A storey as a proof is detained below elaborating the virtues of Satsang: Once a argument upon the subject of Satsang got started between Rishi Vishwamitra & Vasishat Muni. Rishi Vishwa Mitter was proud upon the penance of thousands of years done by him. Therefore he declared that the asceticism is bigger. On the other hand Vasishat Muni was stressing that the Satsang of Saints as the great. Their argument took the shape of quarrel & they could not decide anything due to this quarrel, whether the fruits of Satsang is greater or that of penance. They went near Bhagwan Vishnu Ji for settlement of this quarrel, first. After thinking for a while he thought it better to put them off and said " Oh the sages, this matter is beyond my intellect, so better you go to Braham ji, who will settled the matter surely. Similar Brahma Ji also evaded them & suggested to go to Shankar Ji. Shankar Ji thought that if he <page 55>said penance as great just to placate the Rishi then it will be a lie which is quite against the truth (Dharma) & will amount to be a grave sin & if he utters truth that Satsang's fruit is great that the annoyance of Rishi ji will surmount which is fearful because he may not curse me. Therefore he also averted & guided them to go to Sheshnaag Ji saying that such complicated question are solved by him only & he must be able to solve your dispute also. In order to finalize their dispute they both reached to Sheshnaag ji. After giving thought to this problem Shesh Naag ji said & requested that since the load of whole earth is resting over his head if anyone of you will releave me of this load for a few minutes then I may be able to put my mind upon this subject.

Hearing this proposal of Shesh Naag ji, Rishi Vishwa Mitter Ji said, "This is no problem it is rather a petty job for me". Rishi ji were fully confident that due to the powers from his penance this small load of earth will be lifted by him very easily. But against his thinking the earth did not move even an inch though he went on trying his best on the basis of powers gained by penances. At last he invested total powers gained throughout  his lifetime in penances & asceticism but still not even a small portion of earth could be moved. Thus he sat down exhausted, tried & frustrated. But Vasishat Muni ji invested fruit of Satsang of one Ghadi (24 Minutes) out of 2-1/2 ghadies in total Satsang of Saints & lifted the earth easily. Upon this Rishi Ji grew more annoyed & spoke to Shesh Naag Ji that," We have only come to you to get our dispute settled & if you are unable to give you decision say us clearly so that we may go to someone else to get this issue settled." 

Seeing Rishi ji in anger like this, Shesh Naag ji laughted & said," Rishi Ji, you need not to be annoyed, as your case has already been solved & there is no necessity for me to speak. See Rishi ji it is quite clear by now that you after investing whole labour of your lifetime could not move the load (lift the load) of earth at all, but Vasishat Muni ji after surrendering the fruits of Satsang for a period of one Ghadi (24 minutes) lifted it easily. It is clear from this that the fruits of penance of lifetime can not equate with the fruits of Satsang with Saint-Mahatmas for a period of one Ghadi (24 minutes) even. In other words Rishi ji you will have to admit that the importance of Satsang is much more than the usages of penances. 

All the Saints-Mahatmas have stressed upon Satsang too much. Any doubtfull person can question upon this that that why it is so? In reply to such question fifth Paatshah Sh. Guru Arjan Dev ji says:- " Pinglu parbat paari pare khal chatur bakita ! Andhule tribhawan sujhia gur bheti punita!! Mahima Sadhu Sang ki sunhu mere meeta ! Mailu khoi koti aadh hare nirmal bhaye cheetah !! Aisi bhagti Govind ki kieti basti jeeta! Jo jo kino aapno tisu abhai daanu deeta!! Singhu bilai hoi gaiyo trinu meru dikheeta! Sramu karte dum aadh kau te gain dhanita!! Kawant wadai kahi sakau beantu gunetta! Kari kirpa mohi naamu dehu Nanak dar sreeta!! 
(M: 5-809) 
Means that the virtues of Satsang are beyond explanation & beyond understanding. Oh friend listen to the greatness of Satsang carefully (attentively) lame who is even unable to walk properly can become fit to walk across hills. Foolish & illiterate person even becomes learned to explain Vedas. Through the boon of Satsang even blind person can see through the Triloki(Three-worlds). The dirt accumulated over the soul during crores & crores of births is washed down by moving in the company of Sadhus & becomes pure. The virtues of Satsang of Satguru is so great that even an ant shaped submissiveness wins elephant shaped pride. Whosoever soul(man) attended the Satsang of Saint-Mahatmas was blessed with Naam-Daan & absolved from the circle of lives-deaths & made fearless from the death forever. By attending Satsang the pride shaped elephant turns to be ant like submissive & gentle & mule hill becomes mountain. The poor labourer becomes countable among the rich persons.  " Asdh -Daam ko chhipro hoiyo lakhiya". 

How for I may be able to explain the qualities of Satsang the qualities of Satsang there are (numerous). In the end he prays in front of the Lord that Oh Master! Grant me Naam-Daan because I am extremely thirsty of your vision (Darshan).  Soul (Man) has taken birth as a human being in the world for lakhs of times, but went on ducking in the circle of lives-deaths due to absence of meeting with some prefect Saint-Mahatma. This dangerous ocean can never be crossed without "Naam". And this "Naam" is available from Saint Mahatmas only. That is the why it is said "Satsang bajhon ji taria Bhav-Sagar nahin jaana" or this dangerous(deep) ocean of the world can not be floated-across without attending Satsang. In Gurubani it is mentioned " Jor N Jugti Chhutte Sansar" meaning that none can cross the ocean of world with his own strength or trick (tackling) but only through the knowledge of Guru or Guru-Mantra shaped method. This method is told by Saint- Mahatmas as "Naam-Daan" during Satsang. Without knowing or learning & practicing this method it is not possible to obtain  "Param -Pada" or "Mukti-Pada". If any man even after taking birth as a human being does not get " Naam" from some perfect Saint that this taking that his taking birth in this world is useless & fruitless. There it is most important to attend Satsang. 

" Labhadi hai sangat chon wirno Naam japan di jugti ! Jugti ton paayan mildi param padarath mukti!  Mukta pad karam bine nihfal jagat mein aana!!  (Paras Di Watti)  In the Bhakti way of meditation " Navdha-Bhakti" (Nine types of meditation) is detailed in which the main one is "Company of Saints" Pratham bhakti santan kar sanga."  For detailed description please refer to the chapter bhakti of this very book).  <Page 58> The importance of Satsang is supreme. The special characteristic in valued in the Satsang of saints is that the person attending Satsang reached in the Satlok (Abode of god, the Lord, the master) ultimately by getting his soul washed of sins & indulgences of his mind & thus becoming quite clean & pure. The person enjoying the company of perfect Saint-Mahatmas becomes free from the eluches of the death  for ever & gains permanent peace & pleasures. Sant Tulsi Dass ji says:-  " Eak ghadi aadhi ghadi, aadhi se fun aadh! Tulsi sangat saadh ki kate koti apradh !!  Param Saint Kabir ji also mentions:-  Ghadi hu ki aadhi ghadi Bhav Bhakti mein jaaiye ! Sati sangat pal hi bhali jam na dhakka n khaiye!!