from a very tender age. This ambition lead him to start the journey of finding his perfect spiritual master, who would fulfil his desire of achieving God.
During this quest for Nirvana, He met many people, spiritual Masters, ardent devotees of God. He also listened to their teachings and practiced what they taught. But, he wasn’t successful in his quest yet.

Finally, He got a chance to attend a spiritual discourse of Shah Mastana Ji and got a glimpse of what was his destiny.
He was impressed by Shah Mastana Ji and finally had a feeling that, “I have found a perfect, spiritual Master”. The One, he was searching and longing for ages. And he decided to follow thissaint for the rest of his life. He started attending Satsangs (spiritual congregations) of Shah Mastana Ji. This went on, for three consecutive years.
What was surprising was, that whenever He expressed the desire to learn meditation or get Naam, from his Master, he was replied , “When the timing is right, I will call you on my own and will bless you with the Naam. Kaal (Negative energy) will not harm you, don’t worry keep attending the Satsangs.”

On 14th March 1954, History was made

When Shah Mastana Ji conducted a Satsang (spiritual discourse) in the village of Ghukeyanwali, near Sirsa. And on the completion of the Satsang, Shah Mastana Ji called Shah Satnam Singh Ji and called him “Come inside and sit near the chair. Tonight the order from Lord Almighty has come to give you Naam.

He also told Shah Satnam Ji, that, “I have to entrust you with a very important responsibility”. You will be that leader of “Zindaram” (Spirituality), who will be showering the blessings of the Naam (Meditation) on the world.”
It is believed that, Words uttered by a true Saint are reflected in reality, in the Universe. There is no way, to change the words once, uttered.

28th February 1960

Finally Shah Mastana Ji revealed this secret to the world.
And that’s how he came to be called ‘Shah Satnam Singh Ji
Shah Mastana Ji made Shah Satnam Ji, his successor and blessed him with the Spiritual Wealth and also honoured him,with the name ‘Shah Satnam Singh Ji’.

Shah Mastana Ji said, I tested Satnam Singh Ji,on every parameter, without him being aware of it. Shah Satnam Singh Jidemolished his own house, to learn the Method of Meditation (Naam).” and “Today, I have transformed Sardar Satnam Singh Ji, from an ordinary person, to the Supreme Being.”

The reason for giving him the name, Satnam’, He said, is “Satnam is the power, which controls the Universe. It is the foundation of this world.
In Front of a mammoth gathering, in the Ashram premises of Dera Sacha Sauda, He publicly, declared, his Spiritual successor. A mass procession was also carried out in the streets of Sirsa. Apparently, He did all this, to make the people aware, that Sardar Sahib Ji of Jalalana was henceforth the new spiritual head of Dera Sacha Sauda and nobody has any doubts about the same in future.

Shah Mastana Ji, left for his final journey, on 18th April 1960.
Taking charge of the Dera Sacha Sauda, Shah Satnam Singh Ji,started with the building, of Dera in Sirsa, on the foundation laid by his Master, Shah Mastana Ji.

Shah Satnam Ji, expanded the ashrams, built by Shah Mastana Ji and built anotherAshram, in Barnava near Meerut,in Uttar Pradesh. He wrote more than 20 books on spirituality and 1500 hymns based on Sermons of true Master, in different languages.

The very idea, of having Satsangs in the form of hymns was to preach the teachings, in a musical manner, which can connect with people, easily. People found these,very simple to understand vis a vis the heavy spiritual texts or satsangs. This had a huge effect on masses in getting the hang of spiritual teachings, quite easily.

It was only after 3 years of Mastana Ji’s departure, in 1963Shah Satnam Singh Ji started to impart Naam(Method of Meditation) to people. He blessed lacs of souls with Naam, for over 27 years, from 1963 to 1990.

In the year, 1989, Shah Satnam Ji, expressed his desire to retire.

With long drawn illness, Shah SatnamJi expressed his desire, to pass the reigns of the Ashram, to an equally deserving, successor. For this, he started meeting and consulting his disciples, for almost13 - 14 months.

All this was done, considering the future, as we will see, in next couple of pages, to erase every doubt that people will have in their mind, about the authenticity of the successor. He also declared, “I don’t want any confusion or doubt to come up, regarding the successor, as in the past”.

Although, history is full of text, that these kind of doubts, and misunderstandings have always been and will always haunt mankind, in times to come, given our basic human nature. Anyhow, He made his best effort to give rest to any misunderstanding that were bound to arise in future. but He had to do his duty with utmost sincerity and taking care of best, that he could do for this disciples.

His words were“I will appoint my successor, in a grandest  and magnificent manner,as no-one would have witnessed before, nor will it, be ever witnessed in future!”

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan
born on 15th August 1967, in Sri Gurusar Modia village(District: Sri Ganganagar, State: Rajasthan, Country: India)to Father, Sardar Magghar Singh Ji, Landlord (with more than 500 acre land) and the head of his village, and Mother Naseeb Kaur Ji an ardent devotee of God.
The Prophecy of January 1960 came true
Shah Mastana Ji, in his last spiritual discourse of Jan 1960, had repeatedly said, “Exactly after seven years, I will come again, in the form of the third body (the Third Master)”.

And if we calculate the birth of Saint, Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji, it is exactly after 7 years. Although, His disciples didnot understand, the significance of those words. Only later, when he was coronated, did the disciples understand his prophecy.

As opposed to every one, the Media, and the Tehelka reporters, in their book, (what is crazy here, is no proofs have been given whatsoever) portraying Saint Gurmeet, to be getting the reins of Dera Sacha Sauda, based on his pressure, to his own Spiritual Master, Shah Satnam Ji, instead of Saint’s capability. I can’t imagine how small thinking people can have. It is claimed that Gurmeet Ram Rahim had no spiritual capability, to head Dera and used force to rise to the power. But what makes them claim this?

I have collected, numerous instances, that will clear all doubts, and bring forth the man, who the Media, tried to hide desperately, from all of us.

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, is the most passionate person, towards humanity and spirituality, I have ever met. This is the truth, millions of his Fans stand by, and are ready to face a beheading, if this is not found to be true. And this is proved by numerous instances, right from his birth to his “assuming the position of Dera chief”. As I meet a couple of the elders and also corroborated these statements with the youngsters, in Sri, Guru Sir Modia, the place of birth of Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

Now before I delve into Ram Rahim’s life’s instances. His name (Baba Ram Rahim’s) was rather unusual and I was looking for someone to clear the air around this. Just as I was speaking to a couple of villagers, no one could really give me the right explanation.

I spotted a young man, quite good looking & good built, staring at me, when I went to him, and asked him about the same.  Pat came the reply “Pitaji, sab se pyaar karte hian, our who kisi aur dharm ke logon ko yeh nahi kehna chahte, ki woh kisi ek dharma ke hain, isiliye unhone yeh naam add kiye hain” He loves all religions equally and he did not want any person, to think that he belongs, to a specific religion, so he has added these words, so a person from every religion can resonate with his teachings”.
Turns out, really thoughtful, of him, to do so.

Childhood memories of Saint Gurmeet ram Rahim Singh Insan, recounted by old friends and villagers

He was the only child of his parents, and favourite of everyone in his family, in fact in his entire village.From a very tender age, he was much more than ordinary child, which can be concluded from some of his extra ordinary habits, acts and deeds.  He was a kind and helping child and used to help the poor and needy, financially and in every way possible, for him.
At just eight years of age, he started driving a tractor in his father’s agricultural fields.At an age of just seven, he was bestowed with the Naam, from Shah Satnam Ji at Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa.

During years of his education, He performed excellently in academics, sports and co-curricular activities. Even though He was born to sikh parents, He never really adhered to any particular religious faith. in fact he has mentioned in many of his satsang that he has highest regard for all religions and has in-fact read, the holy books of all religions.

A renowned prophet of the village, Sant Triveni Das, had once made a prophecy, that the family of Sardar Maghar Singh Ji will be blessed with a son, who would have celestial qualities. He would be incarnation of Supreme Creator. And he also directed the villagers, to treat him nicely and with respect.

This was before the birth of Saint Gurmeet. Once the child was born, Sant Triveni Das Ji made another augury, “He would stay with the family for 23 years and thereafter he shall go to his Master.” He also added, that He not being taken to any reverential place for prayers. For, He is a manifestation of Almighty Himself.” Now this, may be too much for the villagers to handle, even the parents, who had given birth, to a regular child, as they would have perceived. As per his Mother Naseeb Kaur ji, as time, passed by, many day to day activities, confirmed this prophecy.

The natives of Sri Gurusar Modia (Rajasthan) once, decided to build a water reservoir to meet the scarcity of water, during the hot months. A few elderly from the village, approached Sant Triveni Das, to initiate the construction work. But he instead, insisted upon the starting of the project by the son of Sardar Maghar Singh Ji, as he was recognised those days.

At that time, he was just in his tender age of 4-5 years. Some villagers even protested this, saying that he is too young for the same. However, on insistence of Sant Triveni Das, they all agreed, as Sant was highly regarded man by the villagers. Then He inaugurated the reservoir with those cute little hands.
Sant Triveni Das ji further assured the villagers, that this reservoir shall always be replete with water and will never go dry.
People swear by this fact, today also, in the worst of droughts, even people from adjacent villages fetch water, from this tank till date.
Sardar Maghar Singh Ji’s belief in the prophecy of Sant Triveni Das got stronger, with a couple of incidents of which, one was this.

One day, Sardar Maghar Singh Ji was going to his agricultural farm, carrying his son, on his shoulders. “Bapuji”as he was affectionately called by villages, had a great love, affectionfor his son.

When, on the way, Saint Gurmeet as a child, disclosed certain unknown facts about their ancestral land and this incident, cemented Sant Triveni Das Ji’s prophecy in his mind. In fact, as we all know, even during his Film interviews, this was a talking point that Baba Ram Rahim used to drive Tractor, while he was just 6 or 7 years old. Turns out this is true, and he used to drive the Tractor, while not being visible form the front, and people used to think the tractor is being driven on its own, later on, this was a regular scene on the farms.

Shah Satnam Ji, bestowed Naam to Saint Gurmeet Ji ( 7 year old back then) by letting him sit with him(Shah Satnam Ji) on his royal throne and even politely asked, "Kaka kehda pind hai? [Which village, do you belong to]” and “Hor taan sab thik hai [Everything ok]?” Apparently, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, had been envisaged as the future heir, by Shah Satnam Ji, right then and rest is history.

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s Student Life

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan completed high-school education from the only school in that hamlet. Hewas always the topper of his class. He was a peerless sports person and used to play, all sorts of games like wrestling, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton, and Lawn Tennis. Cricket being his favourite game, he was  the captain of his team. He won almost all games played under his captainship.

Always Driven by Passion

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, had a zealand passion for every activity undertaken. At the tender age of seven-eight, he was adept at handling the mowing machine, the tractor as it is called and used for agricultural purposes in fields and ranches. Every activity undertaken at that time, by him, was generally completed in a very short time, with extreme confidence and concentration.
People swear by his skills, and the speed and precision by which, he finishes every task. Although today, he has, to his credit, every single activity that a human mind, could engage in. While if we start talking about them, here, we may run out of time and pages here. So a link to his superhuman video, added in the latter part, would help you, identify the sort of talent this man possesses.

And as said earlier, the kind of activities this man can do, a normal person would really need to see himself, to believe them. Under His apostleship, various mammoth projects that needed months to complete, got completed in weeks and sometimes in a  matter of days.
His world records

A peek into his life

Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj was very fond of his ‘Numberdaar’. Baba Ram Rahim Ji, was fondly called ‘Numberdaar’ as he was the son of a well known & affluent Sardar.
In fact, such was his trust for “Numberdaar” that he knew that on his single call, Saint Gurmeet Singh, would shun his present life and relationships, without thinking twice (he had 3 children by then and the youngest one was just a couple of months old.)

What people don’t understand, is leaving a full fledged family and life, full of comforts, love and respect, to be  a Saint, is not all that lucrative, from the worldly view. So imagine, the status of his parents, who gave their only son, to become a Saint. Although, it is a biggest honour and respect, that is bestowed upon a person. but as parents, not being able to stay with their son, or for the family, the children, who were so young, to even understand what is happening, was definitely troublesome.

But, Gurmeet Ram Rahim  was never a person, who cared for the world. His Master’s will reigned supreme for him. As per the disciples of that time, If “param pitaji”( Shah Satnam Ji) said it was a bright day, even the darkest of nights, was the most brighter day for pitaji.
So as they put it, the body (pitaji) was created, way back, 23 years to be precise and completed (to assume the position of a true Master) with the grace and all the spiritual treasures on 23rd September 1990, when Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan was sworn in to the position of chief of Dera Sacha Sauda.

True Successor to Shah Satnam Ji
The innate characteristics- honesty, truthfulness and extreme dedication towards work, accompanied with a unique blend of spiritual understanding and righteousness, all these rare qualities, persuaded Shah Satnam Ji, to grace Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji as his successor. He was indeed the most trustworthy mentor, a curator, a protector and a prospective Master, perceived by Shah Satnam Ji.

On 23rd September, 1990 thissecret was revealed when Shah Satnam Singh Ji with n number of discussions and meetings, invited thedisciples from across the world and declared Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan as his successor. Thus, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan’s Spiritual journeybegan, with an exceptionally grand,  formal ceremony.Shah Satnam Singh Ji, bestowed spiritual wealth to Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji, and handed him the charge of the Dera.

This date is not only a milestone in the history of the Dera Sacha Sauda, but also an important date for entire mankind. This was also the date when,Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, left his family at a young age of 23 and sacrificed himself to the cause of humanity. leaving 3 very young children, wife and parents behind,

He had come to Dera, to assume responsibilities as Dera chief, not thinking how his family, his Father, is going to manage without him. Master’s call, was the only call that Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh could hear at that time. Although, Shah Satnam Ji, seeing the plight of young children and parents without their only son, allowed, Saint Gurmeet Ji, to visit, them, from time to time.
Since then Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji has worked tirelessly to spread the message of humanity, throughout the world.

While, many were eyeing the coveted position of Dera’s ‘whole and sole’. Since Shah Satnam Ji was running unwell for a couple of years, Dera insiders were aware of his intentions that He was actively looking out for the heir of Dera Sacha Sauda. Everybody knew,, that Dera Sacha Sauda’s heir, doesn’t run in blood unlike other spiritual abodes. So, neither of the blood relations, of Shah Satnam Ji Maharaj, stood a chance, because of their blood relations and this position will be awarded to the most deserving person. But when, power, greed and ego, fills a person, he is blinded to the core. This was happening with some senior members in the Dera camp.

Based on their seniority and the years, they gave to service in Dera, they misunderstood that they had a shot at “taking the topmost place, that of Dera Chief”. But, being the successor to shah Satnam Ji, would also mean, somebody equal to him in stature, not in age, or experience, but spiritual knowledge.
Shah Satnam Ji had decided about the same, or we can also say, he was well aware in advance about, who could have the ability for the same, and bestowing the spiritual treasure, that body was made complete, to take charge as the next spiritual Master at Dera Sacha Sauda.

Swearing in ceremony of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan

Lacs of Devotees, witnessed the historical event, when Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji, was coronated on 23rd Sep. 1990.  As per witnesses, to this grand event, “Param Pitaji” (that was how he was addressed by his disciples) was the most happiest, to find the right heir, to the most guarded and regarded position. “Pitaji” couldn’t be more happier, following the orders of his “Param Pitaji”.
It was an order by a Master to his disciple, as Saint Ram Rahim Ji was happy being an ardent follower and just having a glimpse of his Master, was his only goal at that time. Baba Ram Rahim was not really interested to take on the charge of the Dera, which was no biggie for him, in comparison with serving his true Master.

But as anticipated, the entire “swearing in” episode, did not go well with the senior camp. Although, Shah Satnam Ji, anticipating, such a hullabaloo, conducted rounds of meetings with Devotees and all members in the management much earlier, the worm continued to rot the foundations.

It is during this time, that it is perceived, that people, not happy with the decision taken by Shah Satnam Ji, started to work to spread negativity & go anti about Dera and its chief. There were many within the Dera, who were eyeing the chief of the sect’s position, one such person, was Khatta Singh, former driver of Shah Satnam Ji.

Although Shah Satnam Ji, had proclaimed Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan to be the successor of his throne, during spiritual congregation and on numerous occasions, told all, to never doubt him, doubting him is like doubting us (me), were his sermons. Shah Satnam Ji had even taken out a “Hukamnama”, clearly stating, any person having a distrust on his intentions is distrusting us. But, many within the clan, were clearly doubting him even in his presence, during the 3 months both the Masters spent their time together.

And these, people could never make it even, with the now, spiritual master. They may be at peace on the exterior, but never, internally.
Always thinking of ways to malign the image of the chief of the organisation, trust was far from the reach of these so called, senior followers, who were too close to be dismissed.

This is where, things get muddled up. Most of those, we have seen on television sets, in Media debates, belong to this “senior most group”. They know the ins and outs of Dera and therefore, they can easily mould any part of the information, to their advantage, which they have been doing. But are the Media, and legal experts, so naive to fall for such stories. Definitely not, turns out everybody is winning here, by spreading these stories, as we shall see in subsequent pages.

I decide to understand, the whole dynamics, from the “old followers “ of Dera Sacha Sauda, who are mostly found, seated at the entrances of the “Shahi Darbar” as they call it, the eyes of these premis, have seen it all. Even visits to the old followers’, villages, proved fruitful, in getting the whole perspective. These followers, are too simple to hold grudge, against anybody, or have bigger ambitions in lives. Love, peace and harmony is all they have been asking for in their lives, and Baba Ram Rahim, has been providing them that in abundance.

And having understood, from all perspectives, nothing seems to be right for Dera Sacha Sauda. The entire case is botched up.

These “premis” (word coined by Ram Rahim, for his followers, apparently, for humanity lovers) have seen Dera Sacha Sauda, right from the times of Shah Mastana Ji, to present “Pitaji”. With an innate goodness, and almost child like innocence in their eyes, these “premis” are a metaphor of love and kindness. Their eyes seem to be desperate for their “Pitaji”.

And most of their statements, are found in perfect tandem with one another. It is evident, that Dera has been engulfed within internal war and power seems to be ultimate goal of a handful of ambitious followers and the political clout is using the same for their advantage.

These old “premis” are disheartened to see, Khatta Singh, Hansraj and couple of others (senior Dera followers who left Dera, and are percieved to plant conspiracies against Dera), going to such extent. An old man “Satpal Insan” in his 70s, sitting underneath the tree, outside Mastana Ji Dham in Sirsa, had tears in his eyes, recalling how khatta singh was given such close proximity and loved by “param pitaji”, (Shah Satnam Ji was addresses as Param Pita )and he is now, turned sour for the entire community, forgetting all that “Param Pitaji “ did for his family .

Like his Master, From what I have heard, from his (Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s) childhood friends also, as a child and as current Master, he was very fond of animals, birds, Nature, every single life.
As a child too, he used to get the prasadam, found lying here and there, and on the ground, and feed the animals in his house, considering the fact that prasadam is considered to be like a great tonic. In the ashram too, it was strictly instructed to all the followers, to never resort to killing any living creature that anyone encountered in Ashram premises.

Snakes have been spotted, at various places in the Ashram on numerous occasions, and they were safely collected in bottles and left at isolated places, so they could continue, in their habitats, without posing a danger to anybody. I also asked him the reason, for using Insan as his last name, his answer could not quite contend me that time, but as I progressed, in due course, this question, got a perfect answer which you will find, in latter part of this book.

Speaking to almost 4 dozen, people, from every part of the city, I can safely say, Baba Ram Rahim was definitely a passionate and kind personality, as opposed to what has been portrayed.

We may all agree that in today’s times, negativity thrives, everyone is interested in a grey character. Gone are the days when people used to listen stories of Lord Rama, or Krishna.

It is all about fake characters, fake stories and fake heroes. But are all these really helping the society. Isn’t it only fair, that we celebrate our heroes, instead of pushing them in the garb of fake allegations.

A character as powerful (literally too) as Baba Ram Rahim, he was definitely a threat to power lobbies, big time. As we can see, this man is invincible, in all aspects, a man who can don any hat, seemingly existing on the planet. I happen to see one of his videos, where he is doing a shrug with 215 kg in each hand, a total of 430 kgs.

A man with mammoth following, and most importantly this man here, belongs to spiritual sect, leading an entire generation towards positivity and good karma. This is the point of conflict in the society, I guess, people from every religion, feel he is a threat to their respective religion, politicians on the other hand, feel he is threat to their power. Looks like, each one is fighting a battle of their insecurities, with this man.

In fact, Bollywood, too got worried, with this man, taking on as an actor, with his huge following, he definitely had an ace up in his sleeves. He, on the other hand, is busy doing what he loves the most, spreading his message of peace and love.

Chapter 2

The Anonymous letter sealed the fate of millions

It was 2002, Copies of an anonymous letter, were circulating every where. Addressed to Atal Bihari Vajpayee, then PM, the letter was written by two anonymous Sadhvis, of Dera Sacha Sauda, alleging sexual exploitation by its chief.

Anonymous letter - the letter cited
Honourable Prime Minister in 2002
Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Government of India)
Subject: Request for probe into rape of hundreds of girls by Dera chief (Ram Rahim)
I am a girl hailing from Punjab and I have been serving as a Sadhvi at Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa (Haryana) for the last five years. There are hundreds of other girls, who serve for 16-18 hours a day at the Dera. We are being physically exploited here. Dera Maharaj Gurmeet Singh rapes girls at the Dera. I am a graduate girl. My family members are blind followers of Maharaj (Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh). I became a sadhvi at my family's bidding.
Two years after I became a sadhvi, Maharaj Gurmeet Singh's close woman-disciple Gurjot told me one night around 10 pm that I had been summoned to 'Gufa' (residence of Gurmeet Ram Rahim). As I was going there for the first time, I was elated that God himself had sent out for me. When I went upstairs, I saw Maharaj sitting on the bed holding a remote control in hand and watching a blue film on TV. Beside his pillow on the bed, lay a revolver. Seeing all this, I was stunned, felt dizziness, and felt as if the earth has moved from beneath my feet. I wondered what at all was happening here.
I had never imagined that Maharaj would be such a person. Maharaj switched off the TV and seated me beside him. He offered me water and said that he had called me because he considered me very dear to him. This was my first day (experience).
Maharaj took me in his arms and said that he loved me from the core of his heart. He also said that he wanted to make love with me. He told me that at the time of becoming his disciple, I had dedicated my wealth, body and soul to him and he had accepted my offering. By this logic, your body is mine now.
When I objected he said, "There is no doubt that I am God." When I asked if God also indulges in such acts, he shot back:
1. Sri Krishna too was God and he had 360 gopis (milkmaids) with whom he staged Prem Lila (love drama). Even then people regarded him as God. This is not a new thing.
2. I can kill you with this revolver and cremate you here. The members of your family are my devoted followers and they have such blind faith in me that they are my slaves. You know it very well that your family members cannot go against me.
3. I have considerable influence in the governments. The chief ministers of Punjab and Haryana, and central Ministers touch my feet. Politicians seek my support and take money from me. They cannot take any action against me. We will get your family members dismissed from government jobs. I will get them killed and wouldn't leave any evidence behind. You know it very well that I had got Dera manager Fakir Chand killed earlier. No one knows anything about him till date. Neither there is any evidence of the murder. By money power, I can buy politicians, police and justice.
Thus, he raped me. For the past three months, my turn comes every 25-30 days. Now, I realise that he has been raping other girls staying with him.

Around 35-40 women living at the Dera are over 35-40 years old and past the marriageable age. They have compromised with their lives at the Dera. Most of the girls are educated and have secured BA, MA, BEd degrees. But they are living a life of hell at the Dera because their family members are fanatic followers. We wear white clothes, cover heads with scarf, forbidden to look at men and keep a distance of 5-10 feet from men as per Maharaj's commands.

We appear like devis (pious women), but our situation is that of prostitutes. I tried once to tell my family members that all was not well at the Dera. But, they got angry with me saying that if God's company is not worth enjoying then which place would be. It seems your mind has become corrupt, recite the name of satguru (the real teacher), they told me.  I am helpless. I have to obey every command of the Maharaj.

No girl is permitted to talk to another. As per the commands of the Maharaj, girls are not permitted to talk to their families even over telephone. If a girl talks about the reality of the Dera, she is punished under the commands of the Maharaj. Just a few days ago, a Bathinda girl spoke about the wrongdoings of the Maharaj, she was thrashed by women-disciples. She is still bed-ridden at her home due to this assault. Her father has left his service as a sevadar (servant of Dera). She is not telling anyone anything for the fear of Maharaj.

Similarly, a girl from Kurukshetra district has also left the Dera and went back home. When, she narrated her sufferings at the Dera to her family, her brother who worked as a Sewadar, gave up his job. When a Sangrur girl left the Dera, went home and narrated the wrongdoings at the Dera to the people, the Dera's armed Sewadar hooligans visited the girl's home and threatened to kill her. They warned her not to tell anyone anything about the Dera.

Similarly, girls from Mansa, Ferozepur, Patiala and Ludhiana districts (of Punjab) have gone back home and are keeping mum as they have threat to their lives. Same is the fate of girls from Sirsa, Hisar, Fatehabad, Hanumangarh and Meerut who are not uttering a word due to muscle power of the Dera Gundas.
If I, reveal my name (and) my address, my family and I will be killed. I can't keep quiet and I also don't want to die, but I want to expose the reality (of Dera). If a probe is conducted by the press or some government agency, 40 to 45 girls - living in utmost fear at the Dera -, if they are convinced, are willing to tell the truth.
Our medical examination should be conducted so that our guardians and the people would know whether we are still celibate disciples or not. If we are no longer virgins, it should be probed as to who violated our chastity. The truth will then come out that Maharaj Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh of Sacha Sauda has ruined our lives.

There are many points here, that indicate lapses, even a common man can find.

If we scrutinise all these points in detail, we can smell a rat.

Some key points in Baba Ram Rahim’s conviction are:-

The letter written in 2002, to Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee, then PM and the case was, was registered by Punjab and Haryana Govt., on behalf of these alleged Sadhvis. Isn’t it strange, a Govt. going to the extent of registering a case, on an anonymous letter, without anyone, pushing the same.

The entire case being based on an anonymous letter, itself casts doubts.
How many cases are registered on the basis of anonymous letters? Just imagine, the number of letters reaching PMO or to the president, do all these make it, to this fate? Then in that case, we really don’t need to get into the tedious tasks of making FIRs, and scrap the procedure all together.

There is no clear understanding in this case, as to when the alleged rape took place, or when FIR was made, statement 164 which is preliminary in such cases, is missing, CFSL report is missing, in which Medical happens, medical report is registered. A senior SC advocate, on scrutinising these papers, made the above observations.

We all know the procedure for punishing, in a rape case. It is common sense, that the primary evidence, involves, statements from both sides, and medical tests. Well, In this case, both were missing, as the victims are not disclosed and medical tests, could not be done, as the alleged rape, happened years ago, even before the letters were sent and not to forget anonymous letters.

In fact, it has been the opposite in this case, where Ram Rahim, had himself, asked for his medical test, contending, that he has been following celibacy since, 1990, when he came to Dera, and he is actually incapable of the act. And surprisingly, this point has not been taken into consideration.

Another point, to understand here, is the CBI inquiry. Getting CBI to investigate a case, is not a piece of cake. This has been quoted by various advocates and experts from Judiciary. They have to generally move so many parties, and put pressure on the system to convince them, for a CBI inquiry.
In this particular case, when no party was directly(but only through anonymous letters, which are not solid documents) asking for justice, forget CBI investigation, CBI was put in action. Looks like, those in power, were more keen on the contents of the anonymous letter, more than that the victims themselves. As Supreme Court, has itself noted, CBI to be a “caged parrot “, on many instances, acting in the hands of ruling Govt.

Also, as per the Sadhvi, this alleged incident took place in 1999, and the Sadhvi suddenly decides to come out in the open, in 2002. This is quite strange, as to what happened suddenly, that made the girl speak up now, through an anonymous letter. As, per the situations inside the Dera, everything was pretty much the same between 1999-2002. It has been cited that the girl being pressurised, then where the pressure disappear suddenly, when she decided to act.

And what kind of families, won’t trust their daughters, and trust outsiders (their Guru) more. Now, truth, those kind of parents, who know how their daughters or sons are. Knowing how protective, our Society is for girls, this is a point, out of question. So if you know your child can cook up stories, you will not trust your child. On 99% of occasions parents trust their kids, 1% , I’ve left out, just to give the benefit of doubt.

Another point, one can consider here, is the 3rd promise, that the followers, make to their Guru, is monogamy and millions stick to this. I, for one, have seen the followers, and how duty bound they, and if I had to say, they are real Humans, or insans, I won’t be exaggerating. The Guru of such followers, himself involving in such acts, is totally unbelievable.

The allegation of girls hostel’s entrance, connected to Dera chief’s Gufa is absurd. First of all, there is nothing as “Gufa or secret cave”, it is in fact a building where Dera Chief stays along with Royal family members, and Sadhus (not sadhvis). The Gufa, being the talking point everywhere, is in fact, a small cave like structure connected to MSG resort and this cave like structure, is a public place, not part of any private place of stay as portrayed. In olden days, the place where saints used to meditate, was called Gufa, but there again, it was nothing like a cave, it was a regular place of stay, then too. Just the name “Gufa” has been used to manipulate facts. And the place of stay of Baba Ram Rahim, is now called “Tera vaas”, since a couple of years.

I was shocked to see, this structure, myself, which is nothing close to what haS been shown and described everywhere. It is just a common entrance, connecting to MSG Resort and not to any private Gufa. This resort has been built, to cater to outstation devotees, during satsang days.

The most crucial point, is the fact that when the Dera Head, has been himself, asking for a medical checkup, as he has been living like a brahmchari, since 1990, and is incapable of any sexual activity and not taking a note of the same, is again a cause of concern in the Dera camp.

This one single test, can prove the Baba guilty or not guilty. Once he proves guilty, as per this test, will keep his followers’ doubts at rest, but what makes our agency or authorities not go for this, does the reverse for those millions of followers! Their faith in judiciary, is at stake here.

And the real reason behind, 2 Sadhvis, writing the letter, is that one of the Sadhvis, who wrote the letter, was believed to have an affair with a boy outside, and seeing this, as a roadblock, her parents sent her to Dera, so she can be contained. But as we know, feelings are difficult to contain, although the parents should have realised this.
Anyways, so as is evident, she wanted to leave Dera, and since her family would not listen, she came up with this theory of Dera chief exploiting the inmates. And the senior Dera camp, was anyways looking for an opportunity to malign the chief, and take hold of reigns of Dera. This was the best recourse.

Also, What we are missing here is, how can 2 sadhvis, alone, when their family was not supporting them, be capable enough to reach the letter to the PM and to several others. And with political support, the letter, not only reached the PM, it even got recognition, and although no individual was batting for the case, the case got registered by the then, Punjab and Haryana Govt. 

Looking at these points, it doesn’t need rocket science to realise,how authentic, this particular case is.

This story Dated 25th August 2018, in Indian Express.

As per this story, a Prisons officer of Sunaria Jail, mentioned that, “The State Govt. was on the look out of a suitable job for Baba Ram Rahim, 2 years before the court held him guilty last year”. So if go by this theory, 2 years prior to the conviction of Baba Ram Rahim, on 25th Aug. 2017, when even the dates were not given for final hearing, forget the judgement.
Doesn’t this spill the beans? And if this doesn’t indicate the whole theory, what will?

Another, shocking revelation in a report in Tribune India, dated, 29th August, 2017.
As per this report, “In consideration of safety of two prosecution witnesses, in the rape case against DSSchief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh,being sensitive issue, once in 2013, the CBI court worked late in the eve. to record evidences of one of the PWs, so that she did not have to come to the court again.”
Najar Singh, was the then CBI judge, who continued with the court hearing even after the working hours,&is at present working as Additional District and Session Judgeat Narnaul.
Najar Singh, served as a CBI judge for 17 months (from April 2012 to September 2013), had concluded the evidence procedure in the case and he had also ordered personal appearance of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, in the court for recording of his statement under Section 313 of the CrPC, but surprisingly, he was transferred shortly to Narnaul, after some days.

As per his statement,
The “The PW-10 in the rape case was under security cover when she appeared in the court to testify against Ram Rahim in 2013. The CBI officials urged me to complete her testimony and other evidences in a day, stating she was facing threat to her life and won’t be able to come to the court again,” the judge had told The Tribune.
He also said, “It was not easy to complete the evidences of PW-10 in a day as some other cases were to be heard that day, but I decided to do extra work for three-four hours after the court time and recorded her statement and other evidences.”
Najar Singh, had disposed 43 cases, during his tenure as a CBI judge, claimed that he expedited the trial, not only in the rape, but also in the two murder cases, against Gurmeet Ram Rahim by conducting early hearing in all cases. (question is why? early hearing)
And what is more shocking is this statement
“I got shifted some days after Ram Rahim was ordered to appear in court in person. Earlier, his hearing was done through video-conferencing,”.

Two important points emerge here, in this entire episode:-

1)       The cases against Ram Rahim were put into early hearing, fast tracked, for some reason.
2)       As soon as the Judge, Najar Singh, asked for personal appearance, he was transferred. Now this may be co-incidence, but the point remains, even after his transfer, why did the court, did not continue with his personal appearance, demand. Who was going to be benefitted with a Video conferencing?

For this we need to understand, how does personal appearance make a difference in a hearing. As per a senior SC Judge, Mr. A. P. Singh, Personal appearances help in clear statements of all victims, for both sides, and helps the court to decide the authenticity of witnesses and many other aspects. Normally video conferencing is used when its not possible for acquitted party to depose, like in case of multiple defendants, like a riot case, or so. Here, Mr. A. P Singh gives a similar reference of Nirbhaya case, where the case was a high profile case, with pressure from all fronts, still, the hearing was conducted face to face.

Here again, the security to the defendants & witnesses was duly arranged by the authorities. Whereas, in Ram Rahim’s case, they were finding it difficult to arrange for security of 2 girls, who were deposing against him.
Arranging for security of 2 girls, should actually not be all that of an herculean task, considering the threat to these girls, was from the Dera Chief’s followers, who have no criminal records, in fact records suggest the opposite, and loads of these records, are in serving the society. Even if we consider, them “Gundas”, as they were declared on the eve of 25th, before, that not a single instance, has shown them in the light of rioters.


The kind of businesses affected by Baba’s intoxication drives, and anti alcoholism, and prostitution drives, too complete the circle, as to why, not just the authorities, even opposition parties, are in harmony &total sync in this particular case of keeping Baba Ram Rahim behind bars.

It is safe to conclude, every front, would want him out of his way, due to the impact, he is having on the economy, affecting business and in turn affecting party funds too. Not to mention his humongous following ready to used, for their own benefit.

Here’s the verdict, given by CBI, in rape case, against Baba Ram Rahim

The verdict announced in case of Baba Ram Rahim, for rape of 2 sadhvis, on 29th August, 2017 was based on the the following evidence in the CBI special court.

Corroborative statements of two rape victims and their relatives. Apart from, the adverse lie-detection results of three close associates of Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and other circumstantial evidence, proved as crucial evidence in his conviction, 15 years after the case was registered.

Taking cognisance of an anonymous letter, alleging the sexual exploitation of girls by the Dera Sacha Sauda chief, the Punjab and Haryana High Court had in May 2002 directed the District and Sessions Judge (Sirsa) to probe. However, the judge found that no one was willing to speak up. Not ruling out the possibility, the judge recommended a central agency investigation and therefore, on the High Court directive, the CBI registered the case on December 12, 2002.
2 of 130 speak out

In 2005, the agency managed to get a list of residents at the dera, revealing that 53 “Sadhvis” lived in the girls’ hostel and 80 in the Dera Sacha Sauda’s Sirsa ashram, while 24 others had left by then. The agency contacted 130 girls, who declined to cooperate owing to “an atmosphere of fear and physical, mental and spiritual control of Baba Gurmeet Singh”.
Of the 24 “Sadhvis” who had left the Dera between 1997 and 2002, 20 were traced. Most of them were married and did not want to come out with the truth, fearing adverse consequences.

The CBI examined 18 girls who had left the ashram, some of who said the Dera chief, its management and his followers were “very dangerous people” and they feared for their lives if they spoke up.

It was in May-July 2006 that the CBI managed to convince two victims to share complete information. They gave a detailed account of what was happening inside the Dera chief’s rooms and what transpired to them in August 1999. One of them recorded her statement under Section 164 of the Cr.PC in March 2007.
As described by the victims, there was an old and a new Dera complex in the ashram, where Ram Rahim had a separate accommodation called the Gufa (cave)”.
The Gufa in the old Dera had three gates, two of which opened towards the area where Satsang was held, whereas the third gate opened towards the girls’ hostel,” said the charge-sheet. The “Sadhvis” would guard the entry door to the cave between 8 p.m. to midnight and midnight to 4 a.m., taking turns.
Ram Rahim would allegedly summon the “Sadhvis” into his cave and then force himself upon them. Narrating her woes, one victim said one night, Ram Rahim called her to his cave.

“Baba told her to sit on the bed near to him. She hesitated and tried to sit on the floor, but Maharaj asked her to sit on the bed. Accordingly, she sat on the bed by the side of Maharaj, who asked about her life and experience in the Dera…thereafter, Gurmeet Singh started fondling her body,” alleged the charge-sheet. She was then raped.
The victim’s father told the CBI that her sister had also been sexually exploited by Ram Rahim. A relative of another victim also recorded his statement.

Investigations into the murder of local journalist Ram Chander Chhatrapati, who had published the anonymous letter in his newspaper, and a former Dera follower also had a bearing on the probe into rape allegations, said the CBI.
The former follower’s close relative was also a “Sadhvi” in the Dera, but she later left it. His father told the agency that after the anonymous complaint surfaced, his son had confirmed to him that the allegations were correct and that Ram Rahim and his close associates suspected that he was behind the letter. The former follower was later gunned down.
The adverse lie-detection tests of accused Avtar Singh, Inder Sain and Krishan Lal, whose names came up during the probe, showed “deceptions” in their statements indicating that Ram Rahim was sexually exploiting the “Sadhvis” in the “Gufa”, alleged the charge-sheet.

Let us understand the whole verdict, by the CBI.

Out of 130 only 2 speak out and only 1 of them, recorded her statement. And Sadhus and Sadhvis, are free to leave Dera as per their will. So, 24 Sadhvis leaving Dera, due to any personal reason, doesn’t prove anything. If things were really wrong, more people would want to come out, with details & share with the world. Fear, cannot contain a wrong doing meted upon hundreds, and just 2 person, speak out..
And when CBI officials, have been so intensely pursuing the case, and looking for evidence for years together, considering the case investigation began in 2002 and the actual incidents date back to 1999. We have no answer here, simply the fear of Gurmeet Ram Rahim’s men is cited as the biggest reason, well, then the reason remained even in 2002. Or should we say, the Govt. was suddenly too intent at ‘exposing’ the so called deeds of Baba Ji.

While I was on with my investigation, call it timing, that CBI’s internal feud and its officials coming out  with allegations on each other, came in as a shocker, for me, and for the entire Nation.

Here are the chain of events that corroborated from 25th October 2018.

CBI and its feud within, that has put a question mark on the Country’s most respectable investigative agency.

Chapter 3: Chapter : CBI, who gave judgement in Baba Ram Rahim’s Case, in pieces.

The development of events, in CBI since the last 2 months, are nothing short of a thriller Movie. It was widely known, in the bureaucratic circuits, that CBI Director Alok Verma and Special Director, Rakesh Asthana were at logger-heads with each other, for close to a year. But what happened on 23rd Oct. that shook the whole Nation.

CBI Director Alok Verma, files an FIR on Rakesh Asthana, Special Director alleging charges of corruption, who in turn alleges, the charges on Alok Verma. The series of events that follow, are not short of a roller coaster ride for the CBI.
Both are sent on leave, late night and Nageshwar Rao gets appointed as Interim Director, whose appointment is also controversial in many cases, in the past.
A CVC - Central Vigilance Committee, is formed to investigate into the entire matter. Interestingly, the CBI office, gets sealed the same night, the exact reasons for the same, could not be ascertained.

The events following these, are of a more serious nature, indicating the falling apart of the India’s premier Investigating Agency.
While sp. Director, Asthana was sent to leave, although he had many allegations of corruption, against him in the past and the CBI director Alok Verma, was asked to step down, altogether, over charges of procedural irregularities. Now, questions arise as to, on what basis Alok verma was sent on leave.
The CVC that we hear here, is applicable only, in cases of prevention of corruption Act, which is not the scenario here. Overnight, a dozen Officers, inspecting Asthana’s case are transferred to various locations, indicating foul play within the CBI, Govt’s top ministers, from PMO, seem to be influencing the decisions, made within the agency.

In the year, 1998, an amendment was made in CBI to make it independent, As per this amendment, theDirector can only be appointed by a committee consisting of CVC, home sect., and CBI’s present Director.
In the year 2013, as per the Lokpal Act, introduced, a committee consisting of PM, leader of opposition and CJI or judge of SC can only look after appointment or exit of CBI Director.

On what basis then, Alok Verma was sacked. What is surprising, that the Media chose to ask no such questions during press conference, held by Amit Shah. There was an affidavit entered by the earlier Govt. in SC, which specifically said that the Director cannot be appointed or sacked, without the presence of a committee, comprising of PM, leader of Oppn, and CJI.
And the director can only be removed, on grounds of miss conduct, and CVC’s suggestion also is not applicable here, as this is not a corruption case.
The most shocking aspect, all inspecting officers being transferred, in bizarre locations like AK sharma, working on the case, with Alok verma, got transferred to MDMM, who could spill the beans for Asthana, AK Bassi sent to Andamans,

What is shameful is that, Media instead of asking questions, is shielding the authorities. for instance, Ashwini Gupta, a senior Media person, who incidentally happens to be a relative of PM Modi, said, why is the opposition is stretching up this case, cause this may taint the image of the country.

Fortunately we have a detail of the events ( CBI) unfolded in CVC investigation
As per the article, dated 16th November, in online News channel, Alok 
Verma had filed a case, against CBI’s special Director, Rakesh Asthana, his deputy in the CBI, for allegedly accepting bribes from a Hyderabad-based businessman Sana, in Moin Qureshi case, through middleman Somesh Prasad and Manoj Prasad.Asthana, in turn, charged Alok Verma, with similar charges of corruption. On which, an inquiry was ordered by Supreme Court, by the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) to find out the truth of the en tire matter.

The CVC sent an elaborate questionnaire to Verma, as part of its enquiry.
Here is Alok Verma’s version
Verma’s official response – The wire has indicated in it’s screening
He is scathing in its remarks against the CBI’s special director Asthana and the way CVC is conducting its probe. He is shocked to see The commission, focussing on Asthana’s “baseless” charges against him, Verma further states, that his deputy complained only after the CBI booked him in a corruption case.

The CBI director alleges that, despite the specific directions of SC, to the CVC, to probe into the allegations made against him(Alok Verma) in the Cabinet Secretary’s note/letter of the dated August 24, “not one question raised is from the allegations mentioned” in the letter. which is really surprising and instead, he says, “majority of queries that are raised, are for actions taken after August 24, 2018 and indicate, to be from October 18, letter written by Mr Rakesh Asthana to the CVC.”

He adds that the October letter was “written after the CBI had registered a case of extortion involving Mr Rakesh Asthana”, had already arrested the main conduit, Manoj Prasad and had recorded the statement of Satish Sana, the businessman who allegedly paid around Rs 3 crore to Asthana. He also said that the CBI clearly has incriminating evidence against Asthana in the form of WhatsApp messages, call intercepts and the call detail records.

Verma puts a question mark on CVC’s integrity as an independent investigating commission hinting, support Asthana and Chowdary, may have received from a “top official” at the (PMO) in going after him.

Verma’s words, “…the CVC seems to be on a roving expedition to cast aspersions on my integrity and impartiality, which have never once been questioned in the last 39 years of my career in which I have headed police forces across four states/union territories and two institutions (including the CBI).
I am surprised that the line of questioning being adopted by the CVC is as if I am already guilty and have to prove my innocence rather than the other way around,” Verma writes in his response to the CVC’s questions.
“Also it seems to be more keen,” he adds, “to establish that Asthana is innocent in an FIR related to extortion where Asthana is an accused and his SIT is under scanner.”

The CBI director, has reminded the CVC that he had expressed his apprehensions on numerous occasions,  “at various times during the last year on the integrity of Mr Rakesh Asthana” but it had not “paid any heed” to around half a dozen cases against him. He also notes here, that both CVC and DoPT under the PMO overrode his objections, to Asthana’s appointment, as the special director of the CBI in 2017.

All this, despite the fact that he had pointed out that at least six cases of corruption against Asthana were already being probed by the CBI itself. 
Asthana’s allegations and Verma’s retort
Now, it is interesting to note, that The CVC is inquiring into four specific charges that Asthana made against Verma.

Number one allegation, Asthana has complained that the CBI director used his power to deliberately let important persons off the hook in the IRCTC corruption case,  against Rashtriya Janata Dal, leader Lalu Prasad Yadav. This case was being handled by Asthana.
Second allegation- Verma did not let Asthana probe the Moin Qureshi case, independently and instead created multiple roadblocks.
Third- Verma inducted in the CBI, two IPS officers whose records were not clean.
And, finally, Asthana accused Verma of tipping off Gurnam Singh, a Chandigarh-based ex-deputy director of the Enforcement Directorate (ED), about prospective police raids in his house. Singh was being probed in a disproportionate assets case.

Verma, however, denies each and every allegation. In his responses to the CVC, he has given a point-by-point rebuttal, which cite official rules, file notings and also previous Supreme Court orders, to justify his conduct as the CBI director. In doing so, he also points out that Asthana was a party in each of his decisions, which he is now alleging as procedural violation.
He also added that Asthana never raised a problem then, with any of these, so-called controversial decisions and now fabricating charges, against him to divert attention from his involvement in the bribery case.

He also elaborately refuted the two much-discussed accusations against him.
In the IRCTC scam, he was accused by Asthana of deliberately weakening CBI’s stance against IRCTC director Rakesh Saxena. However, he quotes from CBI crime manual that there were no procedural violations on his part. He says that he was in fact, worried about the political fallout of the case with Asthana, a BJP leader and current deputy chief minister of Bihar Sushil Modi and one “top official” in the PMO, constantly “following up on the case”.

He also adds that he did not want to rush through the case “without following the due process”. And the investigating officer, under Asthana, could not produce enough evidence to back up the charges against either Lalu Prasad or Saxena, Verma says.
“All these allegations are an afterthought of Mr Rakesh Asthana to cover up his own failure and he has succeeded in convincing the powers that be and the CVC by shifting his own oversight and lapses to the undersigned (Verma) and other officers including DoP (Director of Prosecution),”

In the second accusation, of protecting Sana Satish, by not accusing him of bribing a public official and letting him remain as a witness in the Moin Qureshi money laundering case. Verma, says that since the ED – which handed over the case to the CBI after initial investigation – had already turned Satish in as a witness, the CBI was only avoiding legal issues by not making him an accused.

“According to recent guidelines, if ED files a charge-sheet first, the CBI case will be heard in the same PMLA court, which is a higher court and all the CBI documents will also be sent there. The proposal by SIT under Mr. Asthana would have led to a situation, where the same court will be looking into the matter, where in the ED case Mr. Sana is a witness and in the CBI case he will be an accused. Since, this is bound to create legal issues for both the cases and potentially damage the case and help the accused,” said the CBI director, adding that Asthana’s suggestion “did seem malafide”.

And Asthana is being accused, for accepting a bribe from Satish Sana.
Verma also puts PMO in the dock
The CBI director says that a “top official” of the PMO was directly following up on the case against Lalu Prasad, hinting at the possibility of a political vendetta against the opposition leader.
Verma told the CVC that he could even disclose the name of the PMO official if the matter is investigated further.

He blames the CVC and the DoPT for the “midnight coup” in the CBI when the agency was investigating serious charges of corruption against Asthana.
This, derailed the probe and he was astounded “how the officers investigating Mr Asthana were transferred outside Delhi to Jabalpur and Port Blair” soon after he was divested of his powers. “It is evident that the CVC complaint by Asthana, and the probe initiated by CVC thereafter, led to more fabrication of documents and a criminal act on the part of Mr Asthana,” Verma says.

what may do great damage to the reputation of the agency, he also alleged that the CBI selection committee, of which both the CVC and the DoPT is a part, inducted tainted IPS officers into the CBI by glossing over procedures. “The meeting for induction would be called at a very short notice, often the previous evening, not giving CBI enough time to carry out due diligence on the officers proposed by DoPT,” Verma says, adding that “very rarely would officers suggested by CBI be considered for induction”. He further says that no reason was provided by the DoPT for not considering the CBI-recommended officers.

“There was an effort to induct tainted officers within the organisation, and he had pointed out to the CVC, grave irregularities in the appointment of one such officer Jyoti Narayan in the CBI. But no action was taken, says Verma.

And “since CVC was overbearing in controlling the inductions within CBI, an atmosphere of indiscipline crept into the organisation…”
He says that because of such factors the CBI has been so compromised that even the ED wrote to Verma pointing out that Rakesh Asthana and his close associate in the CBI, Sai Manohar generated false verification reports in some cases. Two such cases were the Moin Qureshi case and the other corruption cases related to the Sandesara group. Asthana is named as an accused in both the cases.

K.V. Chowdary, against whom Verma makes serious allegations, was also involved in the controversy, when he was accused of burying evidence in the Sahara-birla diaries case. His appointment as the CVC, was also challenged in the Supreme Court in 2017,  but was declined.
The crisis in the CBI has already snowballed into a political controversy.

Another Crisis Erupts

As if all this was not enough, another series of allegations and revelations, made by CBI Deputy Inspector General Manish Kumar Sinha, on 20th November, 2018.
Sinha submitted his petition in the Supreme Court and levelled some grave allegations against a union minister.
He petitioned the top court, against his transfer, to Nagpur as part of the shake-up in the agency, last month, and also said a union minister of state took "a few crores" as bribe, to intervene, on behalf of a businessman on the agency's radar.

Manish Kumar Sinha was looking after the case against Asthana and He was transferred by the Interim Director Rao to Nagpur. Sinha approached the court to get his transfer to Nagpur stayed,and let the cat out of the bag by speaking about the nexus between NSA Ajit Doval and Asthana.

Sinha, when questioned, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval in this case, Doval allegedly tried to shield Rakesh Asthana, after the CBI registered an FIR against him, in a bribery case, involving Satish Sana.
Ajit Doval was also allegedly instrumental in stopping the search against CBI DSP Devender Kumar. The searches were carried out in connection with bribery allegations also, involving Asthana.

Manish Sinha also alleged, "While the search was on, a phone call was received from Director CBI, instructing to stop the search. At that time, the applicant (Sinha) was sitting in the BSF&C office and asked the Director, to which the Director replied that this instruction has come from NSA Shri Doval”
There are more allegations by Sinha even against the Minister for State, Haribhai Chaudhary. Sinha, in his petition, had also stated, that Sana had alleged paying bribe to the Coal Minister, Haribhai Parthibhai Chaudhry, again, in Moin Qureshi Case.

Here is a link, stating all the points, in this CBI vs CBI feud

Things are getting murkier for the Country’s topmost investigating agency, and not just the agency, this exposes, top brass involvement, to the extent of PMO as we can decipher. With top officials speaking up in front of SC and putting CBI’s functioning in dock, puts a question mark on the integrity of this agency.

The above episodes, also expose the integrity of the top investigating agency and its verdicts given in the past, under all kinds of pressure, Only further probe into the working and decisions taken by this agency, during the past tenure, can reveal, how much pressure this agency has been put to, and since when.

And coming to the purview of the Book, As we know, Baba Ram Rahim’s verdict, was given by the special CBI court, which is now being called the Corruption beareau, so much so that, states have started to ban its entry in their states, including Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal.

Now, all these episodes bring to light, how CBI is being used, by those in power. So what makes the judgment given in Baba Ram Rahim’s case authentic? At least the facts say the opposite.

Some time back, Even the Senior SC Judges had come out with something historic by holding Press Conference for the first time in History of any democracy
4 Supreme Court Judges, expressed concern over present state of affairs, indicating, The system of judiciary is falling apart, where selection of Judges and arbitrary allocation of cases to selected or rather favourite judges, was rampant. This was the first time, in the history of India, that the Judges resorted something like this. Since they had submitted their letter, expressing concern, over certain issues, including death of special CBI Judge, Justice Loya, and the CJI, denied to entertain them. So they were forced to come out in the open, in Media, with their concerns, going against the rules laid out specifically, in the constitution.
 The letter, written by the four judges to CJI, is produced here-

Dear Chief Justice,
It is with great anguish and concern that we have thought it proper to address this letter to you so as to highlight certain judicial orders passed by this Court which has adversely affected the overall functioning of the justice delivery system and the independence of the High Courts besides impacting the administrative functioning of the Office of the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India.
From the date of establishment of the three chartered High Courts of Calcutta, Bombay, and Madras, certain traditions and conventions in the judicial administration have been well established. The traditions were embraced by this Court which came into existence almost a century after the above mentioned chartered High Courts. These traditions have their roots in the anglo saxon jurisprudence and practice.
One of the well settled principles is that the Chief Justice is the master of the roster with a privilege to determine the roster, necessity in multi-numbered courts for an orderly transaction of business and appropriate arrangements with respect to matters with which member/bench of this Court (as the case may be) is required to deal with which case or class of cases is to be made. The convention of recognising the privilege of the Chief Justice to form the roster and assign cases to different numbers/benches of the Court is a convention devised for a disciplined and efficient transaction of business of the Court but not a recognition of any superior authority, legal or factual of the Chief Justice over his colleagues. It is too well settled in the jurisprudence of the country that the Chief Justice is only the first amongst the equals – nothing more or nothing less. In the matter of the determination of the roster there are well-settled and time honoured conventions guiding the Chief Justice, be it the conventions dealing with the strength of the bench which is required to deal with a particular case or the composition thereof.
A necessary corollary to the above mentioned principle is the members of any multi-numbered judicial body, including this court, would not arrogate to themselves the authority to deal with and pronounce upon matters which ought to be heard by appropriate benches, both composition wise with due regard to the roster fixed.
Any departures from the above two rules would not only lead to unpleasant and undesirable consequences of creating doubt in the body politic about the integrity of the institution. Not to talk about the chaos that would result from such departure.
We are sorry to say that off late the twin rules mentioned above have not been strictly adhered to. There have been instances where case having far-reaching consequences for the Nation and the institution had been assigned by the Chief Justices of this court selectively to the benches “of their preference” without any rationale basis for such assignment. This must be guarded against at all costs.
We are not mentioning details only to avoid embarrassing the institution but note that such departures have already damaged the image of this institution to some extent.
In the above context, we deem it proper to address you presently with regard to the order dated 27 October, 2017 in R.P Luthra vs Union of India to the effect that there should be no further delay in finalising the Memorandum of Procedure in the larger public interest. When the Memorandum of Procedure was the subject matter of a decision of Constitution Bench this Court in Supreme Court Advocates-on-Record Association and Anr. Vs. Union of India [(2016) 5 SCC 1] it is difficult to understand as to how any other Bench could have dealt with the matter.
The above part, subsequent to the decision of Constitution Bench, detailed discussions were held by the Collegium of five judges (including yourself) and the Memorandum of Procedure was finalised and sent by the then Hon’ble the Chief Justice of India to the Government of India in March 2017. The Government of India has not responded to the communication and in view of this silence, it must be taken that the Memorandum of Procedure as finalised by the Collegium has been accepted by the Government of India on the basis of the order of this Court in Supreme Court Advocates-on-Record Association (Supra). There was, therefore, no occasion for the Bench to make any observation with regard to the finalisation of the Memorandum of Procedure or that that issue cannot linger on for an indefinite period.
On 4 July, 2017, a Bench of seven Judges of this Court decided In Re. Hon’ble Shri Justice C.S. Karnan [(2017) 1 SCC 1]. In that decision (referred to in R.P.Luthra), two of us observed that there is a need to revisit the process of appointment of judges and to set up a mechanism for corrective measures other than impeachment. No observation was made by any of the seven learned judges with regard to the memorandum of procedure.
Any issue with regard to the Memorandum of Procedure should be discussed in the Chief Justices Conference and by the full court. Such a matter of grave importance if at all required to be taken on the judicial side should be dealt with by none other than a Constitution bench.
The above development must be viewed with serious concern. The Hon’ble Chief Justice of India is duty bound to rectify the situation and take appropriate remedial measures after a full discussion with the other members of the Collegium and at a later stage, if required, with other Hon’ble Judges of this court.
Once the order arising from the issue dated 27 October, 2017 in R.P. Luthra vs. Union of India mentioned above, is adequately addressed by you and if it becomes so unnecessary we will apprise you specifically of the other judicial orders passed by this Court which would require to be similarly dealt with.
With kind regards,

All these instances, point, out that unless, the Apex courts are independent in their judgements, Justice will never be done. Once the independence is compromised, this will pave way to corruption at all levels, and powerful will always find ways, to creep out, of the System, unhurt. Innocent on the other hands, will pay the price, by being forged and paying the price for others’ misdoings. And once this happens, nobody is safe, this becomes jungle Raj, and order of the strongest, is applicable.

All these instances are definitely putting a question mark on the functioning of Country’s top most investigative & Judicial agencies.

The pending cases of Murder and Castration

Khatta singh, a former Driver of Saint Ram Rahim, had an eye on the heir of Dera’s throne since long. And it is this, intention of his, which made him “sour" for the entire organisation. And even though, he was staying in Dera, he was looking out for an opportunity to malign the present Dera chief.

Suminder Kaur, a Sadhvi &Khatta Singh’s niece, staying in Dera Sacha Sauda for the last 28 years, came out in the open, in November 2017, alleging Khatta Singh, to be a big liar, and has been the culprit all the way, as part of a press conference in Delhi on 18th November 2017.

She told the media persons, that Khatta Singh wanted to grab 20 crore rupees and was also interested in being the heir to the throne, so for this reason, He started the whole conspiracy. He had left Dera in 2007, then why he did not take me along with him, I was also there in Dera at that point in time. if Dera was really a hub of criminal activities, then he surely would have taken me along with him, to safeguard me.

But he had it all planned that he would first go out of here, and then use me, but this did not happen. Then he took hold of sadhvis, who, he could provoke to listen to him& gave them money, to get things go as per him. His intentions were to use me also for the same purpose, but that did not happen. In 2016, I came home, on insistence on my family members, they had called me,as my nani died. They were thinking that once, I come, they will not allow me to go back. Then my maama, (mother’s Brother) Khatta singh, told me that as you know about this chhatrapati’s (murder)case, I only have got this (murder) done.

As,Khatta knew, I would not support him, he approached those 2 sadhvis. When he can think of using his own niece for his motive, and bring bad name to her, why can’t he get that same thing done from outsiders, promising them money.        

I was studying in Dera back then, when, I got to know those 2 sadhvis were staying with him only. But I was  not really aware that he would have such grave intentions, even go to the extent of killing Chhatrapati. He tried to harm me and got me kidnapped also, when I was not co-operating with him. The moment I got a chance, I came out and got in touch with Advocate A.P Singh Ji and called for this press conference.

Here, Suminder Kaur appealed to get a Narco test on Khatta Singh, to know the facts of this case. In fact this Narco test, becomes all the more relevant, as Khatta Singh has changed his verdicts on numerous occasions, in prior Court proceedings.

When his own niece, states, all these facts, it definitely calls for some tough action against Khatta.

Who was Chhatrapati ?
Chhatrapati, a journalist in a local newspaper, Poora Sach, was known to be more as a blackmailer, than a journalist. He used to blackmail people, that he will publish stories relating to them, & asked for a hefty amount in return.

And with this same motive, he contacted Dera’s management, asking for money, else he will publish against Dera. It is only obvious that Dera did not pay heed to him. And he used to come out with stories, against Dera and its management, not to forget against Baba Ram Rahim too. Killing Chhatrpati would have helped Baba Ram Rahim & his men(Dera). But knowing Baba Ram Rahim, who doesn’t even get animals harmed in his Ashram, snakes found inside ashram premises are captured in a bottle, and left in isolated spots in forests. And as Suminder Kaur, herself heard it from Khatta Singh, that I had got chhatrapati killed, only completes the circle. By killing chhatrapati, Khatta could get the blame on Baba Ram Rahim, who people will believe, since Chhatrapti had been publishing stories about Dera.
Now when the prime accused in this case, was Baba Ram Rahim, Khatta could now eye on the Dera chief’s position as his path was totally clear.

when you befriend powerful aides, you can have big ambitions, and khatta cannot be blamed for the same.

It is worth to note that CBI had also dismissed the rape case in 2006, due to non availability of enough evidence. But the case was reopened, and this time, evidences became available, magically.

The peculiar case of Castration

Hansraj, one of the Dera Follower (Sadhu as they were referred to earlier at DSS) belonged to a family of bazigars or gypsies. Dera has never believed in any caste systems and considers all equal,  but if we talk from the worldly point of view, they belonged to a lower caste. And the family was not very well to do, in fact his father was a plumber, and he was interested in singing, So he had gone with Dera’s Singers, on tours, with Gurmeet Ram Rahim himself. Seeing that he was particularly interested in singing, his family, thought he would be better off in Dera. So they themselves kept him here.

As Dera’s tradition, Here he was given utmost respect by the entire Dera family, devotees everyone, that he came in contact with. Now this was opposite to what his community was used to, basically oppression and disrespect. And he was not used to this kind of treatment. Somehow, he thought of himself as something special, that maybe he was special, to get this kind of treatment. And this made him think big of himself, or his ego, got inflated and he started comparing himself with bigger singers, like Pargat Bhagu or similar, senior singers. And expected that he too be given a chance to sing in Satsangs or or bigger platforms like them. Being a learner, at that time, this was not possible. And he could  not digest and decided to leave Dera. Although, earlier also, he had left Dera, and came back asking for pardon, but not this time.

He went out, and released his own Album, which incidentally, did not succeed, as he was thinking it will. His well-wishers (political aides) suggested, this way you won’t be able to do anything. As this (singing)is the only talent that you have. His family too, was there now, to take care of. So as per their suggestion, he decided to put a case (false) on Saint Gurmeet Ji. And came up the clever setup of castration!

He claimed that while being in Dera, he was castrated along with 400 others (really?) while he was unaware about the same. Was he a child? Apparently, On the behest of meeting God, He was taken to hospital and castrated there. He claimed that on instructions from Guruji or PitaJi, he was castrated along with hundreds of others. Although, those hundreds are nowhere to be seen. He gave just the names of those hundreds of Sadhus, who were ready to give their statements, but interestingly, the CBI was not interested in their statements. And instead, 6 sadhus, who incidentally, had left Dera, gave their statement, which matched Hansraj’s statement and case registered.

Now, If I tell you, that Hansraj is a “father” today. His child was born last year, a couple of months after the conviction itself. Would you believe this whole castration story? Had he been really castrated, then what is the explanation to this baby, that got blessed with? So there you are, this speaks for itself on the truth, about the above claim of Hansraj.

Although the hearing is On, in this case, there is no sign of worry in the Dera camp & they say, ” if you are on the side of truth, then dance and be merry, nothing can go wrong”. In fact in the rape case too, they (Dera followers) have the same sentiments and awaiting the hearing and judgement by higher court.

Chapter 4

Political interest in Dera Sacha Sauda

Dera Sacha Sauda, has always been a favourite place for politicians from every party. They see meat, here in the crowd, such humongous vote bank, cannot be found anywhere else in the world. And the reason, why Love and hate relationship, thrives for this organisation and its chief, thereof.

Another major reason, DSS has been such an influencer for politicians, is it’s ability to affect businesses. So far lakhs has shunned alcohol, Drugs and now with MSG organic arm, with all organic range of products, even retailers were affected badly. Not to forget the humongous following.

We are not unaware of the nexus between businesses and politicians. Any effect on businesses, has a direct impact on party fund and thereof, these leaders too. Baba Ram Rahim has claimed in his interviews that he has been receiving threats to life, since more than 2 decades, when he started to influence masses to shun alcoholism etc.

Right before Satsang days, he used to get calls, telling him to not speak a single word about asking people to quit gutka, cigarette, pan masala, alcohol, Drugs etc. As, He had been doing in his Satsangs, creating awareness about these products and requesting them to quit these, from today, to safeguard themselves. And the crowd, in lacs, have given up the contents in their pockets, creating a huge pile of this packaged poison.

As you may have guessed, he never obliged the callers. Even an attempt was made to blast his car with 7kg Rdx, fortunately he was not in that car and was therefore, saved.

Further calls, were more serious in nature, where he (Ram Rahim) was sent a nude picture, with his face morphed on it, saying, that we will circulate this all over, and also malign your image with allegations. But the caravan of reforms of the Saint, never stopped.

If we look at the repercussions, of not bowing down to their demands, we will realise whatever allegations were forced on to this Saint, through both internal and external sources, are by no means a deterrent to him and his followers. Threat calls, rape cases, castration case, murder case, and dress episode, every single case, is shoddy and full of loopholes. Getting him out of their way, by hook or by crook was the agenda for political parties, and they may have succeeded temporarily, but as they, say, “Picture abhi baki hai”.
Punjab, as we can see now, is once again the hub of drugs and alcoholism. When our guardians are selling us, can we hope for a future of this Nation?

Dress Episode, another political Drama

It was 2007, Dera Sacha Sauda’s following was rising constantly. People were connecting to the lives of virtues and goodness, in thousands and soon, the count touched 5 crore. In this age of Satan, as Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, often says in his satsangs, vices were surging ahead, like fire in the woods.

The news of gang rapes, murders, acid attacks, suicides, dowry deaths was at constant rise. Every corner was like burning and the world moving towards an end. Saints cannot sit and watch the society going towards a dead end, as we know. So this Saint, too, had to think of a way to safeguard his beloved disciples. As the numbers were rising, so were all sorts of people getting connected to Dera.

They were no longer limited to the northern part of the Country. In fact entire country was now buzzing with Dera followers. With Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Ji, conducting Satsangs in most part including Mysore, Kerala, Orissa, MP, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Dera was turning into a national family and with so many devotees settled overseas, even the foreign lands were no longer foreign.

So, to safeguard his disciples from the impact of  negative tendencies and the binge habits, he conceived the idea of “Jaam-e-Insan’, a drink, that people would partake, while pledging to stay away from the habits, that add brakes to their devotion. As a devotee has to constantly practice Meditation, to reach a stage, where he is free, from all unneeded desires & negativities.

‘The whole idea was, to work on an entire generation of pure human beings, who are compassionate to the core like real humans, who are not sharma, verma, singh etc and who would want to work for every single life on this planet. A drink, which is a mix of Milk and sharbat is prepared, while meditating on God’s words, and then four people representing each religion mix this drink, while praying for the welfare of entire mankind.
Will power touches the pinnacle. People from all religions, prepare this drink, while constantly meditating, thus adding the vibrations of divinity & helping all to stand true to their promises.

As per Ram Rahim Ji, this drink, if taken with firm faith, it gets rid of all negativities and tensions& evil habits from a person’s life. He becomes capable to reach his real abode without any distractions. How is one drink, supposed to work as a miracle medicine. Turns out the faith in the disciple, while partaking the drink, does miracles. If you have faith and you take it, with this feeling of healing, you are healed, else you continue to suffer.
And its not just this, it comes with a set of 47 rules to abide by.

These rules are kind of, more like promises, by the disciples, to make sure they turn the best version of themselves. Some of these rules include, helping accident victims, saying no to dowry, or saying no to bribes both accepting and giving, Doing meditation regularly, living a truthful life etc. These rules are all good habits, that we generally expect our kids to follow, like no back biting, no bribes, no dowry, no wasting time in idle pursuits etc. And after partaking this drink, one gets a locket with “1” as its shape indicating God is one and all religions are one.

And people can (if they choose to) suffix their names with “Insan”, to constantly remind them that they have been created humans and they have behave like one too, unlike all inhuman activities going around rampantly.
So you see, this is something which our religions also teach, but nobody is making sure we make good humans first. In our Society, all we focus on, is being a good engineer, or doctor, or any other professional but definitely not a human.

Someone, coming up, with complete handbook of what humans should actually look like or aim to be, is really thoughtful. And this is how, people who drink this Jaam-E-Insan, and agree to abide by the rules, come to be called as Insan. So an Insan, is what every parent should be making their child, but we as parents are failing in our duties, I guess, as a Society as a whole, so our Gurus find it their moral responsibility to raise the right generation with right attitude.

And this Guru certainly doesn’t shy away, from anything that takes from fulfilling his duties as a Master of Millions. Actually along the process of this whole book thing, I have come across so many more aspects of this man (Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh) that it is impossible to pen down his entire life in a handful of pages.

But, on the eve of 29th April, 2007, when this “Jaam-e-Insan” was initiated, for the first time, allegedly Baba Ram Rahim entered, dressed like 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind singh Ji. As per some, the dress was exactly, like that of 10th Guru, Guru Gobind Singh Ji. So a section of sikhs got irked with this episode, saying that Ram Rahim Ji is copying Guru Gobind Singh Ji, with his “Jaam” and “Dress”. They also alleged that Baba Ram Rahim Ji, insulted our Guru.

To this, Baba Ram Rahim responded, saying that, "Dera Sacha Sauda itself, has a humongous following from Sikh community and I will never do something to hurt the sentiments of the people. As far as I know, this dress is nothing like Guru Gobind Singh Ji. I too, respect him immensely and would never think of dressing like him, and if any similarity exists, in Dress, it is pure coincidence”.

In fact in a couple of Interviews, Ram Rahim Ji has also mentioned that, the Dress was in fact, gifted to him by well-wishers. And he keeps getting such gifts from people from different sects, like shawls, caps, dresses and he wears them regularly, to oblige them, they feel happy, so we wear them. So in essence, he had himself not designed this dress, and was actually a gift.

But the matter was part of a political vendetta and was bound to be stretched and is still going on. Although Ram Rahim Ji has cleared his stance multiple times, in Media interviews and even an apology was issue to “Akaal Takht” saying, we did not intend to hurt any sentiments. Smells like politics and no-one is really surprised, coz we all know the standards our politicians can get down to.

Rounds of discussions, have been held, post this episode by many Sikh organisations,. Many individuals have been outcasted for granting pardon to Dera chief, citing personal gains as the reason for accepting the apology. What else do we expect. If they feel, their sentiments were hurt, an apology is tendered, which has one recourse, to be “accepted”. But seems like the agenda is different here, people are eyeing to ban the Dera in Punjab. In fact it has been banned already, not a single Satsang of Baba Ram Rahim, has taken place in Punjab in the past 10 years, since the episode. Sikhs nevertheless, visit Dera for congregations and other activities, if Dera chief cannot visit them.

So as you can see, the whole episode is nothing but a political drama and 10 years on, this matter remains, it might have gone to higher proportions, but never settled down.

Operation malign Sacha Sauda
Tehelka began the investigation by the name “Jhutha Sauda operation”, in April 2007. By receiving a phone call, about things, not being right, in Dera Sacha Sauda.  Tehelka reporters expecting, meat in this story, started investigating chhatrapati’s murder, and letter. And they decided to do the same through a sting operation. But what the Tehelka Story states, has too many contradictions to even the statements made by CBI, which we are discussed in great detail, in the latter part of this book.

Now that the CBI itself, is out and open in the public. When the chief investigating agency, is accepting, their independence is at stake and they can hardly function as impartial fair bodies. Isn’t it, only fair, to reconsider the verdicts made by its judges, then. When millions of Indians’ faith is at stake it is definitely an issue that needs to be taken up on priority basis.                                                      

Media’s role to malign Sacha Sauda

The biggest democracy, in the World is crumbling down, with its major pillars turning against it. As we can see, from this CBI episode, Media already has lost its credibility with so much fake news and stories, broadcasted by the Mafia oops, Media channels.

The 3rd pillar, Media too, is gasping for breath, appears to be under immense pressure by the present Govt.
Recently, the journalism standards are a talking point in major debates. The journalism that is pursued today, is more of taking your attention away from crucial matters than bringing it to the fore. We can see it for ourselves, our major TV channels and newspapers are running a shielding campaign, to hide facts, and run fake news. This is how, the Govt. influences or rather threatens these media channels to bow down and oblige the ruling party.

Channels, that do not oblige, are boycotted and run out of Gas, with Advertisements being stopped, even reporters are sacked, or taken out of important debates and broadcasts.
Journalists who have faced the wrath in recent times are Karan Thapar, Bobby Ghosh from HT, Harish Khare working for tribune, did a story against Aadhar and many more such cases emerge every now and then.

When journalists and Media personnel, are taught a lesson by the biggies by taking them out of their Jobs in India, In a similar incident
in US, when trump was asked a question by Senior Reporter Jim costa from CNN. His entry to white house was banned. CNN came out in support of the reporter, by filing a suit, against presidentTrump and entire Media fraternity came in support of CNN.  A similar attempt here, would have got things straight for the Country, right in the beginning.

In fact, Media channels, expose their own truths, in a bid to outsmart each other,
In one of the news broadcasted, on DNA, by Sudhir Chaurhary from Zee, has admitted to news channels (major ones), running stories of Ram Rahim and Honeypreet, and that was the time, when the TRPs shot to the highest.

It’s no surprise, that Media, is biased towards stories, garnering more viewers and are given, prime time coverage. Along side, several fabricated stories with twisted titles, make their way, to cash the TRP wave. And the game of TRPs is diluting the standards of journalism and posing a grave threat to the biggest democracy. If a conviction is made, then we have seen every limit crosses, in the name of Media trial, in various high profile cases. The biggest example here, is the Arushi-Hemraj Double murder case.

Media, crossed every limit in character assassination of a minor girl who was no more. When minors, are not spared. Honeypreet’s umpteen stories, broadcasted on prime time,  by major channels, were no shocker. Also what we need to understand here, is the same, accused by one courts, Arushi’s parents, Rajesh and Nupur Talwars got acquitted in higher court’s hearing. The verdict in this case too, was done, by none other than CBI.
So ruling out the possibility of succumbing to pressure, and coming to a conclusion that may not be always right, cannot be ruled out.

Chapter 5: Priyanka Taneja Aka Honeypreet-  Papa’s princess

Honeypreet, who is a known face by now. Every Tom, Dick and harry, knows her. Overnight, she became a household name. What had she got to do Baba Ram Rahim’s conviction? Why his other family members’ names did not float in Media like Honeypreet?

Well these questions may not have occurred to you, but ideally they should have, we know he has 2 other daughters and a son too, then why only this daughter? The truth is the moment, Media got to know that she is the “adopted” daughter, they hit a jackpot for themselves.

A rape convict, who is a also a man with humongous following, Baba Ram Rahim’s life, was suddenly a talking point after 25th august. Everyone wanted to hear about him. The moment, rape is attached to a person, that man is assumed to be paedophile. People would believe every thing that is related to his sex life. So stories as, he has illegal relations with his own daughter, started floating. And as these stories, found bigger audiences, more stories, made way, it is a simple demand and supply fundamental, that applies here. Actually, this should ring the alarm bells, for a Society’s conduct. Where are we heading to?

Anyways, since the demand was rising by the day, Media, obviously had to oblige its viewers and readers. So prime times, were now dedicated to Honeypreet. She was shown in every light possible. But mostly negative, as this power hungry, lady.

In reality, nobody really tried to find out about her. In one of the interviews, I saw on T.V. her her dresser, gym trainer were caught hold of, and they were giving normal answers, which were sensationalised by these vultures.

So although, these days, everything but truth comes out, especially if the truth has no market. In Baba Ram Rahim’s case, there was no demand for truth, right from the beginning.  As, I figure out, from the various drives, he initiated, none got front page coverage. Whereas, you will find, page 3 socialites, making it to news, even if they adopt a stray.

This man, on the other hand, has adopted villages, during Bhuj earthquake, hundreds of orphaned kids, even prostitutes and eunuchs, to transform their lives. But such stories, have no masala to enter the mainstream news.
My attempt here, to uncover those facts, which have been hidden, by many, reasons could be varied, ranging from doubt, apprehensions, to pressure.

But all my apprehensions  have been put to rest, as I visit this place.
This place, Sirsa, is definitely one of the places, I would want to visit, every once in a while. It oozes an unprecedented warmth and love.

As, I try to figure out about Honeypreet, from her School mates, friends, relatives I am met with a pleasant shock everyday.

How many of you, can leave your family for your faith or for truth?
How many of you, can leave a life of comforts for your love for divine, your passion, to serve humanity.

Most of us will give up at first question itself, it takes real courage to follow the path of truth. She has been a princess of her Father, none other than Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan.

Honeypreet aka Priyanka Taneja, is a very simple girl, who till recent years, did not even know how to dress properly as she does, these days, due to her accidental brush with bollywood. She had been to the Shah Satnam Ji Girls School, the school built on the Dera premises along with Ram Rahim’s other 2 daughters Charanpreet and Amarpreet. And she was often referred to as the twin of Baba Ram Rahim’s eldest daughter, Charanpreet Insan, by Ram Rahim Ji himself.

HoneyPreet was good in sports and studies too, as Ram Rahim Ji’s other children, and always passionate and forthcoming for all the welfare activities undertaken by Dera.
And she was friends with Baba Ram Rahim’s daughters and very sweet loving child. Always hanging around with Dera chief’s daughters, she was in fact considered as one amongst them.

She was given the same treatment, as his other daughters by everybody, including the Royal family(Baba Ram Rahim’s Mother etc.) too.

All his (Baba Ram Rahim’s ) children have been good in Sports like Archery, Rifle shooting and have represented the country at National and international levels. In fact, the kind of facilities the educational institutions impart, almost 80% of the state medals, are from Shah Satnam Ji institutions.  Baba Ram Rahim, gives special emphasis to sports, and has set up huge infrastructure to cater to the needs of students by building a stadium, Roller skating hockey ring, lawn tennis, swimming pools of Global level and almost everything.

For a village, boasting of all these facilities, is no small feat. And the reason, neighbourhoods around Sirsa, have been transformed, like no other city in Haryana.
So, sports runs in the blood in the institutions here, and so was Honeypreet a bright student and a talented sports person. In fact, during shooting of his Films, both the elder daughter Charan preet and Honey preet have completed their own stunts, without using a body double.

Honeypreet, even, went to the extent of directing his films, and looking after umpteen other departments, right from costume, Music arrangement, editing and much more. A total of 23 credits, are registered on her name for the Film, “Hind ka Napak ko Jawab”.

She has been described as a very dedicated and determined woman, who completes every task allotted to her in the finest manner. This is probably, the reason she is Baba Ram Rahim’s  favourite amongst all the kids. And rightly so, she has earned this place, for herself. 

Baba Ram Rahim had known Vishwas Gupta’s family since quite some time, as they were  ardent Devotees. He was a loyal Devotee, of Baba Ram Rahim as he has himself acknowledged in his interviews to the Media. His family was a long standing Devotee family and very close with the royal family, including, Baba Ram Rahim’s children and with Him too. They used to participate in every activity undertaken by Dera.

So, Ram Rahim Ji, thought of taking Vishwas Gupta as his son-in-law, as he was known to him, as quite loving and caring person. So a marriage proposal was sent to vishwas Gupta’s family for his adopted daughter, Honeypreet. By the way, it is only media and authorities, who have called honeypreet as “adopted" daughter. She is always referred to as Dera chief’s daughter. No discrimination, whatsoever has been made by the devotees or even the royal families. So now considering what respect or what status, Dera chief’s son -in-law would enjoy, Vishwas Gupta got that, overnight, after marriage.

And as in Khatta Singh, or Hansraj’s case, same sequences repeated, it's difficult to digest this kind of respect, and love that you get from the Insan family, you turn into a demi God overnight.
I have experienced this myself, during interview days, one interview with the chief, and since you are so close to him, talking with him personally. you are literally treated as God by his followers. They will treat you royally, and here I was treated like this for may be a couple of minutes, and I felt ecstatic. I can’t imagine what I would be like, if I get a lifetime supplies of such exquisite royalty.

Well, so that sums up, this man here, Vishwas Gupta, who, incidentally did not live up to his name. He and his family, apart from enjoying the coveted love and respect of millions, also developed some good connections with politicians and other powerful men in the course of dealings for Dera.

And offers, keep pouring in, when you enjoy such close proximity with the chief. And also, if someone, is not open and sees a Father daughter relationship with doubt, your mind will come up with theories, about their illicit relationship. Both honeypreet and Ram Rahim enjoy a beautiful bond, of selfless love, of a Guru and a devotee, more than Father and Daughter.

This is so evident, in her humility towards Baba Ram Rahim as his Guru, and every gesture of her, oozes gratitude. Yet, this man Vishwas Gupta, found flaws in their relationship, as this relationship came with an extra string that said, “adopted”.

Anyways, this being one factor and another being, the lucrative offers of all types, which only a strong willed, can refuse. So, the family, started to develop issues with Dera and decided to part ways with Dera, so they could use the opportunity available, at the other end.

But Honeypreet, on the other hand was an ardent devotee, with strongest of wills. She refused to join her in-laws, as she could not think of betraying her Guru (& Papa), for some gain.

So she divorced her husband, although, their married life too, was nothing great, they did not have their own child in 11 years of marriage. And this reason, of her husband, betraying Dera was bigger, than anything else for her.
She stayed back at the Dera and started looking after the affairs taking place here. With keen eye and dedication, she was soon involved with every minutest aspect of Dera’s functioning, Films etc.

In fact, such was her dedication, that she went on, to become the Assistant Director and then Director and earned many more credits, for the Films made by Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji. A simple girl, Priyanka Taneja, even beat Jackie chan’s record by handling 23 departments for one of the Films, all because of her dedication and determination.

Here, again, many girls will choose to stick to their husband’s side, even if that meant being on the wrong side but not Honeypreet. And probably, that is the reason, this Society, is pointing fingers at her. But, she is a lady with iron will, as we can see. She could never think of betraying her GuruPapa even in her wildest dreams.

That selfless love, which Dera chief, splurges on his followers, is beyond compare. His followers, can give up their heads, when it comes to their faith and trust for their chief. As I talk to them, earth underneath my feet starts shaking. They can travel to the remotest areas, just to donate a pint of blood. How may of us can do it ?

Travelling to the Andamans, to save the Tsunami affected areas, in an hour’s notice? No problem, thousands on board. Aren’t they a crazy bunch? sure they are! But guess what! they are far too happy, following their crazy pursuits, that I really feel jealous of them. What exactly this whole feeling is, I have not quite gathered, but sure hope to, some day.

So there, you are, understanding this daughter’s love and commitment towards her father, really needs a different level of understanding, which you and I may not really have right now. But, yes we have seen people sticking to their principles, even by giving up their lives. So going by that, we surely understand this daughter’s decision here.

In fact, Dera chief, has also set a wonderful example, by empowering her own daughter & letting her decide for her own self. How many fathers do this in our society? This has given so much more confidence to all the daughters out there, given that he has millions, others, who are following the footsteps of this one daughter, to go out there and pursue their dreams. He has guided her, with minutest details, and helped her eat every step, to fulfil her dreams. All his daughters, have received tremendous confidence and backing, and that’s how we see, Amarpreet, fulfilling her dream of being a singer, Charan preet has been into acting, and honeypreet, was intent at seeing herself behind the camera. And she conquered everything behind the camera, with her Gurupapa’s support.

Her interviews, with Baba Ram Rahim, have all been an eye-opener for me. For once, she has not shied away from any responsibility that has been entrusted to her by Baba Ram Rahim. And matching up to his speed and standard, is not possible for a girl, with no training what so ever. Forget training, for a person, who has not watched any film in her life time.

This sums up, honeypreet and the statement, there is no match to a daughter like Priyanka Taneja, or Honeypreet.

Even if, one feels like Honeypreet may be wrong and Vishwas, on the other hand, seems to be the right side to follow, one question emerges, how can one believe the statements of an “ex-husband”, Vishwas Gupta.
He has changed his statements, umpteen times. He had left Dera in __ and came back to Dera, for pardon, like all others (Khatta, Hansraj, there are many others, but irrelevant in this context), citing diseases and n number of other reasons. Dera chief being a spiritual leader, always grants pardon and everybody knows this. 

And then after some time, again he (Vishwas gupta) again starting showing his true colours by holding a press conference in Chandigarh, that he was under pressure, by Dera followers and that is why he has come, asking for pardon. Now, Dera followers may have put pressure on him, to come back to Dera, as they wanted him to be on the right side, but they will certainly not threaten him with dire consequences, as claimed by Vishwas. So it is definitely, some temptation, that is making them go back to their previous deal.

After all this, you see the man surfacing, after conviction of Dera Chief. Why would a divorcee, want to talk about his ex partner, now. It is not ethical to talk about your ex-wife, more than anything else. But, he cannot allure the temptation, because, he knows now, both the parties are missing, both Dera chief and Honeypreet (Honeypreet was in hiding for initial 2 months). So he can come up with his version, which will be up for grabs. In fact Hungry Media, was ready to buy as many stories, that could spice up, their prime time shows.
So, as we can see, First Media themselves ran stories, by picking content from his old videos, where he had put allegations on Dera chief. But he came back to Dera for pardon, after that. But Media never showed that.

Now seeing potential, Vishwas Gupta also played along with the channels, and decided to occupy seat in the coveted channels with his stories, only to stop, when he was confronted with a Dera follower on the other end of debates. Then he suddenly pulls up a near heart attack and excuses himself.

Do you find any similarity, with, what has been shown to you with fictional characters, by the great University of Media. Yet, many of us, feel we know everything as we have taken a PhD. by this Media university. That is the reason I say, when we are okay with media going “overboard”, its not just “overboard” these days, its toppled over. TRP is the only mantra.
The kind of stories aka allegations, I have seen, in the last one and half year, on this Baba, and dragging his daughter too, is the height of degradation.

I know, we all do understand Media, goes a little overboard while presenting news these days, as I have heard people saying. But this is not “little overboard” this is mayhem. you are talking about real people for God’s sake, who are alive. I had seen the poor girl, Honeypreet, when she appeared before the Media, the first time, after her character assassination by the Media.

Imagine yourself in her state. We almost buried her alive, and she was shocked to see herself on T.V. in different Avatars, and almost would have asked for an instant burial. But she gathered strength, within herself, and surrendered, keeping her faith alive in the system. A showcase of utmost strength and will power that she possesses. If only, we could act responsibly, and not outcast a lady for her choice, to stand by the truth, as we can see her, in the Films, she worked both on screen and off screen, specially her scene, “Betiyan to Betiyan hoti hain”.

Chapter 6: Why the hell did he make Films?

His announcement to make films to transform Society or take his messages to a larger bunch was quite a surprise to all.
Most apprehensions were from the so called educated, bunch. And rightly so, why would a man with almost 50 million followers, want to reach to even bigger medium to propagate his message of God& social evils. 50 million is already, too big a number, why not show your films or documentary, or Ad about yourself to them. This was the point made and this surprised me a bit, at that point also. Although, I too thought on the same lines as others, when I saw the news about his Film ventures.
But as the idea, sunk in my mind, and on going through some of the interviews of this Saint with mammoth following, I had a done a couple of interviews too. I realised, who wants to stop at big following.
People in the west, have millions of fan following, around the globe, but do they stop doing concerts? Won’t every one of us, want to take our products to newer and newer markets, and also get more and more following. And here, this expansion of “following” was definitely for a good cause, to spread the message of good deeds, anti alcoholism, dowry, anti suicide etc. And when you are working for a cause your passion is greater than those working towards business. So what was wrong, in this man trying to take him to larger audiences or ask for more reach? If we see from an open judgemental mindset, this man was way beyond his league, He could take any path to get across his message. How many of us, have the guts and confidence to break the league.
After more than 100 spiritual musical concerts, where he used to sing pop numbers, on divine lyrics, non stop for 6 hours. Can any musical legend, boast of a similar feat?

All this for what, we may ask?
Even think, hungry for money, or more power. Here the money collected is used for the good of Society, which again is a humongous activity by this Saint, discussed in the later part of this book. The single most purpose for this, is to connect youngsters to the path of virtues & divinity, when the entire world is hell bent on corrupting young minds, with a range of entertainment products, cosmetic products, not to forget, the songs with low grade lyrics, which only propagate alcoholism, with complete might. And these days, drinking is a norm with youngsters, and starts as early as teenagers.

Doing good for society, is nowhere near anyone’s agenda and forget for Society, these youngsters are destroying themselves in the garb of intoxicants. Saints are troubled seeing the Society going towards a dark end. And this Saint, could not take it sitting in his Ashram, He had to come out of his dwelling, to bring light to the world. With changing times, the means of Saints need a change too, as he said in his couple of interviews and rightly so, when you are talking of a jet age, when your kids, are on a mobile phone, right out of the womb, a saint coming out of his dwelling for God’s children, is it all that a big deal? Is his making films, really all that a big deal?

We have seen films on Saints and Deities, sure this is first time. a Saint was making his own Film, but this time, the era, too is changing, immensely, our way of shopping, eating, lifestyle, everything is changing and we are ok with that. We don’t question the ingredients of packet before consuming it, that is going to affect our health, and we question a Saint for his choice of making a film, when it’s his choice, and you still have the choice to not see it though.

Well, we may have known a couple of people, using Films to convert their black money. But here, this was not the same case, as people were thinking from their judgemental mindset. As this, man, was hell bent, on doing everything himself, acting, direction, script, lyrics etc. Who can take so much pain so as to work in every department, Well the one who is passionate, for his message. Not just someone, who is throwing money, as a producer & wants money in return, here what is expected in return, is noble values.

The man who is really passionate enough to go through every work himself, and make sure, results come along. And they did, from what I found out later on, during my investigation, His Films( these were a laughing stock for the so called elite and educated) but hundreds, actually quit their habits, of intoxication, a person in Nepal, actually married a prostitute, seeing one of his Films. Again, we might argue how is that even possible.

Actually in the same way, as we have heard instances of people running away from their houses as a child, seeing the protagonist of a Movie, run away from his house to become an actor, or the same way, as people learn to complete a crime sequence in real life as seen on reel. Any doubts, that, we say cinema has the capability to transform the society. Only issue, is, it is not being used for the same and so we cannot really see, what influence cinema is having on real lives.
Turns out, Cinema is a real game changer.

Realising, how much of power cinema has and he can use the same, to create a new bunch of youngsters, who can be taught celibacy and their benefits for willpower, self control, increased concentration, staying away from intoxicants, negativity and so much more. I was really influenced by this man, during my interviews with him.

But, then came his conviction, and all of a sudden I was seeing a completely different person shown by TV channels. So what happened to the one, who was shown as a “know it all”, “do it all”, with amazing confidence, one Saint who had the nerve, to take up pop music and blend it with spiritual and divine lyrics, conduct all-night musical concerts on God’s love & devotion, Who even produced Films, not just produced, but practically worked in every department, Who is an agricultural scientist, a Sports coach and most importantly an ardent philanthroper & nature lover. Was that all made up? Couldn’t possibly be? His passion for life was contagious, never seen before, totally jaw dropping, unmatched.

But in my 2-3 interviews with this man before, I was bowled over, to see this man with such humongous following, and such an aura, yet, so down to earth.
Sitting in that room, I could see this man, doing roughly 15 odd things at one single time, with child like innocence and simplicity. In fact, his humility was so striking that you simply fail to see this person as a Saint, and once he gets into his Satsang mode, as he generally does, as he speaks about love for God and life etc., He is the role model, that one would look up to.

Every clip of this “Super Human” video, of his, is unbelievable. This man doing, the nerdiest of things, and toughest of jobs, pulling a tractor, upto 200 meters, etc., makes you feel is he really doing it? It’s only when somebody with an open mind, sees this man, or stays with this man, can one believe or understand what he really is and can really do.

Never before I had met a such a person, oozing oodles of confidence with extreme humility. The lyrics of his songs, too, are very catchy, and stay with you instantly, showing the simplicity of the man writing them down. It could be the first time, that someone had tried to pen & project his love for Almighty, in such form. “You are my love charger”, is dedicated to none other than God himself. This song stunned the whole world, and people came up with their own interpretations. And for all those who could not, appreciate, the scale & pitch, at which this song, was sung, is no child’s play. Even professionals can’t match up to this level. But there, again, only those, who come out of his Saint image, can see from these perspectives.

Even the lyrics, what people could not get or did not want to come to terms is, It is God who is the perfect soul mate for all his souls, and therefore can charge all his souls with his profound love. Spirituality has become uncool in today’s world. The reference to this term, is a taboo. And so this man, came up with this unique way to break this taboo. And this is amazing, why can’t spirituality be taken up in this way. Why is music tied to entertainment only. Music is an art, a therapy, a cool tool, and definitely can be motivator, too, as this man saw the potential.

And although others in the west, are rewarded for coming up with new ideas, we Indians would never accept something from our own spiritual genre. It is ironic, to see the educated, being so judgemental about spirituality and religion. Although Baba Ram Rahim, has never linked spirituality with religion and believes in people have the freedom to practice their choice of religion, He definitely adds on to every religion with his teachings, of every religion.

I snapped out of my flashback and realised, this was some kind of nightmare. Is he a spiritual & social reformer, or a rapist and murderer as being referred to everywhere? I had to put the pieces together.

Is he really not Saint, or mocking Ram as well as a Rahim, being a Gurmeet. And what is Insan after all? These questions are running in every mind and the answers each one of us, feels is he may be crazy and a fame obsessed man.
But, one person who was so obsessed with changing the face of society, like considering the number of cleanliness drives, blood donation and tree plantation drives, his alleged bhakts are involved in, and come on, who makes world records in such activities.

How can he get millions, do an activity at the same time? What motivation is given by him to his followers, to follow his every act. Giving money, is out of question as we may see, buying lacs to  accompany for cleanliness drives, or tree plantation drives.

So considering the magnitude of his followers, his interviews, all this, was actually a complete circle. Impossible to make up. The inner journalist in me, refused to accept all the stories shown in mainstream media, in print, or electronic ones. So as I visited Sirsa, although, months after the conviction of Baba Ram Rahim, to see, what is the reality of this “insan” as we know him, or do not know him, I wouldn’t deny that I was in two minds when I started out. But along the way, I got the confidence, in taking this up.

Chapter 7: Why so many followers?

It has been stated in number of places, foremost, in the book titled, Gurmeet Ram Rahim singh, Decade long investigation, “that afeem was put in Langar during bhandara or other occasions” , There is no “afeem” or opium, farming, in hundreds of acres, beyond Dera Farms, as claimed by the author, in his book. In fact, Dera specialises in organic farming, and grows both local, as well as special varieties of crops, including cashew, apples etc. using advanced scientific methods.
or allegation that “Land was grabbed by force by Dera chief” or umpteen other stories, about “Gurjant singh rajasthani”,a khalistan terrorist,  who had no connection whatsoever with Gurmeet Ram Rahim or Dera. Just on the basis of names coinciding with a friend of Gurmeet, This “Gurjant” was a fellow from Hanumangarh, and is still exists, and an ardent follower as opposed to “Gurjant Singh Rajasthani”.

At one instance, the book, mentions, “Baba Sawan Singh, came to Sirsa, and laid the foundation of Dera Sacha Sauda in Sirsa". When the whole world, knows the founder of Dera Sacha Sauda, is Shah Mastana Ji, who on the orders of his Master, came to Sirsa, and laid the foundation here, 1948. Blatant statements, without any research or proof whatsoever, can lead to hurting the sentiments of millions.

When it came to deposition of Sadhvis, the book also mentions, 164 Sadhvis, gave their statements, whereas CBI chargesheet itself mentions, 2 Sadhvis spoke out and statement was given by just one of them.

Since, when have people started to talk or believe anything without solid proof. Not a single proof exists, behind all these theories and 100 other stories shown by Media, about “Narkankaal or Dera’s own currency” or illegal skin.

When you visit, this place, which has been nicknamed, “Hub of illegal activities” “paap ki gufa” or what not, You will get the shock of your life.

This place is nowhere close to as described, everywhere. There is no Gufa, forget paap, there is no hub, forget illegal activities. In fact, those looking for masala stories, inside Dera, this Dera will appear totally ”bland” to you.
Well, the followers may be under the influence of intoxicants, as mentioned by the Hansraj & khatta camp, while they are working in Dera premises, but this intoxicant, is “God’s name” & virtues.

As, my meeting with the many followers in Ashrams, during my stay within Dera premises, speak for themselves.
Today also, these same followers, work in Ashram premises, some, even work for 14-16 hours. This is possible, now also, when they don’t consume langar (with opium as alleged). In fact, these followers, are so devoted towards their duties, within Dera and also as responsible citizens, that when in Ashram, they don’t partake langar, if they have to eat, they take food from canteens, from their own money. So that they can contribute towards welfare works, with the money, spent by them.
So how is the intoxicant or opium theory working here, you can judge for yourself.
When you know the truth about “Narkankal “, you will be filled with more respect for this place and its followers. These so called Narkankals are infact, the bone ashes(Asthiyan) of the demised souls, whose bone ashes are used to plant trees. This was a research conducted on insistence of Baba Ram Rahim, by a group of scientists. Which confirmed that ashes, contain huge amount of minerals, which could be helpful for growth of plants and help the environment, thereof. Instead of flowing the same in rivers, and sacred places, after demise of our loved ones, which causes pollution, if we use the same for planting trees, the same souls, can get blessings, and also the relatives, would feel that their loved ones are with them. A gesture, that works at both emotional and environmental level.

Similarly, currency, is a laughable matter, who has not seen tokens before. A ghasitaram or a bikaner has its own currency, if we go by this theory.

Illegal Skin, again, brings forth, the kind of thoughtful activities Dera is into. There are no illegal arms or ammunitions this was even confirmed with the officers conducting raids in the Ashram, during those famed days. There has been no papers, talking about benami property, that has been mentioned all over. The followers have been giving up lands, with their own sweet will and wanting to stay close to Dera in Sirsa. I happen to meet a couple of such spirited followers, who were ready to give up or donate lands, but Dera management, in turn, took their lands, as per the existing market rates. 

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, drove over 60 million peopleon the the path of self-realization.

Almost everyone, I spoke to, have the same vibe for activities undertaken by Dera Sacha Sauda and swear by the passion and dedication by which the volunteers conduct their duties, which are definitely honorary, but they claim they get inner peace and happiness, and of course, their critical diseases are cured, which are bigger reward than any monetary incentive, would provide. Millions have seen direct impact of the noble work and meditation, that they resort to, in their lives.

Thousands, claim to have shun alcohol and drugs and equally same, is the number who have got financial or other forms of help and sympathy from Dera. Now, one peculiar thing, that people describe about these Deras, is that they offer the promise of a better life, to the marginalised and dalits. Well this is definitely true, but there is more to this. And that is, these beneficiaries, are not just Dalits, its every sect there exists, this includes the pseudo-cosmopolitan crowd too.
Coming to what’s more than the obvious benefits of financial help, emotional support etc, that masses garner from Deras.

Well, couple of things, that I noticed here, being a keen observer of the religious and spiritual practices followed in Indian Context is, first and the foremost one, Dera Sacha Sauda, followers are a unique blend. Generally, the so called religious people, or believers, following a particular ideology and role model or Guru, limit their practices to that domain. That would mean, that if am I an ardent follower of so and so and love to participate in the affairs, I generally keep it limited to that venue or Ashram. I come home and I am a normal person, participating in my affairs, as I would usually do.

But the anatomy of a Dera Sacha Sauda Follower, is different, I would say. They would definitely attend spiritual congregations, participate in the affairs or welfare going on there, but after coming home, the Dera and its principles travel with them, that is ingrained in their minds, like carved out. They would regularly donate blood, books, toys, food, attend naamcharcha (spiritual session, where they meditate and sing hymns of devotion).

Some are so into it, that a DSS follower becomes their identity, they are a completely different human now. The one who doesn’t like to spend (waste as they call it) time, gossiping, or watching movies, or playing a game of cards etc. That is how youngsters stay away from intoxicants, when their surroundings are all about drugs and alcohol etc. All this is definitely good for the society, as, a sense of responsibility, love for the country, love for fellow men, is added to their personality.
This is kind of taught to them, in Satsangs and even in Hymn form, having seen a few of his (Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan) Satsang recordings. In that sense, we can say they are creating real humans as is claimed and that is how “Insan” as a suffix, is true to their identity. Or we can even say, this suffix sort of reminds them and keeps them awake as being responsible citizens.

So a Dera Sacha Sauda Follower, doesn’t just get spiritual knowledge, he basically, gets all the knowledge and information, in terms of living life as a real human being, which the society fails to give.
All, the society teaches, is how to be selfish in today’s times, and work for own self gains, and here this organisation is teaching how to be selfless. And given the power of truth, self control, Devotion, etc. these traits will naturally, overpower the traits taught by society. Believe it or not, goodness or virtues, have the power, to raise you, and those near to you as well.

Hence we see, these followers with such magnitude of will power& self control that they are not succumbing to media or even Authorities for that matter, hundreds, even more than thousand Dera premis, were detained by authorities under different cases of “Deshdroh” after the conviction of Saint Ram Rahim Ji. Yet you see, everything is the same for his disciples, if not more. They are bringing lives out of potholes, treating the mentally retarded seen on roads, donating blood, bodies, bone ashes, eyes etc.

Even making homes for the needy, distributing groceries, toys, books, winter wear, blankets etc. Every need of a needy, is fulfilled by these followers, as their own family. They cannot enjoy their own lives, when someone else is struggling with their lives. That is ingrained in them, as much as I can see. The Blood donation drives in the Ashram, they hold one every month, is nothing short of a shocker. Here you will see people fighting to donate blood, as the demand is fulfilled really fast, with the kind of donors, and those at the rear end of queues, will start praying for their turn, as they do not want to go home without donating. This is insane, a strange happiness they say, they get out of these acts. Although we have seen volunteers, saying the same, but these volunteers are a different breed, I would say.

Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim has built 23 Ashrams all over the India. On an average, 8-10 thousand people initiated every week in Sirsa Ashram alone. And this figure went up to 25000 on normal days, after he produced Films and on special Sundays and special days, it was a whopping 50-75000 people, taking Naam (Method of Meditation), on a single day. All this talks heaps about the kind of power, Dera Sacha Sauda enjoys.

So what is this Naam or Method of Meditation
Turns out, it is the nothing but the name of God, the creator, Almighty, Allah, Waheguru, Bhagwan, whatever we can call him, as per our own sweet will. So when we call out for him, with his name, he listens to our calls, and thus we can connect with him through this. Meditating on this name, gives us the capability to see ourselves as a soul, and traverse through our body, towards higher frequency and eventually, out of the body, through teh 10th door, which is a point, between our eyes. With practice, one can open his 10th door, and the soul can then traverse in the whole universe and beyond, while still being in this body. It is also said that whatever is in the universe, exists in our body, and we can experience the same through meditation.

While, all this sounds, unbelievable, but many swear by the power of this meditation, and reaching to stages, beyond imagination. Even visualising God, is possible with this technique. Well, I can only wait to try this out, which is not possible right now, as Baba is not in the Ashram, as it is only him, who can bestow Naam to anyone. No one but him, can do so. Dera Sacha Sauda is very strict in its discipline. The one who is capable and earned the treasure of spirituality can hold spiritual congregation or satsang as it is called. No body apart from its Guru, can do so. A Guru has earned this, through infinite hours of devotion from his Master, and so he is capable to do so and his words have the power to connect his disciples with God. No one apart from the Master, can claim to do satsangs, by reading holy texts as, seen in other religious places.

In fact here, devotees can conduct a spiritual session, called Naamcharcha, which is nothing but discussing God and praising him, but through hymns, sung from the book of hymns by Devotees. No single person, can be given importance, rather all can collectively sing hymns written by the 3 Masters, and read books on spirituality. Nobody can speak, anything, based on his knowledge(which may be half baked or self praise too).
these strict principles, ensure, “premis”, as the followers are called, stick to their path, and don’t come under influence of fakes or show offs. This is all the more important, considering they are a huge number and spread across the Nation.

Millions are connected with this Baba, in a span of weeks and firmly believe and follow his directions. It is believed that Baba Ram Rahim, had quite a few enemies on the likes of Drug and Alcohol bigwigs, considering the huge impact he may have on the businesses in the North India, with thousands quitting drugs and alcohol, every month.

It is no mystery, that people in power, have their hands dirty with all sorts of connections to fund their party activities. Also, the fact that this Baba, is getting prostitutes, freed from the clutches of brothels has also met with resistance from the biggies & added to his huge list of enemies.
A couple of instances, trying to kill him too, have taken place and that is the reason, why he was given z+ security, by Haryana Govt. So, what happened suddenly that the same Haryana Govt. found this Baba, to be the biggest fraudster, and a whole list of his crimes, were broadcasted by channels for more than 3 months, under Media Trial. We can’t say for sure, looks like, his following, was a biggest threat to the Govts. who were worried for the upcoming elections in 2 years. And we can safely say, they considered, 2 years to be good enough time, to turn around the tide, and cash in on this huge number. But to their surprise, a Dera follower will not budge.
 I was really amazed at how intently, these simple souls, listen to the recordings of Baba Ram Rahim at monthly congregations and find answers to their questions from those. In fact, Baba Ram Rahim’s satsang touch at every aspect of life, farming, Healthy living, corruption-free life, ill effects of social evils, empowering women.

One of his initiative, “Kul-ka-Crown” is marvellous in changing the fate & mentality towards women, where, a single daughter of the house, brings home the “groom” unlike in a normal setup. And the groom will stay in his in-laws house, as a son, and their lineup will follow the surnames of the daughter, with the will of the groom and his family, of course. This can, definitely be helpful in breaking the shackles of a patriarchal society.

Also credited with the first honorary Disaster Management Force

A welfare foundation, named ‘Shah Satnam Ji Green ‘S’ welfare force’ has been setup by Dera Chief. With more than, 70,000 volunteers, this overwhelming force’s volunteers have filled affidavits with their stating their whole hearted consent, that during humanitarian rescue operations, if they get injured or succumb to the circumstances, they themselves, will be responsible for their own life.  This force is comprised of trained rescuers including Doctors, paramedics, construction workers, qualified Engineers and many more.
Now, an interesting fact emerges, these are the same so called human bombs or suicide squads, which the media was referring to. Well they are definitely ready to lay their lives, but for saving lives, not taking lives, as has been portrayed, very smartly by the Media agencies.

Apart from these Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan has set up a full fledged skin bank for acid Attack and other accident victims. Here skin is being donated post humously, which is stored in the skin bank for such emergency care. As skin has the potential to treat burns and other injuries in record time. Here again, the authorities, tried their best, to show, skin smuggling as one of the many “heinous acts”, this man is engaged in.
When the world is struggling to fight pollution and other environment Hazards, this man, has worked out such simple solutions, that the simplicity of these methods produces doubt, in the outcome. Well, what we forget is this World, was not created by magic, rather everything is well structured and placed in every sense and the planet has the capacity to heal itself.
Only if we have the ability & will to look for solutions in everyday practices. And this Saint, does exactly that.

He has turned regular chores into well planned solutions and the devotion that one learns here too, is no rocket science. People really don’t have to undergo months and years of Sadhna, or kundalini awakening, it is rather following the path of love and compassion. And this true love for the creator can be awakened within one self, by some very simple acts.

No rituals, no clothes, no color, no creed, nothing is needed. Just pure heart, if don’t have that, still no worries, coz one can develop a pure heart too with time and practice.
So use the power of mantra, oh wait, no Mantra here. It’s actually name of God, or God’s words as they are called, Just meditate on these, as you work yourself out, doing regular chores, or in Samadhi as you prefer.
Although in samadhi, the whole act can be rapid and one would reach the deep concentration point and the journey upwards begins. So you are awakening yourself with self consciousness and also by serving God’s creations selflessly.

In many cases, it has been the latter which does the needful, to turn a person towards God. Yes, you read it right, serving HIS creations! Turns out, when you serve his creations, selflessly and more so, on following the orders of your Master, the creator is pleased more than anything and he himself opens up to you.

I have seen simple men and women, giving gyan on God, and believe me, this gyan is way ahead of what the biggest of Guru will fail to understand. It is like they have earned a thousand years of devotion to their credit. And hearing all this from a simple shopkeeper or a construction worker or even a CEO of the company is unheard of right? Well, the CEOs, CAs, Doctors, Engineers, Cricketers even Scientists have followed this path, of God and visualised him by following the method of meditation shown here.

They felt an infinite longing for God and magnetically drawn towards devotion and started to meditate and that brought infinite calmness and bliss in their lives. Serving the needy was an icing on the cake for them, they could feel all their worries fly by the thin air.

So when, even the highly educated ones were swearing by this rockstar Baba, it was a game changer for me. I started to look at things with a more open mind, giving my judgements the much needed break, really worked for me. Everything started to fit in like a jigsaw puzzle.

I met more than 2 dozen such individuals, from all segments and their experiences and their before and after stories amazed me. What is more surprising is, that these educated ones, were totally like you and me, believing God to be only a far fetched reality and good deeds seem to be just one key towards HIM and their accidental encounter with Dera and “Pitaji” changed their lives. For all they knew after that, was their inability to describe the true love& selfless acts of “Pitaji” was drawing them near and they could feel as though God’s love is all along, with them.
Also, I had an inherent query, as to why, the followers or even the Master, wanted them to call him or address him as “Pitaji”. To which I got a beautiful answer from a lady, in her mid 30s.

In her words, “Pitaji or Father, is synonymous to selfless care and upbringing of a child. He is the pillar for his children, always ready to sacrifice his small dreams as well as big aspirations, just for a simple smile on his child’s face. He is forever willing to work for his children, we have seen people juggling 2 shifts, for the sake of the dreams of their children. Every father, does whatever he can for his children, as per his capability. This person, as we know, is like a Father to us, young or old. An old man, in his 90s also sees him as his Father, because we have seen him doing every single bit for us. He warns us of future dangers, praises us for our small victories, loves us selflessly. We were the ones, as devotees, once during a congregation, we had taken a promise from him, to put A.C. in his room, as during summers, the temperature rises to 47 degrees. And when we were given whatever we wanted by our father, how could we see him, working 20 hours a day, and that too, in skin wrenching heat”.

So the bond that they share with Baba Ram Rahim is that of a father and a disciple. They are equally connected from both ends. And a pull at either end, causes, the vibrations of hurt and pain. And the pain, that these children are experiencing right now, is beyond my capability to describe. The other end of this string, Baba Ram Rahim’s condition, we cannot be sure, but this end is sure experiencing a gut wrenching trauma.

 “Pitaji” or Baba Ram Rahim’s endeavors to awaken masses, started in 1990, as we know. He was too young as a body, but this body was made able and bestowed with all the spiritual treasures to relieve billions from the cycle of birth and death. He started his Satsangs, as any Saint would do, or used to during that time. His Satsangs were sessions about the soul and its longing for God. Having gone through his older Satsangs, I could observe his profound knowledge on spirituality. His sessions were filled with episodes on the life of Meerabai, Ram, Gurbani, Bible, Kuraan, Sahejobai, Rumi, Sheikh Fakir etc., along with his personal experiences.

The one point where his Satsangs differed from others, was, they were deep filled with lessons in spirituality like no other. When other Satsangs used to be on Geeta or Ramayana, here was a Saint, giving lessons of true spirituality in a rather simplistic form. Dera Sacha Sauda has been following a practice of  explaining spiritual and life related concepts through hymns. Hymns are used, where a popular song’s tune was borrowed with words or lyrics being spiritual messages of God’s longing or serving humanity etc.

This is really effective as masses are not used to listening Satsangs per se, but with music forming as the backbone, thier minds kind of clings to it, and takes the message in essence. All his Satsangs have been to the point, during those times, mostly on being cursed in the cycle of birth and death and the pains that the soul is subjected to, for not mending its ways, and getting into the lure of five senses. Such heavy words are not for masses, so may be most Saints, don’t even try talking of these. But Sacha Sauda, never talked of anything but this, in hymns wrapped in beautiful music and hard hitting lyrics.

The soul can feel its own pain, and its own voice, as it listens to these hymns and the way, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan deciphers, each line from the hymn.
Come 2000, As time changes, as the World enters into a new world of technological advancement, Satsangs are now a thing of past. Kind of, for all old people, is a general mindset. Younger lot, don’t find them cool now, and instead opt for hanging out with friends, over a session of alcohol or Cards, or even drugs, pubs are more popular now. While many Saints couldn’t, but help it, to give in to the change, and be content with the segment of people approaching them. But not this one, He couldn’t let his children go into the garb of intoxicants, or other popular means of degrading human values, which promote nothing but a generation of selfish, self obsessed zombies.

Even though, DSS was already a strong family by now, with more 2.5 crore followers. And there was no need for DSS to look out for alternative means to attract people. But the degrading values, and shifting mindsets, prodded its chief to come up with innovative means to reach out to more and more people.

Welfare works were initiated in a big way, cleanliness drives, tree plantation, Blood donation, you name a cause, and DSS was into it, in a big big way. So much that more than 6 dozen World records are on its name, for various initiatives.
But slowly, along with welfare, other measures were needed to beat the fast changing times.

A novel initiative for homosexuals, and eunuchs: - The third gender, also known as eunuchs,who are not accepted by their family members andface ostracism. Creating awareness for these estranged souls and getting them basic rights, respect & dignity, that every human deserves. Apart from these, many volunteers have shared their intentions to legally adopt, prostitutes’ children, who are otherwise, called illegitimates, as their own, with Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan’s inspiration.
Yet another step for transgenders or homosexuals,is working on their psychology &habits, so they can see clearly for who they are, rather than a confused entity & with this practice, many find, themselves as normal beings, on following certain tips and solutions to this rather unusual, life style.

Some of the other initiatives:-

Shah Satnam Ji educational institutes: - Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, considers education as a foundation and basic step to spirituality. As it is with education alone, one comes out of the purview of hypocrisy and ignorance. But it is imperative that the education assistsa person to be self dependent and helps him further to tread on the path of humanity.

Towards this goal, Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School and College has been setup in Sirsa, SriGurusar Modia (Raj.), Shah Satnam Ji Girls’ School in Budani (M.P.) and Shah Satnam Ji boys school and College in Sirsa, Shah Satnam Ji institute of technology and management have been setup, to cater to educational needs of all. These institutes are a paradigm in the field of education and sports. Children from Poor and financially weak background are provided free schooling here.

Students of these Institutions have been winning a plethora of medals in national and international level, games. Seven out of ten players are from these institutions, representing India, in the World Cup Roller Hockey Skating in America in the year 2006.In12th Asian Roller Hockey Skating Championship, in Dec 2007, these players represented India and won the Championship for the first time, in history.
For the first time, all winning players, including the captain were students of Shah Satnam Ji Educational Institutions. This team, in its final tournament also, defeated Japan by the margin of 5-3 and there has been no looking back since then for these talented and spirited players.

Although, it is not surprising that these players are really talented, what calls for a more surprise is that these players do not have any professional coach. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan is the one, who teaches and these children call Him "Papa Coach” ad also credit their “Papa coach” for their spectacular wins. In fact, they claim the tips given by “Papa coach” are way ahead than what they saw in international tournaments and have helped them all the way, even on foreign lands.

Built Kashish Restaurant (For outstationDevotees’ convenience): - For providing world class experience to the outstation disciples, a convenient zone, 7 star resort, Kashish Restaurant has been built by Saint MSG, in the lush green environment.
Here well furnished rooms with all modern amenities are availablefor visitors. For kids' entertainment, fountains and amusement parks are also available there.

Medical Camps: - An “Eye Camp” is organised, every year from 13th to 15th December to commemorate theanniversary of 2nd Master, Shah Satnam Singh Ji. Thousands of patients visit Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa for screening of their eyes. A team of expert eye-surgeons offer their services, and treat these patients under best of medical facilities. The patients are given free medical treatment, and  boarding and lodging facilities.

Polio Camp: - A “Polio Camp” is also organised every year in the month of April. Patients are provided with full medical care, medicines, and physiotherapeutic aids, along with the boarding and lodging facilities in the Sirsa Ashram.

Modern health facilities: - Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital is another institution, established for providing medical and healthcare facilities in the neighbouring cities and villages. In addition to allopathy, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic Hospitals have also been setup.
All these hospitals function as primary care givers, with medical departments such as: Ophthalmology, Gynaecology & Obstetrics, ENT, Surgery & Anaesthesia, Pediatrics', and Dental. The staff of this hospital also conducts camps at Dera Sacha Sauda, Sirsa, during spiritual congregations. There is a mobile hospital designed by Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim singh Insan, known as “Farishta”. This has been included in the Limca Book of World Records, for being world’s smallest hospital, with complete emergency care. It even includes a mini operation theatre. All medical services are provided free of cost to the marginalised.

Drug de-addiction: - People accustomed to 70 injections of Morphine, Fortvin etc. on a daily basis, quit intoxicants, in just seven days, by staying at Dera Sacha Sauda. Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan, has also motivated and spread awareness in the disciples, to eradicate the prevailing social stigmas like dowry system, female feticide, and prostitution besides homosexuality;

Adopting Orphaned kids: - To provide them a respectful life, Ram Rahim has setup“Shah Satnam Ji Asra Ashram”. In addition, to “Shahi Betiyan Basera” [abode for royal daughters] for the girls who were otherwise destined to be killed for their only fault, yes! being a girl. He has adopted those girls legally, as his own daughters. They have been provided, the right environment where they are nurtured and pursue their goals, and become independent.


He has divided the states into functional blocks. Each block constitutes of about 30 villages (approximately five to ten thousand followers). And in every block there is a committee of 15 responsible persons, each of whom is known as a “15 members”. In their respective blocks, these teams manage welfare and humanitarian projects at their level including providing free medical treatment to the needy, constructing houses for the poor, helping financially in marriages of destitute girls, donating organs including blood and eyes after death, solving cases of disputes without litigation etc.
At the state level, he has organised a team of 45 people per state who supervise all the blocks in their state and settle disputes which the 15 members failed to resolve.

Baba Ram Rahim, sure, is a master like no other, and clearly deserves this kind of following, and the coming days, these are bound to multiply, and bring more laurels to the Nation. In fact already, he has earned close to 6 dozen world records, in acts of kindness & compassion, like blood donation, Tree plantation etc.  Yes, close to 80k followers donating blood at a single time, in a single venue, and close 35 million trees have been planted in a single day, by his mammoth followers spread across the Globe. He has even set up a Bio-Gas plant in his Ashram premises, which uses both human and animal waste, to produce Gas. This plant powers the Ashram, & makes up for the electricity and cooking needs. More than a hundred initiatives, millions carrying it forward, what else can one ask for.

Seems like, this man has just begun asking. Yes, his idea of a world is when there are no evils, no bad habits, only virtues and all working towards it.  After Films, what medium, he can pick? One can only wonder, what this Insan will pull next.