Once there was a sage. He used to beg for alms from those houses only who earned their livings with truthful means and honesty. Once while passing through a city he met a person in the way. He enquired from him, “ Can you tell me the house of someone who earns by dint of truthful means and honesty in this city ?”He replied “Yes, there is a seth of this category. “ Mahatma asked “How much ready money and sons the seth has got ?” The man replied, “ Rupees one lakhs of hard cash and four sons are there with him “ Asking his address Mahatma reached at the residence of seth. He called him. Seth came out and welcomed the sage. He enquired about the demands of meals and drinking water etc. The sage said that he will take meal but after enquiring two questions. Firstly that how many persons belong to his family and secondly that how much wealth did he possess ? Seth replied that he had one son and fifty thousands of hard cash. After hearing this reply of seth the sage went away without uttering even a single word. Seth rushed on the back of the sage and asked politely the reason of his annoyance. The sage answered with a little anger , “Seth, I had thought you to be an honest person but alas ! you did prove to be a complete liar. Was I demanding the division of your assets or any of your son ?” Taken aback seth replied cordially, “Respected sage, though there are four sons of mine but only one of them helps me in truthful earnings. Rest all the three are drunkards, characterless and non –vegetarians. are making me under debt and defaming my fair name. This is the why that I said to have one son only. Secondly I have rupees one lakh in cash but I have invested Rupees fifty thousand only in the service of sadh sangat and spiritual works. Only those fifty thousand are mine which will help me in the heavenly abode. About the balance money I am not certain where that will go and for what purpose ?
Hence I do not count them to be mine. This was the reason that I told you those rupees fifty thousands only as my possession.” This episode clearly shows that only that wealth and riches which are spent in the service of sadh sangat or on the name of SatGuru is successful. That only is counted in Dargah. All other substances, assets and riches are worthy of nothing.