Sewa (Service) means to obey your elders (Mother-Father, Brother-Sister, Guru-Persons) etc. all.  To help them to take bath with your hands feet and bodily limbs wash their feet, to broom, and to obey each and every order of them happily and with true zealous heart are included in the sphere of service.   To help the poor and invalid persons through money. To render help to helpless.  To remove the grievances of deprived ones and extremely poor and orphans, loving each and every living creature cordially and treating them with generosity are the parts of  ‘service’. Helping any blind, crippled and disabled person or creature through the necessary support is also called ‘service’.  In this period of extreme-kaliyuga such persons who render true service are rarely found.  No doubt many persons are engaged in various types of ‘service’. For example someone is doing service for their country, cast class with body-mind-wealth.  Somebody is indulged in the service of his household and children.  There is no doubt that they are discharging the duties of service but it can not be categorized as ‘true-service’, because there is always some objective concealed in their service True service is called that one which is purely without any purpose and liberate a person from the confinements of Births and Deaths and helps to meet that person with the Spiritual Master.  That person who renders selfless-service, gets salvation from the prison of births-deaths(Eighty-four lakhs of lives).

Service is of two types.  One is “service with a purpose” and second  is                “selfless-service” 

SAKAM-SEVA SERVICE WITH A PURPOSE:  Such service conceals some objective any work done to gain some profit or purpose/hope is called service with a motive (purpose).  No doubt that some comfort is gained by others due to that job or service which is just showy some persons help the poor, deprived-ones, orphans, and needy persons with wealth-body-mind for example.  To distribute, cloths, cash as alms, to erect cold drinking water sheds.  To construct schools, Dharamshala and Hospitals etc.  To distribute Sweets and rewards to students in the school.  To organize large-scale yagyas (religious-performance).  To arrange open kitchens etc.  They do so just for the sake of their own reputation,  prestige, honour enhancing.  They want that there reputation spreads far and wide and they may become popular among the masses. Some persons undertake the works for the welfare of Janta.  In reality some desires are also concealed in those acts of them.  They want that common masses may remain attached to them and they may be established as their prime-leaders.  Larger number of persons are engaged in such type of services.  To serve others and benevolence both are very good works but by maintaining some desires in the heart of “Sakam-Seva” become reason for taking birth again because it is very important as well as a Godly rule that when a person performs some act with some desire or wish in his heart then in order to reap its fruit he will have to take birth again in this form of life or that.  As Param Sant Kabir Sahib Ji quote “Jahan Aasa, Tahan Wasa”. But we have to get freedom from the bondage of rebirth. Therefore human-being must perform such pious works only which may not force him to entangle in the bondage of birth-deaths, again and by merging himself with God, the Akal-Purkh (Parmeshwar) and get salvation for ever.  

SELFLESS-SERVICE (NISHKAM-SEWA) The service rendered without any hope or desire(objective) is called selfless service.  The person undertaking this type of service considers himself to be the lowest, most submissive and dust of the feet of others.  Such person consider loving each and every creature as his duty. 

In the ninth chapter of Geeta and 25th Sloka Sh. Krishan Ji Maharaj said while advising Arjuna that “Those persons who worship any particular deity (God) join it in the end.  Just as the worshipper of God meet Gods, those worshipping the ancestors meet ancestors, those worshipping ghosts-spirits meet ghosts-spirits and those who worship me only meet me in the end positively.” In the 27th Shloka of this chapter, Sh. Krishan Ji Maharaj continue further advice “Oh Arjuna !Whatever work (act) you do,  eat, drink do fire sacrifice, alms offerings and asceticism, penance oh Kunte’s son thinking me and admitting me as all-powerful(omnipotent) surrender every thing to me.  This way you will be absolved from every type of (Good or Bad) results of these acts.  Those persons who do not keep any desire for their good deeds directly unite with me.”  That person who considers everything belonging to the Master and courage praying from his heart serves that “Oh God I do not has power to break a straw even.  Whatever good or bad is happening is beyond my knowledge.  This all is happening due to your kind mercy or actually you yourself are doing everything and is being done by you.  That person who keeps so much faith in the power of the Master he is not debited with any result of such acts and becomes free from all the confinements of life deaths .  As great people say “To good and forget “.  Work hard but do not expect any benefit out of it.

Those persons who leaves importance (significance) and remains busy in service he is not empty.  His inside is full with the riches of love, grace of God.  Submissiveness, politeness sweetness etc virtues and treasuries of all luxuries and comforts and qualities.  One who serves others without any motive attains the position of highest order one day.  All the worldly creatures and substances remain ready to serve him every time.  God can only be available through selfless service and one gets respect in the true-abode(Dargah). (End of Page 3) (Begins page 4) The 1st Patshah Sh. Guru Nanak Dev Ji comment:- Wichi Duniya Sev Kamaiye ! Taa Dargah Vaisnu Payeeye. !! Kahu Nanak Baah Ludaiye !! (M-1-26) Means while coming in this world one must earn the true service so that going to heavenly abode may be made possible.  On reaching the abode of God one gets a lot of happiness and love.  In next abode (of God) only those are offered respects who have rendered service here. 

"Guru Nanak Dev Ji"

Sh. Guru Nanak Dev Ji comment about the person who render selfless service as:- Gini Sevia Tini Paaiya Maanu !! (M-1-2) Bhai Gurdas Ji narrate about those person who do not serve as :-  Winn Seva Dhrig Hath-Pair Hor Nihtal Karni (Var-27) Means that without service hands-jeet and all the dealing are useless and fruitless. The essence of all works and duties is service only.  In Gurubani Sh. Guru Nanak Dev Ji refer as :- Jangam Jodh Jati Saniyasi Gur-Poorey Wichari !! Binu Sewa Falu Kabhun Na Paavsi Sewa Karni Saari.  (M-1-992) Means that without service that outer guise is of not any use.  Service is the essence of all deeds(doings).  Those who do not serve can never expect any reward.  This is the thought of perfect Guru. 

WHOSE SERVICE MAY BE DONE ? Service is of two types which we have already written.  But now question arises here that whose service may be done? or who is that great personality who deserves service to be rendered by this human being.?   In this context, the fifth Patshah Sh. Arjan Dev Ji clarify as :- Tisu Tu Sewi Jini Tu Kiya ! Tisu Araadhi Jini Jeevu Diya !! Tisi Ka Chakru Hohi Firi Daanu No Laage !! Tis Ki Kari Potdari Firi Dukhu Ni Laage!! (M-5-1182) 

Means oh man, you serve them who has created you. You worship him who has bestowed you with life.  You become servant to that (Master)  so that Dharm  Raj may not punish you, because by serving the Master the pains of birth-death are absolved. Guru Nanak Dev Ji also advocate as:- Taaki Sewa Kariye Laha Leeje Hari Dargah Paaiye Maanu Jieu.!! Jinu Jagtu Upaiya, Dhande Laiya Tise Uithu Kurbaanu Jiew !! Means that serve those and worship those with whose orders this world has been created, who has engaged you on you job.  You sacrifice yourself over him.  Serving the Master is the wholesome profit of this life and due to this only the respects are gained in the heavenly abode of the Master. Serving those who are dear to the Master and who do worship the Master or the recitation of (Sumrin) true words of God is the true service of him.  In this connection Isa Massih Sahib Ji says :- God asked from Hazrat Moosa that “I was ill why you did not come to ask for my wel-wishing i.e. enquiring about my health?  Upon this Moosa said, “Oh God you are the owner of all cosmic and super cosmic worlds then how you can get ill?” Moosa received the reply of this question like this. 

Moosa my that particular man was ill.  Had you enquired about his health that meant that you have enquired about my health.  This example make it amply clear that to serve the dear devotees of God is actually serving the God himself.

Although all living beings are busy in some type of service, somehow, but in Gurbani only the true service has been approved and none else. It has been stressed in Gurbani particularly that serve only him who himself is true.  Connected with truth and is empowered others also to connect with the truth.  Then who is that personality which is empowered to get freedom for the man from life-deaths i.e. which is fit for receiving service.  To this problem Kabir Sahib Ji gives his decision as :- (End of page 5) (Begins Page 6)  Kabir Sewa Kau Dui Bhale Eku Santu Eku Ramee !! Raamu Ju Daata Mukti Kao Santu Japawe Namu !! (Kabir-Ji-1373) means that there are only two personalities to serve.  One is a saint and other one is Ram.  Ram(Parmeshwar) is the giver of salvation but the key to meet him is received from saints only i.e. they are the most powerful means to meet the God.  Therefore we must serve Saints-Mahatmas. None has seen the God.  To such a personality to whom we do not knew and we are ignorant about the shape-colour or appearance of whom, then how can serve him.  From the religious books-voluminous granthas we come to knew that those persons or personalities which have already lost themselves in the great power of God i.e. those who have met God already are those personalities which are fit for service.  They are pronounced as Saint-Mahatmas or Saint-Satguru.  Saint-Mahatmas are the self-personality of the Master.

Rather, master has handed over the keys of his treasury to Saints.  Saints-Mahatmas are all in all of the God.  Therefore their service only is fruitful  for a person.  Fifth Patshah Guru Arjan Dev Ji Confirm it as :- Duji Sewa Jiwan Birtha ! Kachhu N Hoi Hai Puran Artha. !! Manas Sewa Khari Duheli ! Saadh Ki Sewa Sada Suheli !! (M-5-1182)  Sukh-Mangal Kaliyan Jishi Ghari Tis Hi Sarni Paayiye ! Tis Hi-Tiyagi-Maanukhu Je Sewhi Tau Laaj Lonu Hoi Jaieye !! (M-5-1214) Means serving others or rendering service to any one else life goes waste without any profit. The service to some man is waste but service to Saint-Mahatmas is always successful.  Services may be offered to those only by whose service one may get comfort, well being, progress and prosperity.  If a man serves some one else by ignoring such a worthy great man then it is a matter of great shame for him.  Third Patshah Sh. Guru Amar Dass Ji comment about it as :-  

Hor Bidani Chakri Dhriga Jiwanu Dhrig Wasu !! Amritu Chhodi Bikhu Lage Bikhu Khatna Bikhu Raasi !!  Bikhu Khana Bikhu Pen-na Bikhu Ke Mukhi Girass. !! Aaithe Dukho Dukhu Kamavna, Muiya Narki Niwasu!! (M-8-586) Means serving others than the Lord while living in this world, is like thousand curses that life is worthless.  It is just like collecting poison and poison of nectar.  It is lie eating poison, vomiting poison, wearing poison and are like eating the morsel of poison  to eat through ones mouth without serving the Master.  Such person suffers pains and problems in this world and goes to hell direct after death. Therefore man must try to search any perfect Guru and indulge himself in his service. In this way he gets freedom through the true-words of God and saves himself from the circle of life-deaths for ever.  Because ‘Naam’  is the cause of salvation which can be obtained from the door of Saints-Satguru.  For detailed description of ‘Naam’ please refer to the chapter of ‘Naam’ iin this very granth.   The luck to serve Satguru is availed by the mercy of the Lord.  Golden chance of human birth is in your hand at present.  If it slips out of your hand jus now then such luck will never be gained by you.  Therefore one must indulge in the service of Satguru and take full benefit out of the precious time.  Guru-Seva is customary since the early eras.  

Old history when studied reveals that it was a common practice to adopt Gurukul system those days.  Pupils were found ever ready for the services of their Gurudev through their body-mind-wealth.  The service rendered by Krishan-Sudama for their Guru are very famous; which is exemplary for the present days.  The decline of this system started in Dawaper-Yuga.  People resorted to inertia-worship ignoring Guru-worship and by the beginning of Kaliyuga people had forgotten even the name of Guru-Service or Guru-Bhakti. 

This thing has already been mentioned that one becomes liable to go upto the door of the Master through Guru-Service by freeing himself from all the restrictions.  Without (End of page 7) (Begins Page 8) Guru-Service man rotates in the circle of life-death-through eighty four lakhs of life-forms.

This is the era of intense Kaliyuga.  The condition of general people has deteriorated to such an extent that they have turned into the insects of Licentious-Passions. “Eat, drink and be marry”, “This world is sweet who has seen the future?” are the principles adopted by general public. Common people have become quite outer-worshippers by ignoring Guru-service or Guru Bhakti.  Seeing such a pitiful condition of persons of this dangerous period the Master took mercy and wearing the cloak of Saint-Mahatmas and had to come to this world for their salvation himself.  When Param-Sant Kabir Sahib Ji, Bhagat Ravidas Ji and from Sh. Guru Nanak Dev Ji upto the tenth Paatshahis appeared on this earth, the conditions here were very deteriorating.  General public was entangled and indulged deeply in the wrong practices and rites of inertia-worship through outer-worshipping under the influence of doubts and illusion.  Similarly as per their period, Sawami Tulsi Dass Ji, Hazur Sawami Shiv Dayal Singh Ji, Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Ji, Beparwah Mastana Ji etc many Saints-Mahatmas appeared in this world.  The taught the lessons of Guru-Bhakti and Guru Service and Naam-Bhakti and guided the general public towards the real path. Sukam Sewa (Sew with a purpose) Nishkam Sewa(Sewa without any purpose) both are done in four ways. 

1.  Service through body-labour. 2. Service through Mind.  3. Service through wealth     4.   Service through soul(Surt).

As already told that every one in this world is busy in some or other type of service; through their body-mind-wealth but in the tenets of Sant-Mat the service rendered for the sake of Satguru has only been accepted as approved.  If the service of Satguru is done wholeheartedly through body-mind-wealth and surt and with selfless emotion that one gets a great and true benefit.  Therefore man should surrender everything belonging to him in the pious feet of his Satguru through-body-mind-wealth etc.  One must work just according to his orders and must never be out of their orders even for a movement.  It is the biggest achievement to gain the happiness of one’s Satguru. Therefore one must always be remaining within his orders. (End of page 8) (Begins Page 9) 

We do any thing or any service to make our Guru happy wholeheartedly. If we do something of our own via ower our desire or obstination with any much quantity of hard work an devotion or may sacrifice our self to any degree but Satguru will never be happy due to that service.  If some work done by us does not please our Satguru then what is the use of that ?  All the efforts and pains taken for such a job are worthless and not accounted for.  In this connection the third Paatshah Sh. Guru Amar Dass Ji Says :- Sa Sewa Kiti Safal Hai Jitu Satigur Ka Manu Manne Ja Satigur Ka Manu Mania Ta Paap Kasamal Bhanne !!

(M-3-314) Means only that service is considered as successful which is done as per wish or will of Satguru or which makes Satguru Ji happy.  If Satguru Ji becomes happy that many sins and bad-deeds done by him will vanish.  It is the biggest achievement for a human being to obey the orders of his Satguru. If anybody is busy in the job of digging grass or lifting garbage, that is approved in the Dargah of the Master. Opposite to it if any one renders may be very big job (Sevice) then neither that service is accepted and approved in the Dargah nor the Master becomes happy due to that.   Satguru is all-powerful, Omniscient Omnipotent  and Omni-present and knows that who is fit for which service.  

SERVICE THROUGH ONES BODY (TAN-SEWA) Whatever is visible in this world is nothing belonging to us and nothing in this world will help any person at the end of his life. Even this body whom man considers as his own and was received by him at the time of birth does not accompany him at the end.  What a lot of care and attention is paid to this body by human-being throughout his life time. He decorates it with scents and sprays, beautiful dresses etc. but after death it is burnt in burning fire of the pyre; or dugged in the ground or thrown away in the river to float etc.   It means that the (End of page 9) (Begins Page 10) price of this beautiful body renders worthless not even for a penny after death. Otherwise the virtues of this body are beyond description.  I Through the grace of almighty God. 

This good body had been available to man due to the kindness of the Master only, so that he may use it for the services of Satguru & Sadh-Sangat and be successful. But the man is wasting it mistead in eating-drinking, indulging in sex & passions works businesses only. Those hands which were meant for duri to eation through the services of Sadh Sangat & Satguru through water for etc. services, & there hands which were meant for the benefits of thousands of living creatures are used by him instead to kill the innocent creatures & to execute various other heinous crims, & this rendering them in pure. The true service through one’s body has been clarified by the fifth Patshah Sh. Guru Arjan Dev Ji.  Pankha pheri, paani dhova, Harjan ke pisnu Pisi Kamawe.. Nanak Ki prabh paas benti tere jan dekhnu paava Means Oh God! My hand may be utilized by me to serve my Satguru by bringing water, plying fan & getting flour ground & viewing those devotees loved by you, through my eyes. 

Paan Pakha Pisu  dass kai tab hohi nihalu! Raaj Milakh Sikdariya Agni Mahi Jaalu!! M-5-811 

Means that one gets happiness through the services rendered for water, fan & flour grinding at the gatherings of God’s devotees therefore by burning the desires for kingship. Ownership & Lordships etc. all other worldly wishes one must indulge in the service of one’s Satguru.  Man goes towards wrong places rushing with the help of those feet which were otherwise meant for rendering many useful services & reaching upto the gate of Master Shaped Satguru. Those eyes which were gifted for making them pure by the vision of Master-shaped Satguru & used instead in viewing colourful worldly sceneries, dirty views, other woman, other’s wealth, other’s house & thus rendering them impure. This results in gaining access to hell.