Love is a sweet pure and juicy word. Its meanings are as complicated and minute as are its effects of blissful heart warming and comfortable feelings. Its real meaning can only be felt by some rare lover of truthful heart. Intense love, attachment, attraction, mad-love, passion etc are also its other names. Love is God. Just as the description of that perfect Master can not be done through any comparison. Similarly love and its stages can not be confined in the realm of a few words. It is easy to describe the Godliness of God but it is very difficult to describe the extent of the glow of love.
Love is a peculiar thing. Very many voluminous books are full of its characteristics. There are many oceans full of warm tears of love which are jumping up, and there are lakhs of storms of sighs of love breaking their seams with zeal and enthusiasm. Under the spell of love a lover has no sense of day, night, time or period at all. People hate the word ‘love’ these days due to misunderstanding of its real motive. They have defamed the pure word of love to suit their mind and selfishness. Actually love is a high, pure and pious emotion and its real knowledge can only be conveyed by some true lover. Just ask from Mansoor and Masih about this indescribable story of love who had kissed the gallows laughingly. Ask from Shams- Tabrez Sahib who got the skin of his body duly de-skinned. Ask from Meera Bai, the true lover of Krishna who drank the cup of poison considering that to be a cup of nectar. Ask from Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji who even while sitting over the red hot griddles, went on calling “Tera bhana meetha lage.” Ask from Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji who had sacrificed his life laughingly. Ask from the tenth Pat Shah Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji who sacrificed his whole dynasty for the sake of love. The bliss of sacrificing oneself for the sake of love can only be known by the lover who offers himself for love. All virtues, blessings, prosperities and fortunes present themselves automatically where there is love. The environment becomes full of gaiety and sweetness of a rare variety where love is residing. The emotion of love is the prime mover throughout this whole universe. All the creatures of this world including even the birds and animals are moving or working only under the spell of love. The yeast of love has been added to all and sundry. See a cow, how adoringly she licks her calf! How charmingly a cricket flies around a flame! How a fish separated from water writhes in agony of separation! She-ruddy –goose looking unblinkingly to the Sun and red legged partridge while looking to the moon unblinkingly falls down over the ground unwittingly. Just as a cuckoo dies of thirst craving for want of a drop of ‘sawati’ water of rainfall only. Similarly a deer is charmed on hearing the tune of a flute and the snake becomes intoxicated over the tunes of a snake –charmer’s flute even by ignoring its safety. This overpowering and universal emotion of love exists in each and every grain of this world. Man has been found mad for the sake of one glimpse of love itself. The love of a mother towards her infant child, and the innocent love of the infant child for its mother are examples of pure and extremely supreme love. The world is full of discussions about love. Human being has born on the earth due to his share of love, therefore none of the human being is empty of love or affection. ’Love’ is the surest and final solution of each and every problem, pain, sufferings and ailments on the earth. One finds enmeshed in the web of problems, sufferings and pains just by forgetting love. Thousands of wisdoms and know ledges are ash-like in front of love. Even desolate places are bright if love is there. Even the gorgeous palaces, royal garrets and attics, paradise or gardens are barren and lifeless like the cremation grounds without love. Life itself is taste less, vapid dry and dead without love. Kabir Sahib Ji points out in the couplet as under :-- Ja ghat prem n sanchre so ghat jaan masan | Jaise khal luhar ki sans let binu pran |
Love is a wide spread emotion .It is found in each and every grain of the world. Human being is actually a living picture of love himself. The meaning of human being is the one who loves. In reality human being is the one in whose heart there is a bit of yeast of love. A man without a bit of sympathy or love in his heart is not worthy of being called as a human being. He is rather a walking cremation ground. He is like that air-bag of skin belonging to a blacksmith which breaths without life. 5TH Pat Shah Sh. Guru Arjan Dev Ji says ;-- Ati sunder kuleen chatur mukhi gyani dhanwant | Mirtak kahi-ahi Nanka jih priti nahi bhagwant | [M :5-253] Means that even if one is extremely handsome, belongs to noble family, clever, intelligent, scholar, learned and resourceful but has no love in his heart for God, he is like a dead body. Love or God is present in everybody. All the living beings of this world are the representatives of the Master and his glow i.e. all are born out of the one Master. All are equal. All are brothers among themselves because of having one father. Hence none can be declared either good or bad. As mentioned by Kabir Sahib Ji in Guruvani :-- Awli Alah nooru upaiya kudrati ke sab bande | Ek noor te sabhu jagu upjiya kaun bhale ko mande |