During spiritualism the devotee needs the help of his guru at every moment. Because this path is very tedious and inapproachable. Poor fellow can not tread even an inch upon this path with his own effort. There is full danger of deception and slippage at every step. Mind and Kaal try their best to betray one from this path. A devotee may be standing at any high stage during the ascent of soul is liable to fall down over the ground in a moment due to some bad thought in the mind. Man has to face a lot of troubles during the journey of soul. Kaal has designed very treacherous and clever network so that the soul may not run away from his hold. He has made very attractive and enticing arrangements for keeping the soul intoxicated in this world with the help of mind and illusion. He has left no stone unturned inside also. The words of Kaal are heard like those of Dayal inside as well which pull the devotee towards darkness. Similarly many similar lights are also visible inside which drag a person towards Kaal. Sometimes he attracts a devotee towards himself in the guise of his Guru as well. That is the why that a person can not save himself from the deceptions and schemes of Kaal by himself without the kind grace of his Sat guru. Man is required to pray with perfect devotion and faith to his Sat guru in order to have his grace and help. Man measures his prayer as per the limits of his selfish requirements. . In fact the real purpose of human life is to merge and mingle all his powers with the Super Power, and become one and the same with him. After reaching at that stage man feels highly enchanted ,energized, blissful and heavenly peaceful. This can be possible through prayers only. A beautiful description done by a famous poet Tennyson “Great works ,even those beyond the imagination of the world can be achieved through prayers. “ The prayers done for the sake of obtaining worldly sexual gratification does not grant a person with true strength. Nothing can be demanded from the true Master through true prayer at all. The Master is Omnipotent ,Perfect and knowledgeable about the internal matters. He knows everyone and also about every individual needs. What should be demanded from him then? In true prater only this can be demanded from God that “Oh Master colour me in your own colour and make me as of your own shape. The prayer done with full devotion and love from the brimming heart can never go empty. Only momentarily done prayer in such a way is sufficient for salvation of him.
PRAYER FOR GAINING INTIMACY WITH THE MASTER IS A VITAL PART OF PRAYER. In order to gain happiness of the Master, the first and foremost part is to become his darling while living within his will. The Master is love and the love is the Master. Therefore in order to gain the love of the Master, Man must first of all treat all the creatures of the world with love. The true sages accept love as the prayer of God. Sage Coleridge says that, “We should love all. Whole of our life must be full of love. Love should be our motto and love should be our desire.” Continuing further he says “The prayer offered by that person is the best who loves all humans, animals and birds truly. Best is the prayer of that person who behaves all from smallest to biggest creatures with love. That God showers his love upon all of us. He is the architect of whole of the universe. We all have been made by him. That is the why that he loves us all.” In Koran Shrief it is mentioned that “Allah has made the hearts of all as one. He has filled all the hearts with love. You can not make the hearts of all as one by spending the wealth of whole of the world. He is Omni -potent, perfect, Omniscient and knows inner feelings. Love is the true prayer of God and his glow”. Therefore if true prayer is to be offered to Almighty, or his grace is needed, one must love all the creatures of this world. The prayer done by the devotee in this manner only can succeed. Regard whole of the world as the part of the Master. Avoid even the least possible harm to any living creature. Maintaining sympathetic view and helping nature with each and every creature of the world earn the closeness and intimacy with the Master .These all qualities come to a person due to love. Other than these praising and eulogize God all the time Enumerating his greatness, graces and discussing his wondrous actions and listening to his qualities in the company of pious persons dear to God., saints-Mahatmas and maintaining extreme respect for them in one’s heart are the part of gaining the closeness of the Master. Shunning all the bad thoughts from one’s mind is a must for gaining the closeness of the Master. Other than this living within the will and orders of the Master; like that of a faithful wife ; strengthens this closeness with God all the more. Everything can be done if there is closeness with the Master. Only such persons are entitled for true prayer. 5th Pat Shah Sh, Guru Arjan Dev Ji says like this :--
Jo maghi thakur apune te soie soie dewe | Nanak dasu mukh te jo bole eha uha sachu howe | [ M ; 5-681] Means that the true devotee gets immediately whatever he demands from his Master. Whatever the devotee utters from his mouth becomes true in both the worlds Continuing further he says :--. Jo jo kahe thakur pahi sewaku tatkal hoie aawaye | [ M : 5-403] TIME AND PLACE FOR PRAYER According to Hindu scriptures “Akalo nasti dharmai “ means that the religious act can be done at any time .Similarly prayer can be done at anytime and at any place .There is no restriction of time or place for it. In fact the fixed place for prayer can be the heart of a person because the prayer should be carried out at some lonely place and calm atmosphere .Concentration of mind and purity of heart is a must for prayer .Prayer done in such conditions is acceptable at any place or at any time .This whole world is the shape of the Lord and his abode and he himself resides here. Sh. Guru Angad Dev Ji says about it :-- Ihu jagu sache ki hai kothdi sach ka vichi wasu | [M ;2-463] Wherever do you remember him or pray for him, that place is pure. Alnu Saien Ji also says “For me whole of the earth is a mosque and pure place. Wherever the time of prayer of a person of my class happens ,he may sit for prayer there and then.” It is written in Bible also ,’Wherever you bow for God that very place is pious.” It is not compulsory that God lives in outer temples, mosques, Gurdwaras or churches. Since the whole of the world has been created by him, therefore he lives everywhere and is perfect in every individual. There is a solid proof in Koran about it. It is said that “Everywhere exists the property of Allah East or West You turn your face in any direction there is the face of Allah, because he is perfect at every place”. [ Koran Albakr-24-3] Similarly it is mentioned at another place “It is not of much significance whether you keep your face towards East or West. Real significance lies in this matter that human being should have true faith in Allah and doomsday. [ Koran Albakr 22-1] The true place for prayer in front of the Master is this very body because the Master resides in this body. This body itself is the temple of God where Man doing prayers can unify with him .In Guruvani there are many clear verdicts depicting this truth. Sh. Guru Amar Dass Ji says :-- Hari mandru ehu sariru hai giyani ratni pargatu hoie | [ M; 3-1346] There is a mention in Bible also as “Body is the real threshold of God for worship” Sh Ramanand also mention about it in Guruvani as:-- Kat jaiye re ghar lago rangu | mera chitu n chale manu bhaiyo pangu | Jaha jaiye the jal pakhan | tu poori rahiyo hai sabh saman | Bed puran sab dekhe joie | uhan tau jaiye jau uhan n hoie |
[ Raman Nand ji -1195] Means that there is no need to go anywhere else for prayer. All the colours are ready in this body shaped house. There are nothing else except earth and water wherever you go outside. After research of Vedas and Puranas it is concluded that one needs to go outside if nothing may be there inside the body .i.e. everything is available in this very body .Similarly another sage has also said as :-- ”Truly that darling to whom we want to pray exists in our body and we are wandering outside in this world for searching him. That nectar shaped Master is confined in the pitcher of our heart itself and we are wandering outside thirstily’. Every one of us must make prayer as a part of our daily life in order to achieve success .and progress. True prayer is a guide for quality life. Just to pray for a few moments in the morning and behaving whole day with lies and cheating [anti-religiously] can not be declared as a prayer. The purpose of prayer is actually very high. It is of no significance to select special, sweet or honey laced words for prayer. It is also false notion and illusion that one should rot any special recitation or incantation as a prayer. Language or dialect are the outwardly ostentations. The true feelings oozing out from a yearning heart drenched in the true love of the Master constitute a true prayer. Such feelings are not confined by any language or dialect. Such prayer comes on the tongue through simple and pious words and is positively accepted by God. No language is a must for talking with the Almighty. The dialect of the soul with the Master is a ‘language of tongue less.’ In Punjabi language it is said “Gunge diyan saintan gunge di maan hi jan -di hai” i.e. the signs expressed by a dumb person can only be understood by his mother. Similarly every current emanating from the prayer of true heart can be understood by the Master perfectly. The prayers by dear saints, devotees, Mahapurush and sages of the Master recorded in various religious books are not of any special category or language. Each and every word coming out from the depth of gleeful heart is free from the restrictions of grammar, country, language or the tenets of poetry. The sample of such a prayer is mentioned by Maulvi Room Sahib in his creation that a shepherd met Hazarat Musa who was praying in his lovable tone as :-- “Oh Khuda! Where are you ? I may become your servant, sew your cloths and comb your hair. Oh Khuda my life is surrendered for you. My household and children etc everything is surrendered to you. I will bring the milk of my goats and sheep for you .I will serve you if you get ill. I may kiss your hands and rub your feet. I may remain present with you at the time of sleep. I may bring the pitchers of milk, curd, cheese and butter and many goodies for you and you may eat them. Oh my dear God, I may surrender whole of my goats over you and may go on raising calls in your memory every time.” Hearing all these Hazrat Musa said “Oh sorry, you have turned mad. You are no more the faithful but atheist. What are you barking like this? And spreading atheistic. Keep silent. The dirt of your atheistic has spoiled the whole world and made the silken cloth of faith to be dirty. If you will not stop this nonsense, the anger of God will prevail and will burn the whole universe. The Sun like God does not need such petty things because he has no body and is no more the slave of these hands and feet. If these talks are directed towards those persons who have become one with him still these are non sense for them .If some faithful is called by the name of ‘Hazrat Fatima’, he will feel insulted and will try to thrash you because this is a female name. God is beyond life and death. Calling him as having hands and feet is like insulting him”. Hearing these talks the shepherd said “Oh Musa ! you have sewn my mouth. and I am burning in the fire of surprises.” Saying so ,he tore his cloths and uttered a deep sigh and ran towards jungle. Immediately a celestial sound directed towards Musa was heard ,” Alas ! Why have you separated my man away from me? I had sent you for uniting the world and not for breaking it. Every body remembers me through his own dialect and nature Whatever the shepherd has said I have accepted but I am not happy with you because the divorce to someone is the dirtiest thing in my view. My job is to grant blessings to the world .I do not get purified by the rosary-counting of peoples but they are. Oh Musa ! I do not see the outwardly ostentation but the inner feelings .I test the hearts. While praying the words uttered by them through their hearts ; may be in broken language ; are acceptable to me .Because the heartfelt emotion is a real gem and the language simply expresses it. I want the yearnings of heart. You also create the yearnings in your heart and burn the fire of love which may burn out all the worries and languages”. Oh Musa! Persons observing etiquettes and manners are someone else and those souls burnt [in divine love] to be skewed meat are others. For lovers each and every breath is a rabble rouser. No levy is imposed upon the deserted villages .The blood stains of martyrs need not to be washed. Their blood is purer than ordinary water. Their such a mistake is far better than one hundred good acts. Expect no guidance from knowledgeable persons. The religion of love is quite separate from others. God is the religion or worship for the lovers. No matter if there is no seal over the ruby.” When Hazrat Musa heard this matter of anger of God, he rushed to the shepherd in jungle and said to him “I have brought a good news for you ,The Lord has accepted your prayers. Your atheism is equal to faith .Your faith is the glow of life. Go on saying whatever comes in your mouth fearlessly.” The shepherd replied ”Musa ! I have surpassed these matters now. You scolded me and my reigns turned tight. Therefore I jumped across the skies and became the servant of God. My condition has surpassed the limits of discussions”. There are some more examples of prayers recorded below Premi persons can draw benefits from them after proper analysis.:--
PRAYER OF HAZRAT MASIH “Oh father! You who reside in the skies Yours name be congratulated. Your kingdom may come upon this world and your will may prevail here .as is going on in Sach Khand. Oh father! Grant us power so that we may be able to know that you are Omni present and Omni potent everywhere, here in this world, nether world and Sach Khand. Grant us meal for today for the nourishment of our bodies and souls so that we become satisfied. Just like some moneylender or business man excuses the debts of borrowers Oh Master! Pardon our past deeds Grant us this power so that we may be able to pardon others. Save us from the greed and temptations and absolve us from sins and bad deeds because your reign is prevailing everywhere. You are Omnipotent and all powerful. Your grandeur is always there and will remain so for ever”. PRAYER OF SH.CHARLES FILLMORE ‘God is helpful for each of my necessity. He satiates every hunger of mine. God is with me at every step and is guiding me at every moment. Now my intention is in the truth .I have perfect patience, mercy and affection. I can do everything. Truth resides in me. God himself is my selfishness .I can’t fall ill. God is such a power .of mine which never fails and is always successful. God is everything of mine. God is ever present round about me and is love and truth .I am fearless. The grace and mercy of God walk ahead of me. Therefore my health , wealth, happiness and prosperity are intact.” Full confidence upon the Master, and extreme faith is clearly evident in the prayer of Charles Fillmore. According to him the purpose of prayer is to bring a “change in the waves of thoughts of one’s mind.” There will not be any change in the Master. He is perfect grace and generous .He is the centre of happiness and bliss. Then why should we astray from that source of supreme bliss? The great Fillmore was an expert of soul-science [sub consciousness]. He used to treat all the ailments with the help of prayers only. He had strong confidence in prayer. PRAYER OF BHAGAT PRAHLAD I am not interested in all the luxuries, ages, wealth and sensual pleasures from here up to Brahm Lok, which are cherished by the worldly people, because I know that you have confined them all through your powers of the mighty Kaal Therefore keep me in the class of .your servants. Oh the Master of this world ! You have asked me to demand some boon, no other reason comes to fore in my mind without testing me. Because you are extremely generous therefore how can you grant me such a bon which may confine me in the web of illusion? Those devotees who demand something from you in lieu of their meditation are not worthy to be called as the real devotees but business men. He who fulfills their demands is not the Master. I am your selfless servant, and you are my neutral Master. My relation with you is not like the selfish relation between a king and his subordinate. Oh the granter of boon, my supreme Master ! If you must grant me the cherished boon, then I demand this boon that no seed of desire may grow in my heart for any demand.” PRAYER OF DHURUV BHAGAT ‘Oh the limitless God ! Grant me the company of those pure hearted Saints-Mahatmas and your devotees who nurture unbreakable/steadfast faith and devotional emotions for you. I may drink the nectar of narrations your virtues and actions in their company and get intoxicated. Thus I shall float across this deep Bhav Sagar ocean of world ,full of miseries easily. PRAYER OF DADU SAHIB JI Mere tum hi rakhanhar dooja koie nahin | Yeh chanchal chahun dis jayi kaal tahin tahin | Main bahut tak kiye upayi nischal n rahe | Jahan barjun tahan jayi mad mata bahe | Jahan barjun tahan jayi tum se n dare | Ta se kaha basaie bhanwen tabon kare | Sakal pukare saadh aur men keta kaha | Guru ankus mane nahin nirbhai ho raha | Mera tum bin aur n koie jo is man ko gahe | Tum rakho rakhanhar ‘Dadu’ tau rahe | PRAYER OF PARAM SANT KABIR SAHIB JI Bhukhe bhagti n keeje | yeh mala apni leeje | Dui ser mangau chuna | pav ghiu sangi luna | Adh seru mangau dale | mo kau dono bakhat jiwale | Khaat mangau chaupaie | sirhana aur tulaie | Uper kau mangau khindha | teri bhagti kari janu thindha | Main nahi keeta labo | iku nau tera fabo | [ Kabir Ji -656] Saien eta mange hun ,ja men kutumb samaie | Main bhi bhookha na rahun sadhu n bhookha jayie | [ Kabir Ji ] PRAYER OF BHAGAT DHANNA JI Gopal tera aarta | Jo jan tumri bhagti karante tin ke kaaj sawarta | Dali seedha mangau gheeu | hamra khusi kare nit jieu | Panhia chhadnu nika | anaju magau sat si ka | Gau bhens magau laveri | ek tajni turi changeri | Ghar ki gihni changi | janu dhanna leve mangi | [ Dhanna Ji -695] PRAYER OF TENTH PATSHAH SH. GURU GOBIND SINGH JI Hamri karo hath de rachha | puram hoie chit ki iechha | Tav charanan man rahe hamara | apna jaan karo pratipara | Hamre dushat sabhe tum ghawhu | aap haath de mohi bachavhu | Sukhi base moro parivara | sewak sikh sabhe kartara | Sewak sikh hamare tariahi | chuni chuni satr hamare mariahi | Prayers are carried out in every religion and sects. In Budh Dharama though prayer is not done but they want well wishing ,universal goodness and welfare of all the humanity. They maintain best thoughts about all creatures of the world. They profess this desire in front of Prabhu-Parmeswar during morning and evening meditation. In Hindu religion regular evening meditation [Sandhaya] is a must. They pray during that meditation that that Brahm,the eye of all the triloki, well wisher of gods, quite clean and pure is standing in front of us. We may continue to see him for one hundred years. We may live for one hundred years for him. We may hear him for one hundred years. We may sing his praises for one hundred years. We may remain free for a period of one hundred years.Thease conditions may prevail for one hundred years. Gaytri Mantra in Hindu religion is also a type of prayer. In Jain religion, the prayer is directed towards their ideal and the lord worthy of worship. PRAYER OF HAFIZ SAHIB IN FRONT OF HIS SATGURU “Oh Murshad ! I am poor and you are the saviour of poor. Taking mercy upon me the poor one and separated one since infinity, make me fly to the final abode of you. This is the result of your rare beauty that I am attracted to you. Otherwise what was comparison of Sultan Mehmood and poor slave Iyaz Gulam upon whom he showered his mercy.” Oh Murshad –e-Kamil !It is my duty as well as right that I may serve and work at your door. You kindly extend your grace and kindness so that such service of mine is accepted.” THE PRAYER OF SHAMAS TABREZ IN FRONT OF HIS MURSHAD. Oh Murshad –e- Kamil! Just as ‘Kaaf –Mountain ’is a place of harbour for ‘See-Murg’ Similarly you are the abode for my bird shaped soul. If I am a moth; you are a flame; upon the beauty of which he sacrifices thousand lives. Oh the merciful! Shower the rain of nectar upon me so that Maan -Srover, Chasma –e-Kausar and Aab-e-Hayat whose stories are heard upon, may become alive here. Now grant me the gift of intoxication of love and utilize my this reign less wisdom for your kind service and thus settle it down. My last prayer is this that you appear in the mosque of my mind and body urgently so that my hut of straws may turn to be pious and dignified.” PRAYER OF RABIA BASRI “Oh
Master! The boon which you have fixed for me in this world, give that to your opponents. Similarly the reward which you have decided to grant me in Parlok may be given to your lovers. Only you are t for me and nothing else I need”.