After the Covid report came negative, GuruJi has been kept in room number 4421 on the 15th floor from the ninth floor of Medanta for treatment. The team of doctors has decided not to accept his earlier report and get all kinds of tests done again. In this sequence, from eight o'clock onwards, all the tests of his empty stomach were done. Some investigation is still pending. After the test report comes, his medicines will be started. His treatment will now be done under the leadership of Dr. Amarendra Puri, Chairman, Department of Gastrology.
The report of PET test has also come in which some minor problem has shown, although Guru ji is fine. The devotees of the Dera are praying day and night for the health of their guru, if they believe that they are taking the burden of the world on themselves, only then they have become ill. Some people even say that the havoc of Covid-19 has calmed down completely and now the death rate has also come down, the reason for this is clear. Guruji took all the trouble on himself and made the whole of India safe.
Know this too..
Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim ji has come out of Sunaria jail four times in a month - On 12th May, PGIMS reached when blood pressure was low. On May 17, he came to Gurugram to meet his mother on parole for 12 hours. - On June 03, after having abdominal pain, he reached PGI for treatment in the morning. Under treatment in Medanta Gurugram on 6th June